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UMPI Course Reviews

University of Maine at Presque Isle

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 316General Microbiology00000
EDU 345Special Education in Early Childhood00000
HTY 115World Civilization I00000
ART 311Modern Art History00000
MAT 251Foundations of Mathematics00000
ENV 125Energy00000
CHY 111General Chemistry I00000
COS 205Multimedia Design00000
HTY 456Films of the Cold War00000
CRJ 286Special Topics in Criminal Justice00000
ANT 100Introduction to Anthropology00000
PCJ 214Magazine and Feature Writing00000
ENG 211Introduction to Creative Writing00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
BUS 361Intermediate Accounting I00000
BUS 343Project Risk and Cost Management00000
EXS 496Field Work in Exercise Science00000
CRJ 130Philosophies and Ethics of Social Control00000
ATH 405Exercise Science Capstone00000
ENG 101College Composition00000
COS 440Network Security00000
MAT 121Pre-Calculus00000
BIO 300Human Nutrition00000
MLT 104Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum00000
ECO 207Macro & Micro Economics00000
PHE 390Practicum in Athletics Coaching00000
PCJ 493Communication Capstone00000
EDU 378Creativity in the Classroom:Arts-Integrated00000
ART 211Art History I00000
BUS 321Human Resource Management00000
ART 361Painting II00000
ENG 367Studies in Shakespeare00000
BIO 112General Biology I00000
ART 421Sculpture III00000
BUS 210Organizational Communication00000
EXS 274Structural Kinesiology00000
BUS 386Special Topics in Business00000
BUS 489Business Policy and Strategy00000
COS 235Architecture and Organization00000
HEA 102Medical Terminology00000
CRJ 499Criminal Justice Portfolio00000
ART 221Sculpture I00000
EDU 372Social Studies for the Young Child00000
HTY 368Acadian and French Canadian Folklore00000
ENG 240Med & Early Mod Literature00000
BIO 113General Biology II00000
HTY 491Special Topic in Ancient History00000
CRJ 215Drug Policy00000
MAT 167Concept-Based Mathematics for Elementary Classroom Teachers...00000
ART 261Painting I00000
MAT 335Topics in Analysis00000
CRJ 376Punishment & Correction00000
NUR 230Promoting Personal Health and Wellness00000
BIO 350Genetics00000
PCJ 316Advanced Professional Communication00000
EDU 286Special Topics in Education00000
PHE 302Teaching Secondary Physical Education00000
PHE 121Team Activities00000
EDU 371Teach Social Studies in Elemen00000
AGR 310Plant and Crop Science00000
BUS 220Managerial Accounting00000
ART 107Experience of the Arts00000
ENG 100Introduction to College Reading and Writing00000
ART 251Photography I00000
ART 351Photography II00000
ART 323Drawing III00000
ENG 309Studies in the Novel00000
ART 451Photography III00000
BUS 345Database Management00000
ATH 487Organization and Administration in Health Care00000
ENG 393Writing Theory and Practice00000
BIO 262Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ART 108Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BUS 107Introduction to Business and Economics00000
ENV 386Special Topics in Environmental Studies00000
BUS 286Special Topics in Business00000
BUS 400Project Management Applications I00000
BUS 359IT Project Management00000
EXS 381Biomechanics00000
BUS 464Advanced Accounting00000
ART 499CSenior Project00000
COS 110Programming Fundamentals00000
GEO 101Human Geography00000
COS 321Software Engineering II00000
CHY 222Organic Chemistry II00000
CRJ 281Topics in Criminal Justice00000
HEA 203Environmental Health00000
EDU 261Educational Technology in the Classroom00000
AGR 330Soil Fertility00000
EDU 360Science for the Young Child00000
HTY 301Medieval Europe00000
EDU 395Practicum in Education00000
COS 290Special Topics in Cybersecurity00000
HTY 386Special Topics in History00000
HTY 314Egypt, Israel and the Ancient Near East00000
ANT 200Archaeology00000
ART 315Women in Art00000
BUS 125Intro to Business Computing00000
EDU 354Early Childhood Literacy and Language Development00000
PHE 166Aquatics Activities00000