UMC Course Reviews

University of Minnesota, Crookston

CRJS 4390Special Topics in Criminal Justice00000
ED 3902The Professional Teacher II00000
BIOL 2020Plant Anatomy and Physiology00000
COMP 1011Composition I00000
BM 3000Manufacturing Processes00000
ASM 3804Individual Studies00000
ED 2860Mathematics for Elementary Teaching00000
ANSC 1803Directed Studies00000
BIOL 3466Ornithology00000
ANSC 3503Animal Health and Disease00000
COMM 3804Individual Studies00000
BM 3900Internship00000
ASM 1034Facility Maintenance and Safety00000
CRJS 3465Strategies in Correctional Rehabilitation00000
AGRO 3130Forages00000
ECE 4811Preschool Student Teaching00000
AVIA 3324Aircraft Systems and Instruments00000
ED 3110Educational Psychology00000
AGEC 3440Fundamentals of Value Added Agriculture00000
ED 4827Elementary Student Teaching00000
ANSC 3203Animal Anatomy and Physiology00000
BIOL 3899Pre-Internship Seminar00000
AGED 3003SAE, FFA, and Leadership00000
BM 3020Industrial Safety00000
APLS 3900Internship/Field Experience00000
COMM 3431Persuasion00000
CHEM 3021Biochemistry I00000
AS 3210Leading People and Effective Communication I (NDSU/UND)00000
COMM 4704Organizational Communication00000
AGRO 1803Directed Studies00000
CRJS 2390Special Topics in Criminal Justice00000
ASM 3009Surveying00000
CRJS 3530Criminal Justice Diversity00000
AGEC 1803Directed Studies00000
ECE 3420Nurturing and Collaborative Relationships for Infants and To...00000
AVIA 2221Basic Attitude Instrument Flying Lab00000
ED 2100Child and Adolescent Development and Learning00000
ANSC 1004Introduction to Animal Science00000
ED 3000Cultural Immersion00000
BIOL 1000Biology and Society00000
ED 3500Introduction to Children with Special Needs00000
ACCT 4404Income Tax I00000
ED 4500Teaching in Inclusive Learning Environments00000
BIOL 3022Principles of Genetics00000
ENED 2001Early Experience in Communication Arts and Literature00000
AGEC 4740Grain and Livestock Marketing00000
BIOL 3520Exercise Physiology00000
ANSC 3304Reproduction, AI, and Lactation00000
BIOL 4101Biology Seminar00000
ACCT 4500Forensic Accounting00000
BM 3007Metrology00000
ANSC 4204Animal Systems Management00000
BM 3034Applied Quality00000
AGED 4001Methods of Teaching Farm Business Management00000
CA 1020Spreadsheet Applications00000
ART 1152Drawing and Design00000
COMM 3002Intercultural Communication00000
COMM 1101Public Speaking00000
AS 1120The Air Force Today II (NDSU)00000
COMM 3704Business and Professional Speaking00000
AGRO 1030Crop and Weed Identification00000
COMM 4000News and Social Media Communication00000
AS 4410National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I (NDS...00000
COMM 4900Public Relations00000
ACCT 4800Accounting Data Analytics00000
CRJS 1500Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ASM 2053Electricity, Controls, and Sensors in Agriculture00000
CRJS 2550Traffic Law00000
AGRO 2840Grain and Seed Evaluation00000
CRJS 3515Criminal Justice Ethics00000
ASM 3511Yield Monitoring and Data Interpretation00000
CRJS 3575Critical Issues in Policing00000
ACCT 4111Advanced Accounting II00000
CRJS 4540Criminal Law00000
AVIA 1104Introduction to Aviation Flight Lab00000
ECE 4700Creative Arts and Language Arts: Preprimary00000
AGRO 3630Integrated Crop Management (Capstone)00000
ECON 1010Global Trade Economics00000
AVIA 3320Airplane Aerodynamics00000
ED 2300Introduction to Early Childhood and Elementary Education00000
AGEC 3050Economics for AgriBusiness Management00000
ED 2878Science in Elementary Education00000
AVIA 3412CFI Certification00000
ED 3033Foundations of Work-Based Learning00000
ANSC 1201Advanced Animal Evaluation00000
ED 3202Writing and Language Arts00000
BIOL 1805Nature of Life00000
ED 3800Elementary Education Classroom Experiences00000
ACCT 3202Intermediate Accounting II00000
ED 4000Educational Technology Applications00000
BIOL 2103Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ED 4750Family, School, and Community Relations00000
ANSC 3004Livestock Facilities and Environmental Systems00000
BIOL 3140Histology00000
ACCT 2102Principles of Accounting II00000
ACCT 3900Internship00000
ACCT 4512CPA Review Course--Financial Reporting and Accounting00000
AGED 4700Student Teaching: Farm Business Management00000
ART 1352Pottery Design and Techniques00000
COMM 2110Communication Technology Trends00000