UMPI Course Reviews

University of Maine at Presque Isle

HEA 111Health Behavior Theories00000
MAT 335Topics in Analysis00000
CRJ 378Women & Crime00000
EXS 246Introduction to Assessment00000
EDU 366Teach Math in Elem School00000
COS 240Network Concepts00000
HTY 451History of the Old South00000
BUS 150Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
EDU 302Teaching and Learning in a Proficiency-Based System00000
BUS 330Marketing Management00000
ENV 125Energy00000
ENG 100Introduction to College Reading and Writing00000
CHY 122General Chemistry II00000
FRE 101Elementary French I00000
BIO 350Genetics00000
HTY 314Egypt, Israel and the Ancient Near East00000
CRJ 201Canadian Criminal Justice00000
MAT 167Concept-Based Mathematics for Elementary Classroom Teachers...00000
ATH 487Organization and Administration in Health Care00000
OLS 630Conflict and Negotiation00000
BUS 242Spreadsheet Applications00000
EDU 350Children and Grief & Its Impact on Learning00000
BIO 200Research Methods in Biology00000
EDU 386Special Topics in Education00000
BUS 350Business Law I00000
ENG 370Maine Writers00000
ENG 240Med & Early Mod Literature00000
BUS 415Operations Management00000
ENV 386Special Topics in Environmental Studies00000
BIO 309Plant Biology00000
EXS 375Physiological Assessment and Exercise Prescription00000
COS 120Introduction to Data Structures00000
GEY 114Historical Geology: The History of Life00000
ART 421Sculpture III00000
HTY 115World Civilization I00000
COS 330Object-Oriented Programming00000
HTY 371International Relations and Modern Conflicts00000
BIO 499Biology Senior Thesis00000
HUM 186Special Topics in Humanities00000
CRJ 286Special Topics in Criminal Justice00000
MAT 253Discrete Mathematics00000
ART 221Sculpture I00000
MLT 203Clinical Chemistry II and Immunology00000
EDU 152Introduction to Education00000
PCJ 216Editing00000
BIO 112General Biology I00000
EDU 341Infant Toddler Development00000
BUS 286Special Topics in Business00000
EDU 360Science for the Young Child00000
ART 255Typography00000
EDU 372Social Studies for the Young Child00000
BUS 343Project Risk and Cost Management00000
EDU 395Practicum in Education00000
BIO 261Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ENG 151Introduction to Literature00000
BUS 359IT Project Management00000
ENG 314Screenwriting Workshop00000
ENG 259Contemporary World Literature00000
BUS 386Special Topics in Business00000
ENG 393Writing Theory and Practice00000
BIO 303Cell Biology00000
ENV 220Integrated Pest Management00000
BUS 495Business Internship00000
EXS 101Introduction to Exercise Science00000
ART 351Photography II00000
EXS 340Prevention and Emergent Care in Sport00000
COM 210Organizational Communication00000
EXS 388Practicum in Exercise Science00000
BIO 315Evolution00000
GEO 100World Geography00000
COS 210Introduction to Information Security00000
HEA 102Medical Terminology00000
ART 116Introduction to Film00000
HEA 301Health Care Delivery Systems00000
COS 300Advanced Web Design00000
HTY 162United States History II00000
BIO 402Pathophysiology00000
HTY 347Russia:Kiev to Peter the Great00000
COS 440Network Security00000
HTY 386Special Topics in History00000
ATH 341Therapeutic Interventions I00000
HTY 456Films of the Cold War00000
CRJ 225Criminal Justice Ethics00000
MAT 131Calculus I00000
BUS 101Introduction to Business00000
MAT 231Calculus III00000
CRJ 372Police & Policing00000
MAT 312Geometric Structures00000
AGR 360Management Science of Farm & Agribusiness Enterprises00000
MLT 100Clinical Chemistry I00000
CRJ 496Field Experience in Criminal Justice or Sociology00000
NUR 202LFundamentals of Nursing Lab II00000
BUS 210Organizational Communication00000
EDU 261Educational Technology in the Classroom00000
AGR 260Agricultural Technology, Operations, and Safety00000
ANT 471Prehistory of Northeastern North America00000
ART 311Modern Art History00000
BIO 297Independent Study00000
BUS 376Independent Auditing00000
ENG 311Poetry Workshop00000