UMF Course Reviews

University of Maine at Farmington

EDU 422Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and Children's Literature i...00000
ENG 177Topics in English00000
COS 360Programming Language Concepts00000
EDU 277Topics in Education00000
ECH 450Senior Seminar: Research in Early Childhood Education00000
BUS 377Special Topics in Business00000
EDU 551Changing Educational Organizations in a Diverse World00000
BIO 141The Living Earth: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity00000
ECH 256Creative Arts and Technology for the Young Child00000
BIO 265Ecological Restoration00000
ECS 375Advanced Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education00000
ECH 541Field-Based Research00000
BUS 277Topics in Business00000
EDU 332Social Studies and Global Perspectives K-800000
ART 277ATopics in Art00000
EDU 511Evidence and Inquiry Based Strategies for Working with ELLs00000
CHY 142General Chemistry II00000
EDU 587Applied Educational Research II00000
ARH 277ATopics in Art History00000
ENG 211Poetry Writing00000
BIO 177Topics in Biology (with Lab)00000
ECH 403Technology in Early Childhood Education00000
ART 121APainting I00000
ECH 507Advanced Infant and Toddler Development and Curriculum00000
BIO 363Evolutionary Biology00000
ECS 207Supporting Social/Emotional Development in Inclusive Setting...00000
ECO 230Behavioral Economics00000
BUS 229Alpine Operations Leadership and Management00000
EDU 102Experiences of Schooling: Foundations of Diversity and Knowl...00000
ART 234AInteractive Web Media00000
EDU 308Text and Teaching00000
BUS 326Social Media Marketing00000
EDU 370Art in the Classroom K-800000
ARH 177Topics in Art History00000
EDU 502Second Language Acquisition00000
CHI 115HChinese Culture00000
EDU 529Mathematics Leadership in K-12 settings: Understanding & Imp...00000
ART 328ASpace and Place II00000
EDU 574Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Proficiency Base...00000
COS 142Data Structures00000
ENG 121HIntroduction to Linguistics00000
ANT 270SAncient Latin America00000
ENG 202Editing00000
ECH 150Introduction and Observation in Early Childhood Education00000
ENG 213HJournalism00000
ART 115ADrawing I00000
ECH 336Development of Mathematical Concepts in Young Children00000
BIO 251Cell Biology00000
ECH 420Planning Environments for Young Children00000
ANT 330Thinking Through Skin: Race in America00000
ECH 490Internship in Early Childhood Education00000
BIO 353Conservation Biology00000
ECH 538Collaboration with Families and Communities00000
ART 209AInstallation Art I00000
ECO 102SPrinciples of Microeconomics00000
BIO 377Special Topics in Biology00000
ECS 203Supporting Children in Inclusive Settings00000
ECO 309Money and Banking00000
BUS 210Principles of Management00000
ECS 304Supporting the Development of Infants, Toddlers, and their F...00000
ART 226APainting Off The Wall00000
ECS 476Assessment for Young Children At-Risk for Disability00000
BUS 252Excel for Data Analytics00000
EDU 222Learning with Technology in Secondary Education00000
ARH 116AVisual Culture II00000
EDU 304Science Education K-800000
BUS 320Consumer Behavior00000
EDU 330Young Adult Literature00000
ART 244ACreative Imaging00000
EDU 361Methods for Teaching Secondary/Middle Mathematics00000
BUS 345Investment Management00000
EDU 402Philosophy, History, and Cultural Diversity of Education00000
ANT 255SPerformance: Culture, Meaning and Society00000
EDU 477Topics in Education00000
BUS 480Service Operations Analysis, Design and Management00000
EDU 504English Language Learners: Equity, Inclusion and Family Enga...00000
ART 320AContemporary Theory and Practice00000
EDU 524Advanced Math Methods00000
CHY 110NElementary Chemistry00000
EDU 532Mathematics Leadership K-12: The Art of Mathematics Coaching...00000
ARH 276AContemporary Art00000
EDU 554Internship in School Leadership00000
CHY 242Organic Chemistry II00000
EDU 583Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment I: Development and P...00000
ART 420Senior Seminar and Studio Practice00000
EDU 596Refining a K - 8 Math Coaching Practice00000
COS 280Networking Using TCP/IP00000
ENG 150Creative Writing00000
ANT 103SHuman Origins00000
ENG 200Professional Writing00000
COS 377Intermediate Topics in Computer Science00000
ENG 204Studies in Book Arts00000
BIO 150NHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ECH 202Practicum and Seminar in K-8 Education00000
ACE 152Career & Major Engagement00000
ANT 230SLinguistic Anthropology00000
ANT 365Medical Anthropology00000
ART 223ARobotics: Time, Movement and Destruction I00000
BIO 482Theory and Methods of Scientific Inquiry00000
ECO 450Managerial Economics00000