UMich Course Reviews

University of Michigan

AEROSP 520Compressible Flow I00000
AES 425PA & Ped Disability00000
ACC 312Inter Financ Acctg00000
AEROSP 201Intro Aero00000
ACC 625Adv Financial Acctg00000
AAS 490Black World Topics00000
AEROSP 577Data-driven Modeling00000
AAS 359African Politics00000
ACC 551Prin Managerial Acc00000
AAS 392Mental Health in U.S00000
ADABRD 392Shigaraki Extension00000
ACC 764Corp Fin Reporting00000
AAS 450Law,Race&Hst Proc I00000
AEROSP 350Fund Aero Computing00000
AAS 336Black Women U.S. I00000
AEROSP 536Electric Propulsion00000
AAS 626Interm Yoruba II00000
AES 218Emergency Response00000
AAS 26220C Af Am Social Mov00000
ALA 106Health & Health Care00000
AAS 381Fictions & Feminisms00000
ACC 564Corp Fin Reporting00000
AAS 275Blk Women Pop Cult00000
ACC 713Fin Stmt Analysis II00000
AAS 400Mus Afr Am00000
ADABRD 354Ravensburg00000
ADABRD 312Shigaraki Prep00000
AAS 432Viol Environmts: Oil00000
AERO 202Tm&Ldrshp Basic II00000
AAS 323Blk Feminist Thought00000
AEROSP 315Aerospace Structure00000
AAS 458Black World Issues00000
AEROSP 483Aerosp Sys Design00000
AAS 247Modern Africa00000
AEROSP 527Unstaero Acous00000
AAS 596Hist Env Thot&Activ00000
AEROSP 550Linear Systems Thry00000
AAS 353Urban Ethnography00000
AEROSP 623Comput Fluid Dyn II00000
AAS 892African Std Capstone00000
AES 332Prin Mtr Behav00000
AAS 211Dynamics Bl Diaspora00000
ALA 102Student in the Univ00000
ACC 338Maize & Blue Fund SR00000
ALA 108STEM Success00000
AAS 271Intr Afr-Am Lit00000
ACC 558Cost Meas & Control00000
AAS 383Are We Not Men?00000
ACC 601Acc Info Sys Design00000
AAS 224Akan/Kongo/Yoruba00000
ACC 651Foundations of Tech00000
AAS 394Professional Writing00000
ACC 726Maize and Blue Fund00000
AAS 304Gender&Immigr00000
ADABRD 306India Prep00000
AAS 408African Ec Soc&Pol00000
ADABRD 349San Jose00000
ADABRD 321Danish Institute00000
AAS 422African Cultures00000
ADABRD 389India Extension00000
AAS 317Clothing,Race,Envirn00000
AERO 102USAF Heritage II00000
AAS 439Creole Lang00000
AERO 311Leadership & Comm II00000
AAS 233Race in 70s Film00000
AEROSP 225Intro Gas Dynamics00000
AAS 453Southern Africa00000
AEROSP 335Aerospace Propulsn00000
AAS 330Urban&Commun Stdys00000
AEROSP 423Comp Meth Aero Eng00000
AAS 480Future Africa's Past00000
AEROSP 513Solid&Struct Mech I00000
AAS 203Issues Af-Am Develp00000
AEROSP 524Aerodyn II00000
AAS 557Mus Blk Amer00000
AEROSP 532Molecular Gas Dyn00000
AAS 346Lit in African Hist00000
AEROSP 544Aeroelasticity00000
AAS 615Prob Afr Eth00000
AEROSP 552Aero Info Sys00000
AAS 250Law,Race&Hst Proc I00000
AEROSP 583Space Sys Des Mgt00000
AAS 725Adv Yoruba I00000
AEROSP 729Spec Top Gasdynamic00000
AAS 357Environ Afr Dvlpmt00000
AES 221PhysiologyLaboratory00000
ACC 302Financial Acctg00000
AES 336MethodsInstructExerc00000
AAS 116Swahili II00000
AES 451PA Lifespan00000
ACC 317Tax&Managerial Dec00000
ALA 104Intro to Research00000
AAS 371Blk Arts Matter00000
ACC 533Financial Accounting00000
AAS 104Humanities Seminar00000
AAS 200Int African Studies00000
AAS 230Af-Am His I00000
AAS 315Advanced Swahili I00000
AAS 418Black Americans00000
ADABRD 330U Arts London00000