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UNCG Course Reviews

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 362System Programming43451
REL 111Introduction to Asian Religion45331
BIO 111Principles of Biology I11221
MST 205Media Literacy55551
REL 132Religious Diversity in America53441
MST 100Understanding Media45331
CST 105Introduction to Communication Studies54531
BIO 375Cell Biology and Genetics Laboratory00000
ART 391EC: Character Design Workshop00000
BLS 221Know Slow - Countering the Culture of Speed00000
BUS 336Opportunities to Action: Business Plan00000
ATY 598Spec Probs in Anthropology00000
ART 340Concepts in Time-based Media00000
BIO 644Entomology00000
ARE 369Internship: Leadership in Art Education00000
BLS 365Divided We Stand00000
ART 459Sculpture and/or Ceramics Studio Capstone00000
ADS 210Blacks in American Society: Social, Economic, and Political...00000
BUS 703Doctoral Research Methods III (Applied Research Methods in B...00000
ARH 347American Art00000
ART 685Photography00000
CCI 306Classical Comedy00000
CED 392Love, Sex, and Relationships: Skills for Building Satisfying...00000
ARH 360Women Artists of Disney and Pixar Animation00000
ATY 213Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ATY 304Anthropology through Film00000
ATY 526Food/Culture In A Glbl Context00000
ART 300XAssemblage00000
BIO 280Fundamentals of Microbiology00000
ARB 203Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIO 424Plant Physiology and Biotechnology00000
ART 354Metal Sculpture00000
BIO 709Biostatistics 200000
ACC 646Advanced Study in Business Environment and Concepts00000
BLS 326Telling Stories: The Memoir00000
ART 427Printmaking and Drawing Capstone00000
BUS 105Blueprint for Prfssnl Success00000
ARH 302Roman Art00000
BUS 499Selected Topics in Entprnshp00000
ART 615Graduate Studio and Colloquium00000
CCI 202Introduction to Roman Civilization00000
ACC 350Internship in Accounting00000
CCI 350Roman Law and Society00000
ATY 100Contemporary Non-Western Cultures00000
CED 675Counseling Field Practicum00000
ADS 315Theories and Paradigms in African American Studies00000
ATY 253Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ARH 381Intro to Art Museum Collections00000
ACC 499Independent Research in Accounting00000
ATY 330Cultures of North American Indians00000
ADS 356The Making of the African Diaspora00000
ARH 490Art Museums and Exhibition Spaces00000
ATY 335Cultures of Africa00000
ATY 354Modern Asia through its Music00000
ARH 504Salon to Biennale and Beyond00000
ATY 360Methods in Archaeology00000
ATY 369Statistics for Anthropology00000
ATY 498Special Problems in Anthropology00000
ART 253Three-Dimensional Foundations II00000
APD 441Computer Aided Design00000
ADS 600Independent Study00000
ARS 100Reclaim, Regain, and Recover00000
ATY 400XEC: Paleopathology00000
BIO 271Human Anatomy00000
ART 328Printmaking II00000
BIO 330Evolution00000
ACC 630Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Issues00000
BIO 420Marine Biology00000
ART 347Color Theory00000
BIO 432Aquatic Ecology Laboratory00000
ARE 363Art Curriculum and Teaching Methods in the Elementary School00000
BIO 695Biological Research00000
ART 382Ceramic Glaze Techniques00000
BIO 799Dissertation00000
ACC 218Financl Stmnt Prep/Disclosures00000
BLS 322Revolutionary Lives00000
ART 397Digital Publications: The Coraddi00000
BLS 347Shakespeare Off the Page00000
ARH 112Survey of Global Art00000
BLS 383Religious Resistnce to Pol Pwr00000
ART 445Advanced Digital Modeling00000
BUS 216Blueprint for Personal and Professional Development00000
ACC 652Taxatn Estates Gifts Trusts00000
BUS 342International Entrepreneurship00000
ART 493Honors Work00000
BUS 621Research Methods00000
ARH 312Gothic Art00000
BUS 750Doctoral Research Methods IV (Regression Models)00000
ART 641New and Expanded Media00000
CCI 215The Archaeology of Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time00000
AAD 376Micro-Enterprise for Creatives00000
CCI 326The Age of Nero00000
ASL 204Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
CCI 512Archlgy Of Roman Daily Life00000
ARH 353Late Twentieth-Century Art00000
ATY 423Applying Archaeology in the Real World00000
ART 105Foundations Seminar00000
ATY 440Colliding Worlds: Forming America00000
ATY 455Human Evolution00000
ATY 153Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000