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UMSL Course Reviews

University of Missouri - St. Louis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTHRO 1005Introduction to Biological Anthropology51551
HONORS 2010Inquiries in The Humanities35431
MATH 1800Analytic Geometry and Calculus I53551
ECON 3100Economic Data and Statistics31351
CMPSCI 4342Introduction to Data Mining11331
MATH 1030College Algebra (MOTR MATH 130)44351
ARTHS 2225Medieval Art00000
ANTHRO 4325Internship in Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTHS 5590Special Study in Art History00000
BIOL 1131LHuman Physiology And Anatomy I Lab Only00000
ANTHRO 1021The Body in Culture00000
APMUS 1454Tuba00000
BIOL 2402Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ARTED 5260Museum Collections in the K-12 Curriculum00000
ANTHRO 3218Visual and Material Culture of Japan00000
ARTHS 3387Professional Internship00000
AERO 1002Heritage and Values of the US Air Force II00000
ASTRON 4322Observational Astronomy00000
APMUS 1442Classical Guitar00000
BIOL 1831Introductory Biology: From Molecules to Organisms (MOTR BIOL...00000
ACCTNG 5451Accounting and Auditing in Governmental and Not-for-Profit E...00000
BIOL 3622Cell Biology00000
ANTHRO 1041Sex and Gender Across Cultures00000
APMUS 3445French Horn00000
APMUS 3451Saxophone00000
ACCTNG 5490Graduate Internship in Accounting00000
ANTHRO 2030The Original Game of Thrones: The Byzantine Empire00000
APMUS 3457Violoncello00000
ARABIC 2101Intermediate Arabic I00000
ANTHRO 2430Ghosts, Goblins, and Godzillas00000
ARTHS 1108Introduction to the Arts of Asia00000
ADULTED 6416Survey of Adult Distance Education00000
ARTHS 2265History of Photography00000
ANTHRO 3244Religion, Magic and Science00000
ARTHS 3900Curatorial Practice I00000
ACCTNG 5435Graduate Topics in Auditing00000
ASTRON 1001Cosmic Evolution Introductory Astronomy (MOTR ASTR 100)00000
ANTHRO 5440Sociocultural Aspects of Aging00000
BIOL 1010Introduction to Student Biological Research00000
AERO 3002Leading People & Effective Communications II00000
BIOL 1162General Microbiology00000
APMUS 1448Organ00000
BIOL 2012Genetics00000
ACCTNG 4441Advanced Federal Income Tax: Business Taxation00000
BIOL 3001Experiential Practicum in Biosciences00000
APMUS 1458String Bass00000
BIOL 3802Vertebrate Physiology00000
ACCTNG 5467Advanced Data Security Concepts00000
APMUS 3448Organ00000
ANTHRO 1271Food and Drink: Anthropological Perspective00000
APMUS 3454Tuba00000
ACCTNG 5401Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
APMUS 3460Seminar in Pedagogy and Literature00000
ANTHRO 2101Global Girl Cultures00000
APMUS 4440Bassoon00000
APMUS 4443Euphonium00000
ACCTNG 5495Advanced Special Administrative Problems - Accounting (VITA)...00000
ANTHRO 2105Human Variation00000
APMUS 4446Harp00000
APMUS 5440Graduate Applied Music00000
ANTHRO 2192Anthropological Perspectives on Western Culture00000
ARTED 4260Art Museum as Teaching Resource00000
ADULTED 6411History of Adult Education00000
ARTHS 1100Introduction to Western Art (MOTR ARTS 100)00000
ANTHRO 3209Forensic Anthropology00000
ARTHS 1160Introduction to the Art and Visual Cultures of Asia00000
ACCTNG 5411Cost Systems Analysis00000
ARTHS 2255Modern Art00000
ANTHRO 3236Sex Trafficking in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ARTHS 2280Modern to Contemporary Art00000
ADULTED 6497Problems in Adult Education00000
ARTHS 3391Selected Themes in Art History00000
ANTHRO 3255Oral History and Urban Culture in St. Louis00000
ARTHS 4455Topics in Modern Art00000
ACCTNG 4401Financial Accounting and Reporting III00000
ASL 1001American Sign Language I00000
ANTHRO 4329Internship in Biological Anthropology00000
ASTRON 1050Introduction to Astronomy I (MOTR ASTR 100)00000
AERO 2002Team Leadership Fundamentals II00000
ATMSCI 1001LElementary Meteorology Laboratory00000
APMUS 1440Bassoon00000
BIOL 1110Nutrition in Health00000
ACCTNG 5443Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence00000
BIOL 1141LHuman Physiology And Anatomy II Lab Only00000
APMUS 1445French Horn00000
BIOL 1800Introduction to the Biology Major00000
BIOL 2010Introduction to Inquiry Approaches to STEM Education (STEP I...00000
APMUS 1451Saxophone00000
BIOL 2102Ecology00000
ACCTNG 3411Cost Accounting00000
BIOL 2482Microbiology00000
APMUS 1455Violin00000
BIOL 3202Conservation Biology00000
ANTHRO 1033World Archaeology00000
APMUS 4449Percussion00000
ANTHRO 2120Native Peoples of North America00000
APMUS 4452Trombone00000
APMUS 4455Violin00000
APMUS 3442Classical Guitar00000
ACCTNG 2430Accounting Ethics00000