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UMGC Course Reviews

University of Maryland Global Campus

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 294Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry, Creative Nonfictio...55541
WRTG 112Academic Writing II55551
MBA 620Financial Decision Making12111
CMIT 320Network Security13441
SPCH 100Foundations of Oral Communication55551
JOUR 201Introduction to News Writing54551
STAT 200Introduction to Statistics11111
ENGL 240Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama43431
ACCT 610Financial Accounting33451
ENGL 303Critical Approaches to Literature43541
BMGT 488Project Management II51551
ENGL 250Introduction to Women's Literature32431
CCA 640Cloud Computing Implementations and Migrations00000
BEHS 495Advanced Seminar in Social Sciences00000
CCJS 321Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System00000
CCJS 416Analytical Strategies for Law Enforcement00000
ARTH 372History of Western Art I00000
BIOL 160Human Biology00000
CCJS 497Correctional Administration00000
CJMS 620Issues in Correctional Administration00000
BIOL 211Environmental Science00000
CMIS 320Relational Database Concepts and Applications00000
CMIT 369Windows Server: Install and Storage00000
ACCT 635Accounting Ethics00000
ARTT 428Advanced Painting00000
BIOL 325Inquiries in Biological Science00000
CMIT 454Cisco CCNA Security00000
CAPL 398ACareer Planning Management00000
BEHS 300Research Methods in the Social Sciences00000
CCJS 105Introduction to Criminology00000
ARAB 114Elementary Arabic III00000
CCJS 352Drugs and Crime00000
BIFS 619Systems Level Approaches in Bioinformatics00000
CCJS 440Fingerprint Analysis00000
ACCT 614Accounting Information Systems00000
CHEM 297Environmental Chemistry00000
BIOL 181Life in the Oceans00000
CMIS 102Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design00000
ARTT 120Design I: Arrangement and Color00000
CMIT 202Fundamentals of Computer Troubleshooting00000
BIOL 301Human Health and Disease00000
CMIT 424Digital Forensics Analysis and Application00000
ACCT 425International Accounting00000
CMP 630Risk Management and Organizational Resilience00000
BIOL 398NWildlife Ecology00000
CMSC 335Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming00000
CMSC 412Operating Systems00000
ACCT 645Cyber Forensics in Accounting00000
ASC 609Essentials of Computer Programming00000
BIOT 643Techniques of Biotechnology00000
BMGT 110Introduction to Business and Management00000
ASCM 627Legal Aspects of Contracting00000
BMGT 330Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning00000
BMGT 339Introduction to Federal Contracting00000
ACCT 438Fraud and Forensic Accounting00000
AMBA 660Managing Global Business00000
ASCM 630Commercial Transactions in a Technological Environment: Law,...00000
BMGT 372Supply Chain Management00000
BTRA 641Product Life Cycle Approval, Production, and Marketing for D...00000
BEHS 103Technology in Contemporary Society00000
CCA 620Cloud Management00000
ARAB 111Elementary Arabic I00000
CCJS 100Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
BEHS 364Alcohol in U.S. Society00000
CCJS 301Criminalistics I: The Comparative Disciplines00000
CCJS 342Crime Scene Investigation00000
BIFS 617Advanced Bioinformatics00000
CCJS 380Ethical Behavior in Criminal Justice00000
ARTH 199HBaroque Art in Rome: An Introduction00000
CCJS 421Principles of Digital Analysis00000
BIOL 103Introduction to Biology00000
CCJS 461Psychology of Criminal Behavior00000
ACCT 417Federal Income Tax II00000
CHEM 113General Chemistry II00000
BIOL 161Laboratory in Human Biology00000
CHIN 114Elementary Chinese III00000
ARTH 478History of Women in the Visual Arts00000
CJMS 640Criminal Justice Intelligence Systems and Approaches00000
BIOL 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CMIS 141Introductory Programming00000
ACCT 625Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
CMIS 435Computer Networking00000
BIOL 220Human Genetics00000
CMIT 321Ethical Hacking00000
ARTT 205Art Appreciation00000
CMIT 372Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure00000
BIOL 307The Biology of Aging00000
CMIT 451Implementing Cisco IP Routing00000
ACCT 321Cost Accounting00000
CMP 610Foundations in Cybersecurity Management00000
BIOL 357Bioinformatics00000
CMSC 307Artificial Intelligence Applications00000
ASC 603Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management00000
BMGT 381Business Law II00000
ASCM 650Legal Aspects of Contracting and Commercial Transactions00000
BMGT 456Managing Across Cultures and Borders00000
BMGT 466Global Public Management00000
ANTH 345World Prehistory and Archaeology00000
ASTD 158AIntroduction to Korean Society00000
BMGT 485Leadership for the 21st Century00000