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UMBC Course Reviews

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMSC 202Computer Science II4.52.5552
CMSC 203Discrete Structures43331
CMSC 331Principles of Programming Language15111
PSYC 375Neuroanatomy21131
CHEM 351Organic Chemistry I55551
ART 349Black, Queer, and Feminist Film00000
ANCS 200Israel and the Ancient Near East00000
ART 389Topics in Animation and Interactive Media00000
ART 493Senior Thesis Project00000
AGNG 610Leadership, Management, & Organization I00000
ANTH 312Medical Anthropology00000
ASIA 318Visual Culture of City and Cinema in South Asia00000
ART 329Topics in Art History and Visual Culture00000
AMST 422Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore00000
ART 366Documentary Photography00000
AGNG 361Technology for Management of Aging Services00000
ART 461Advanced Photographic Compositing00000
ANCS 399HComprehensive Readings in Ancient Studies - Honors00000
ART 690Independent Studies00000
AFST 396Psychology, Race, and Social Justice00000
BIOL 142Foundations of Biology: Ecology and Evolution00000
AGNG 639Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Design II00000
ANTH 401HHonors Thesis Research00000
ARBC 101Elementary Arabic I00000
AFST 498Directed Individual Study00000
AGNG 698Special Topics in Aging Studies00000
ARBC 350Arabic Media00000
ART 323Modernism (1880-1960)00000
AMST 382Perspectives on the Family00000
ART 338Motion Design00000
AGNG 315Health and the Aging Process00000
ART 361Digital Darkroom00000
AMST 497Independent Projects in American Studies00000
ART 376Origins and Issues of Print Media00000
AFST 360Studies in Black Fiction00000
ART 430Typography III00000
ANCS 305Warfare in the Ancient World00000
ART 486Real Time Animation00000
AGNG 470Aging Service Management: Capstone Seminar00000
ART 620History and Theory of Imaging and Digital Arts00000
ANTH 211YCultural Anthropology00000
ART 794Graduate Internship00000
AFST 261Black Literature: Twentieth Century00000
AWAY 598Study Abroad Experience00000
ANTH 322Forensic Anthropology00000
BIOL 251Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
AFST 490Community Internship Project00000
ANTH 480Anthropological Research: Capstone00000
AGNG 645Mental Wellness in Aging00000
ARBC 301Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I00000
AFST 275The Criminal Justice Process and Black Americans00000
ARCH 120World Archaeology00000
AMST 100YIntroduction to American Studies00000
ARCH 201Roman Archaeology and Art00000
ARCH 325Life and Death in Pompeii00000
AGNG 100YAging and the Longevity Economy00000
AMST 245Arab and Muslim Experiences in the United States00000
ARCH 350Topics in Archaeology00000
ART 321From the Enlightenment to the Birth of Modernism (1750-1880)00000
AMST 372American Food00000
ART 327History and Theory of Photography00000
AGNG 300Policy Analysis for Aging Issues00000
ART 334Graphic Design II00000
AMST 413Policing and Prisons in U.S. Society00000
ART 342Film/Video Theory and Criticism00000
AFST 348Black, Queer, and Feminist Film00000
ART 352Art of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas00000
AMST 490Senior Seminar00000
ART 364Studio Photography00000
AGNG 355The Experience of Dementia00000
ART 370Silkscreen Printing00000
AMST 630Cultural Policy and the Politics of Culture in the United St...00000
ART 384Introduction to 3D Computer Animation00000
AFST 245Introduction to Black Music00000
ART 425Writing By and For Artists, Curators & Critics00000
ANCS 202The Roman World00000
ART 435Topics in Film/Video00000
AGNG 401Critical Issues in Management of Aging Services00000
ART 465Intermedia Studio00000
ANCS 375Ancient Medicine00000
ART 489Senior Projects00000
AFST 371The Female Offender00000
ART 496Imaging Research Center Internship00000
ANCS 499HHonors Thesis in Ancient Studies II00000
ART 640lntermedia Studio Critique00000
AGNG 600Social and Economic Contexts of Aging00000
ART 720Seminar in Art History and Theory00000
ANTH 302Human Evolution, Physical Anthropology and Archaeology00000
ASIA 100Introduction to Asian Studies00000
AFST 211Introduction to Contemporary Africa00000
ASIA 400Special Projects in Asian Studies00000
ANTH 318Anthropology of Science and Technology00000
BIOL 123Human Genetics00000
AGNG 620Overview of Dementia and Dementia Care Services00000
ART 210Visual Concepts I00000
AMST 320Television in American Culture00000
ART 213Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media00000
ART 216Studies in Visual Culture (Prehistory through the 1750s)00000
ANTH 382Global Flows in Local Worlds:The Anthropology of Globalizati...00000
AFST 205Contemporary Black Popular Culture00000