UMSL Course Reviews

University of Missouri - St. Louis

MATH 1800Analytic Geometry and Calculus I53551
ANTHRO 1005Introduction to Biological Anthropology51551
MATH 1030College Algebra (MOTR MATH 130)44351
HONORS 2010Inquiries in The Humanities35431
ANTHRO 3241Myths and Monuments00000
ARTED 4260Art Museum as Teaching Resource00000
ARTHS 2275History of Illustration00000
ARTHS 5593Museum Management and Curatorial Practice00000
BIOL 1102Human Biology (MOTR LIFS 150)00000
APMUS 1440Bassoon00000
BIOL 1131LHuman Physiology And Anatomy I Lab Only00000
APMUS 4454Tuba00000
ANTHRO 3100Diversity and the City: The Ethnic Experience in St. Louis00000
ARTHS 1160Introduction to the Art and Visual Cultures of Asia00000
ADULTED 6497Problems in Adult Education00000
ARTHS 3396The Nude in Art00000
ANTHRO 4314The Archaeology of Death00000
ASTRON 4301Astrophysics00000
ACCTNG 5447Taxation of Individuals and Businesses00000
ANTHRO 1034Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization00000
BIOL 1821Introductory Biology: Organisms and the Environment (MOTR BI...00000
APMUS 1452Trombone00000
APMUS 1458String Bass00000
ACCTNG 5467Advanced Data Security Concepts00000
ANTHRO 1271Food and Drink: Anthropological Perspective00000
APMUS 3443Euphonium00000
APMUS 4448Organ00000
ANTHRO 2191Special Topics in Non-Western Culture00000
APMUS 5440Graduate Applied Music00000
ADULTED 6412Philosophical Foundations of Adult Education00000
ARTED 5590Special Study in Art Education00000
ANTHRO 3218Visual and Material Culture of Japan00000
ARTHS 2235Renaissance and Baroque Art00000
ACCTNG 5435Graduate Topics in Auditing00000
ARTHS 3387Professional Internship00000
ANTHRO 3291Current Issues in Anthropology00000
ARTHS 4455Topics in Modern Art00000
AERO 2001Team Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ASTRON 1001Cosmic Evolution Introductory Astronomy (MOTR ASTR 100)00000
ANTHRO 4329Internship in Biological Anthropology00000
ATMSCI 1002Earth Climate Studies00000
ACCTNG 4450Prescriptive Analytics and Optimization00000
BIOL 1141Human Physiology and Anatomy II00000
APMUS 1446Harp00000
BIOL 1920Introductory Topics in Biology00000
ACCTNG 5465Principles of Information Security00000
APMUS 1455Violin00000
ANTHRO 1091Introductory Topics in Anthropology00000
APMUS 3440Bassoon00000
ACCTNG 5402Professional Accounting Research00000
ANTHRO 2030The Original Game of Thrones: The Byzantine Empire00000
APMUS 3445French Horn00000
APMUS 3447Oboe00000
APMUS 3450Piano00000
ACCTNG 5490Graduate Internship in Accounting00000
ANTHRO 2101Global Girl Cultures00000
APMUS 3453Trumpet00000
APMUS 4445French Horn00000
ANTHRO 2124Introduction to Contemporary African Cultures00000
APMUS 4451Saxophone00000
ADULTED 6230Adult Learning and Development00000
APMUS 4458String Bass00000
ANTHRO 2232Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts00000
ARABIC 2101Intermediate Arabic I00000
ACCTNG 5411Cost Systems Analysis00000
ARTED 5260Museum Collections in the K-12 Curriculum00000
ANTHRO 3212Medical Anthropology00000
ARTHS 1104Indigenous Arts of North America00000
ADULTED 6416Survey of Adult Distance Education00000
ARTHS 2211Art and Archaeology of The Ancient World00000
ANTHRO 3236Sex Trafficking in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ARTHS 2261History of Graphic Design00000
ACCTNG 3499Independent Study in Accounting00000
ARTHS 3350Studies in Design00000
ANTHRO 3255Oral History and Urban Culture in St. Louis00000
ARTHS 3391Selected Themes in Art History00000
AERO 1500Leadership Laboratory00000
ARTHS 4400Topics in the History of Art and Visual Culture00000
ANTHRO 4160Geographical Information Systems in Anthropology and Sociolo...00000
ARTHS 4495Senior Seminar: Methods of Art History00000
ACCTNG 5441Tax Research00000
ASL 1001American Sign Language I00000
ANTHRO 4325Internship in Cultural Anthropology00000
ASTRON 1011Planets and Life in the Universe00000
AERO 3002Leading People & Effective Communications II00000
ATMSCI 1001Elementary Meteorology00000
ANTHRO 5440Sociocultural Aspects of Aging00000
ACCTNG 3411Cost Accounting00000
APMUS 3456Viola00000
BIOL 1141AHuman Physiology And Anatomy II Lecture Only00000
APMUS 1443Euphonium00000
BIOL 1202Environmental Biology00000
ANTHRO 1025World Cultures00000
ANTHRO 2105Human Variation00000
APMUS 3459Voice00000
APMUS 3510Senior Recital00000
APMUS 1449Percussion00000
ACCTNG 2430Accounting Ethics00000
ACCTNG 3451Accounting for Governmental and Not-For-Profit Entities00000
ACCTNG 5406Research and Professional Writing in Accounting00000