UNA Course Reviews

University of North Alabama

CH 441Biochemistry00000
CIS 480CIS Internship00000
BI 421Ecology00000
CH 111LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory00000
BL 240HLegal Env of Business-Honors00000
BI 100Pre-Health Professions Orient00000
CHD 638Crisis Counseling00000
AR 359Specl Crse Research Methods00000
BI 499Hematology00000
AR 421Advanced Drawing00000
CAT 423Intermediate Film Production00000
CAM 332Pastries and Desserts00000
AR 477Adv Form & Cont in Dev Sculpt00000
CH 341Applied Physical Chemistry00000
AR 300Film Photography II00000
CH 665Environmental Reg for Teachers00000
BI 310Comp Vertebrate Morphology00000
CIS 125Business Software Applications00000
AC 682Valuation Tools for Accounting00000
CJ 295Criminal Law00000
AR 402Medium Format Film Camera00000
BI 572Histology00000
AHS 305RConsumer Health00000
CAM 221Basic Baking00000
AR 438Prof Dev in Painting00000
CAT 383Film Practicum Pre-Production00000
CAM 355Superv. in Hospitality Mgt.00000
AR 464Adv Digital Media Video00000
CAT 499Independent Study-Practicum00000
AR 221Drawing I00000
CH 311Organic Chemistry00000
ARB 101Elementary Arabic-Part 100000
CH 432Chemical Instrumentation00000
AC 642Accounting Info/Strategic Dec00000
CH 480Pre-Health Prof Internship00000
BI 241Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CHD 606Theories & Techniques of Coun00000
AR 340Watercolor I00000
CHD 661Family Counseling00000
BI 362Non-Vascular Plants00000
CIS 344IT Infrastructure00000
AC 463PFinancial Statement Auditing I00000
CIS 651Sp top- Applications Bus Env00000
BI 463Plant Taxonomy00000
CJ 323Criminology00000
AHS 300RLeadership and Healthcare Del00000
BI 533Embryology00000
AR 405Alternative Processes in Photo00000
BI 696Directed Research00000
AC 471Cost Accounting00000
BL 480Contemporary Business Law00000
AR 435Sel Studies in Cont Painting00000
CAM 251Menu Planning00000
AHS 308RHealthcare Economics00000
CAM 341Food Preparation II00000
AR 452Form & Cont Exp in Ceramics00000
CAT 360Advanced Design Techniques00000
CAT 220Beginning Acting00000
AR 461Adv Digital Media 2D00000
CAT 400Advanced Acting00000
AR 170Art Appreciation00000
CAT 453WScreenwriting Artistry00000
AR 474Form & Cont Exp in Sculpture00000
CH 102LIntro Org/Biochem Lab-EarlyCol00000
AC 603AC Issues: Auditing00000
CH 112LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory00000
AR 487WSpec Topic Art Hist German Mod00000
CH 312LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
AR 281Art History Survey I00000
CH 381LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BE 500Coordination of Co-op Programs00000
CH 434LAdv Inorganic Chem Lab00000
AC 392Intermediate Accounting II00000
CH 444Quantum Mechanics00000
BI 111Principles of Biology00000
CH 497Senior Research/Internship00000
AR 311Printmaking I00000
CHD 600Pro Identity & Ethics, CMHC00000
BI 305Cell Biology00000
CHD 621Assessment in Counseling00000
AC 674Advanced Accounting Theory00000
CHD 645Child & Adolescent Counseling00000
BI 333Biostatistics00000
CHD 689Internship in Counseling00000
AR 348Digital Media II00000
CIS 289Introduction to HCI/UX00000
BI 407Applied Bacteriology00000
CIS 430Spec Top- IoT & Edge Computing00000
AC 361PFinancial Reporting I00000
CIS 622Info Systems Des/Project Mgmt00000
BI 441Biochemistry00000
CJ 250Intro to Criminal Justice00000
AR 389On-Campus Internship00000
BI 480Pre-Health Professions Intern00000
AC 291HAccounting Concepts I Honors00000
AC 366PManagement Accounting00000
AC 488Special Topics:NYC Study Away00000
AHS 405RBudget & Finance00000
AR 455Adv Form & Cont Dev in Ceramic00000
CAT 301Elements of CAT II00000