UMD College Park Course Reviews

University of Maryland, College Park

ANSC 115Careers in the Animal Sciences00000
ANSC 455Applied Animal Behavior00000
AMSC 661Scientific Computing II00000
AMST 602Interdisciplinary Research Methods and Bibliographic Instruc...00000
AMST 203Popular Culture in America00000
AAST 443Asian American Politics00000
ANSC 315Applied Animal Nutrition00000
AASP 498GSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Black Feminist Science Stud...00000
AMSC 715Numerical Methods for Evolution Partial Differential Equatio...00000
AASP 499SAdvanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; Pl...00000
AMST 418KFilm and American Landscape00000
AMST 298QU.S. Latinx Literature and Culture00000
AAST 398CSelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Politics of Trans...00000
AMST 629KSeminar in American Studies; Gentrification and the Politics...00000
AASP 411Black Resistance Movements00000
ANSC 237Equine Reproductive Management00000
AGNR 301Sustainability00000
ANSC 440Zoonotic Diseases and Control00000
AASP 360Issues in African Development00000
ANSC 688JSpecial Topics; Zoonotic Diseases and Control00000
AASP 498ISpecial Topics in Black Culture; Women and the Civil Rights...00000
AMST 101Introduction American Studies00000
AASP 396Independent Study Non-Thesis Option00000
AMST 260American Culture in the Information Age00000
AAST 233Introduction to Asian American Literature00000
AMST 328WAsian Americans in Film00000
AMST 328UPerspectives on Identity and Culture; African American Liter...00000
AAST 363Filipino American History and Biography00000
AMST 498VSpecial Topics in American Studies; Sex and the City00000
AASP 399Research in African-American Studies00000
AMST 628DSeminar in American Studies; Feminist Cultural Criticism of...00000
AAST 398ESelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Growing Up Asian...00000
AMST 857Museum Scholarship Practicum00000
AASP 303Computer Applications in African American Studies00000
ANSC 212Applied Animal Physiology00000
AAST 498NAdvanced Topics in Asian American Studies; South Asian Ameri...00000
ANSC 255Introduction to Aquaculture00000
AASP 478CHumanities Topics in African American Studies; African Ameri...00000
ANSC 388Honors Thesis Research00000
AGST 442Examining Leadership in Youth and Volunteers00000
ANSC 447Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Laboratory00000
AASP 298PSpecial Topics in African American Studies; Poverty, Race an...00000
ANSC 617Quantative Techniques in Physiology and Nutrition00000
AMSC 666Numerical Analysis I00000
ANSC 688WSpecial Topics; Advanced Animal Welfare00000
AASP 386Experiential Learning00000
AMSC 763Advanced Linear Numerical Analysis00000
AASP 498DSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Caribbean Women00000
AMST 189CMartin Luther King Jr.00000
AASP 298BConstructions of Manhood and Womanhood in the Black Communit...00000
AMST 210Introduction to Ethnography00000
AAST 200Introduction to Asian American Studies00000
AMST 290Shifting Sands: Constructing Cultural Mainstreams and Margin...00000
AASP 398VSelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Public Interpretati...00000
AMST 324Growing Up Asian American: The Asian Immigrant Family and th...00000
AAST 298OSouth Asian American Experience00000
AMST 328RPerspectives on Identity and Culture; Religion in American C...00000
AMST 328TPerspectives on Identity and Culture; Make Some Noise: Black...00000
AAST 351Asian Americans and Media00000
AMST 328NPerspectives on Identity and Culture; Introduction to Native...00000
AASP 398USelected Topics in the African Diaspora; Angela Davis00000
AMST 498QSpecial Topics in American Studies; Asian American Psycholog...00000
AAST 388Independent Research00000
AMST 498NSpecial Topics in American Studies; Citizens, Refugees, and...00000
AASP 299ISelected Topics in African American Studies; Introduction to...00000
AMST 628FSeminar in American Studies; Deviance and Dominance in the S...00000
AAST 398RSelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Cultural Imaginat...00000
AMST 628JSeminar in American Studies; Staging Black Queer Lives00000
AASP 400HDirected Readings in African American Studies00000
AMST 629PSeminar in American Studies; Ethnography and Performance00000
AAST 398MSelected Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian Americans a...00000
AMST 878CAmerican Studies Pedagogy Mentoring; Mentoring for Third Yea...00000
AASP 274Creative Writing Through The Eyes of African Americans: A Be...00000
ANSC 204Anatomy of Domestic Animals00000
AAST 498QAdvanced Topics in Asian American Studies; Native Hawaiian P...00000
ANSC 227Eating with Eyes Wide Open00000
AASP 413Gentrification: Have You Met the New Neighbors?: Issues of B...00000
ANSC 245Sheep Management00000
AAST 498MAdvanced Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian American Pu...00000
ANSC 270Animal Enterprise Management00000
AASP 313Black Women in United States History00000
ANSC 340Health Management of Animal Populations00000
AGNR 388Honors Thesis Research00000
ANSC 435Experimental Embryology00000
AASP 478KHumanities Topics in African American Studies; African-Ameri...00000
ANSC 445Comparative Digestive Physiology00000
AMSC 460Computational Methods00000
ANSC 452Avian Physiology00000
AASP 200African Civilization00000
ANSC 460Comparative Vertebrate Immunology00000
AMSC 663Advanced Scientific Computing I00000
ANSC 627Molecular and Quantitative Genetics00000
AASP 498JSpecial Topics in Black Culture; Racial Socialization of Chi...00000
AMSC 673Partial Differential Equations I00000
AASP 100HIntroduction to African American Studies00000
AASP 210Intro to Research Design and Analysis in African American St...00000
AASP 298LAfrican-American Literature and Culture00000
AASP 398ESelected Topics in the African Diaspora; The Black Power Mov...00000
AAST 298JSpecial Topics in Asian American Studies; Asian American Per...00000
AMST 328YPerspectives on Identity and Culture; The Lion and the Man:...00000