UMFK Course Reviews

University of Maine at Fort Kent

NUR 425LAdult Health III: Caring For Individuals/Families With Compl...00000
PSY 308Life Span Human Development00000
ENG 250American Literature I: Beginnings to 186500000
NUR 205LClinical Preparation Lab00000
FOR 208Forest Products, Harvesting, and Transportation00000
COS 374Operating Systems Security00000
PSA 310Introduction to Public Management00000
BUS 204Introduction to Sports Law00000
ENV 302Wildlife Conservation & Management00000
BUS 304Federal Taxation I00000
MAT 280Finite Math II-Linear Systems & Models and Mathematics of Fi...00000
FOR 361Silvics/Silviculture Lab00000
CHY 300Biochemistry00000
NUR 330Adult Health I: Caring for Individuals/Families with Acute A...00000
BIO 380LLimnology Lab00000
PHS 100Physical Science I00000
CRJ 326Introduction to Forensic Science00000
PSA 398Conservation Law Enforcement Internship00000
BIO 101Human Biology00000
SPA 100Elementary Spanish I00000
BUS 234Financial Analysis & Planning00000
FOR 100Introduction to Forestry00000
BIO 220Anatomy & Physiology I00000
FOR 291Forest Measurements00000
BUS 332Small Business Management00000
HTY 103United States History II00000
GIS 300GIS Applications I00000
BUS 358E-Commerce00000
MUS 400History of Jazz00000
BIO 359Genomics Research: Bacteriophage as a Model System00000
NUR 302Pharmacology00000
COS 338Introduction to Networking00000
NUR 380Transcultural Care In Nursing00000
ASP 50College Reading00000
NUR 497Senior Capstone00000
CRJ 101Introduction to Criminal Law00000
PSA 122GIS & GPS for Public Safety Administration00000
BUS 101Accounting Principles II00000
PSA 322Terrorism00000
ENG 100English Composition I00000
PSY 233Substance Abuse Counseling00000
AP 10AP US Government and Politics00000
PSY 412Adulthood and Aging00000
ENG 366Creative Nonfiction Writing00000
SSC 241Writing and Critical Analysis in the Social & Behavioral Sci...00000
BIO 202Botany00000
ENV 400Senior Projects I00000
BUS 301Principles of Corporate Finance II00000
FOR 203LForester Surveying Lab00000
AP 13AP World History00000
FOR 260Silvics (Forest Ecology)00000
BUS 314Auditing & Forensic Accounting00000
FOR 332Forest Inventory and Analysis00000
BIO 309Field Taxonomy of Woody Plants00000
FRE 163Applied French for Health Care Professionals00000
BUS 340Special Topics in Business00000
HTY 100World Civilizations I00000
HCA 321Health Care Finance00000
BUS 348Project Management00000
HUM 102First Year Experience00000
BIO 353General Microbiology00000
MUS 156Class Piano00000
BUS 409Principles of Investment Management00000
NUR 200Introduction to Professional Nursing00000
ART 320Studio Projects00000
NUR 230Promoting Personal Health and Wellness00000
COS 272Computer Graphic Art00000
NUR 304LTransitions to Professional Nursing Lab00000
BIO 380Limnology00000
NUR 360Adult Health II: Caring for Individuals/Families with Chroni...00000
COS 342Cyber-Computer Ethics & Social Responsibilities00000
NUR 397Nursing Externship00000
AP 8AP Spanish Language and Culture00000
NUR 452Mental Health Nursing00000
COS 430Cryptography00000
PHE 264Basic Athletic Injuries00000
BIO 498Senior Project00000
POS 100Political Science00000
CRJ 215Principles of Investigations00000
PSA 231Search & Rescue Fundamentals00000
ASP 110Math Applications00000
PSA 312Grant Writing00000
ECO 101Introduction to Microeconomics00000
PSA 332Introduction to Forensic Anthropology00000
BUS 200Introduction to E-Commerce00000
PSY 100Introduction to Psychology00000
ENG 111LEnglish Writing Lab00000
PSY 270Case Management00000
AP 4AP English Language and Composition00000
PSY 332Substance Abuse Counseling00000
ENG 348Fiction Writing00000
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology00000
BUS 219Business and Professional Speaking00000
ENV 200Principles of Environmental Science00000
AP 2AP Calculus BC00000
AP 6AP Music Theory00000
ART 100History of Art: Prehistoric to Renaissance00000
BIO 320Genetics00000
BUS 343Human Resources Management00000
HLT 386Health Care Policy00000