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UND Course Reviews

University of North Dakota

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEOG 474Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)45341
ART 110Introduction to the Visual Arts44431
AVIT 261RADAR Operations I55551
MATH 166Calculus II32231
CSCI 265Introduction to Programming Languages33251
AVIT 405Airline Operations and Management53541
CSCI 242Algorithms and Data Structures22131
MATH 107Precalculus11421
CSCI 289Social Implications of Computer Technology33331
BIMD 526Medical Experiences for Graduate Students00000
ATSC 220Extreme Weather and Climate00000
BIOL 315Genetics00000
BIMD 301Biochemistry00000
AS 299Special Topics00000
BIMD 998Thesis00000
ANTH 494Readings in Anthropology00000
BIOL 380Disease Biology00000
ATSC 494Special Studies in Meteorology00000
BIOL 470Biometry00000
BIOL 996Continuing Enrollment00000
ANAT 590Readings in Anatomy and Cell Biology00000
ART 220Intro to Painting00000
ATSC 575Current/Special Topics in Meteorology00000
BME 690Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering00000
CE 412LSoil Mechanics Lab00000
ART 273Intro to Graphic Design00000
AVIT 376Hazardous Materials Management00000
BADM 996Continuing Enrollment00000
ART 996Continuing Enrollment00000
BIMD 514Foundations of Bioinformatics00000
ANTH 426Lithic Technology00000
BIMD 536Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Viruses00000
AS 499HONSpecial Topics00000
BIOL 150LHONGeneral Biology I Laboratory00000
ACCT 591Accounting Research00000
BIOL 350Plant Ecology00000
ATSC 360Dynamic Meteorology00000
BIOL 426Birds & Mammals00000
ART 120Introduction to Drawing and Color Materials00000
BIOL 503Seminar00000
ATSC 530Numerical Weather Prediction00000
BMB 590Research00000
ACCT 497Accounting Internship00000
CE 302Civil Engineering Laboratory II00000
AVIT 105Essentials of Flight00000
CE 419Sustainable Pavements00000
ANAT 996Continuing Enrollment00000
AVIT 403HONAerospace Law00000
ART 367Intermediate Photography00000
AVIT 412Aviation Safety Analysis00000
AVIT 421Advanced Aerodynamics00000
ACCT 506Accounting Systems00000
ANTH 170Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ART 403Advanced Printmaking00000
AVIT 442Airport Operations and Administration00000
AVIT 465Control Tower/RADAR Operations IV00000
ART 417History of Art: Museum Studies Practicum00000
AVIT 480Advanced Aircraft Operations00000
BADM 316Introduction to Business in China00000
ART 560Metalsmithing: Jewelry and Small Sculpture00000
BIMD 202LIntroduction to Medical Microbiology Laboratory00000
ANTH 380Field Techniques in Archaeology00000
BIMD 492Peer Teaching and Tutoring in Biomedical Sciences00000
AS 211Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
BIMD 521Neurophysiology00000
ACCT 526Advanced Business Law for Accountants00000
BIMD 532Microbial Gene Regulation00000
AS 441National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I00000
BIMD 591Advanced Topics in Biomedical Sciences00000
ANTH 480Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 111LConcepts of Biology Laboratory00000
ATSC 110Meteorology I00000
BIOL 151HONGeneral Biology II00000
ACCT 416Business Law for Accountants00000
BIOL 333Population Biology00000
ATSC 310Introduction to Weather Forecasting00000
BIOL 369Histology00000
BIOL 410Molecular Biology Techniques00000
ATSC 450Introduction to Cloud Physics Meteorology00000
BIOL 435Large Mammal Ecology and Management00000
ANAT 204LAnatomy for Paramedical Personnel Laboratory00000
BIOL 492Research00000
ATSC 515Advanced Climatology00000
BIOL 571Research Design and Statistical Analysis00000
ART 204Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing00000
BMB 401Biochemistry of Proteins and Information Flow00000
ATSC 552Satellite Meteorology00000
BMB 999Dissertation00000
ACCT 309Accounting Information Systems00000
CE 101Introduction to Civil Engineering00000
ATSC 997Independent Study Report (Non-Thesis Option)00000
CE 397Cooperative Education00000
ART 250Intro to Ceramics: Handbuilding00000
AVIT 499HONReadings in Aviation00000
ANTH 300Archaeological Laboratory Methods00000
ART 480Advanced Graphic Design00000
AVIT 504Research Methods00000
AVIT 514Aviation Management Theory00000
ART 501Sculpture00000
AVIT 518Human Error00000