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UMB Course Reviews

University of Maryland, Baltimore

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NURS 414Complx Nrsg Co-Morbid00000
NURS 615Regional Anesthesia00000
APPC 484Poison Information00000
NRSG 782Health Systems and Policy00000
DBMS 633The Anatomy Of The Temporomandibular Joint00000
APEX 411Informatics00000
NURS 507Introduction to Nursing and the Cnl Role00000
TOXI 625Aquatic Toxicology00000
CIPP 909Responsible Conduct of Research00000
AAOL 999Intro to Online Learning00000
NRSG 732Adv Issues In Adolesc Care00000
DHYG 312MMicrobiology00000
ABRU 401Off Camp Undr Umcp00000
NURS 316Research&Evidence-Based Pract00000
THAN 605Palliative Care00000
NURS 452Nrsg Research-Evidence for Rn00000
APPC 419Medication Therapy Management00000
NURS 530Foundations of Interprofessional Education and Practice00000
APEX 406Clinical Pharmacology/Drug Dev00000
NURS 672Principles Of Anesthesia Nursing IV00000
VVR 601Launch Seminar00000
DBMS 608Introduction To Biomedical Sciences Research00000
APEX 417Medication-Safety00000
DBMS 708Laboratory Rotations00000
ABRG 603Off Camp Grad Umuc00000
NRSG 646Pediatric Adv Practice Role00000
DHYG 325Gen Pharmacology/Therapeutics00000
ABRP 505Off Camp Prof Coppin St Coll00000
NRSG 773Addictions Nurs 1 Foundations00000
APPC 462Chemical Dependence00000
NRSG 792Intprf Care Mgmt Hiv Patient00000
ABRU 407Off Camp Undr Salisbury St U00000
NURS 327Medical Surgical Nrsg Adult00000
ABRU 406Off Camp Undr Frostburg St U00000
NURS 421Public Hlth Nrsg Care00000
APEX 421Radiopharmacy/Nuclear Pharmacy00000
NURS 467Public Hlth Nrsg Essentials Rn00000
TOXI 601Advanced Toxicology I00000
NURS 514Adult Health Nursing for Clinical Nurse Leader00000
APPC 466Critical Care/Emergency Med00000
NURS 609Critical Issues in Health Care00000
ABRP 500Off Camp Prof Umbc00000
NURS 637Anesthesia Nursing Practicum I00000
APPE 451Acute Care General Medicine00000
NURS 675Advanced Anesthesia Nursing Seminar II00000
APEX 410Food and Drug Administration00000
CIPP 970Interprofessional Service00000
VVR 603Violence And Vulnerability: Theories And Practice00000
DBMS 626Advanced Oral Radiology00000
ABRP 504Off Camp Prof Bowie St U00000
DBMS 639Advanced Dental Biomaterials I00000
ABRG 600Off Camp Grad Umbc00000
DHYG 311Prevention & Control I00000
APEX 424Research Experience00000
DHYG 321Prevention & Control II00000
ABRG 606Off Camp Grad Frostburg St U00000
NRSG 603Introduction To Pharmacology For Nurse Anesthesia00000
DHYG 328AGeneral & Oral Pathology00000
ABRP 502Off Camp Prof Umes00000
NRSG 715Ped Prim Care IV Clin Pract00000
APPC 425Integrative Ther-Patient Care00000
NRSG 770Care Coordination I00000
ABRP 508Off Camp Prof Towson U00000
NRSG 775Addiction Nurs 2 Spec Topics00000
ABRU 403Off Camp Undr Umuc00000
NRSG 790Methods Resch Evd Based Prct00000
ABRU 404Off Camp Undr Bowie St U00000
NURS 310Prof Role of the Rn00000
SWCL 779Interprof Health Care Delivery00000
NURS 319Health Assessment00000
ABRU 409Off Camp Undr U Of Baltimore00000
NURS 410Hlth Care Deliv.& Informatics00000
ABRG 607Off Camp Grad Salisbury St U00000
NURS 418Spec/Holism in Nsg Health Car00000
APEX 416Managed Pharmacy Care00000
NURS 430Found Interprofessional Ed&Pra00000
THAN 606Caring For The Bereaved00000
NURS 460Hlth Informatics Rn00000
APEX 430Association Management00000
NURS 503Hlth Assessment Across Lifespn00000
APEX 402Compounding00000
NURS 511Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for the Clinical Nurse Lea...00000
APPC 458Blood & Marrow Transplantation00000
NURS 523Cnl Emph Prac00000
TOXI 609Methods In Toxicology00000
NURS 604Pharmacology of Anesthesia Nursing00000
APPC 476Infectious Disease00000
NURS 613Principles Of Anesthesia Nursing I00000
ABRG 601Off Camp Grad Umcp00000
NURS 625Introduction to Gerontological Nursing00000
APPC 492Specialty Pharmacy00000
NURS 657Anesthesia Nursing Practicum II00000
TOXI 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
APPE 499Pharmacy Practice Pinnacle00000
ABGA 901Graduate Teaching Assistant00000
ABRG 604Off Camp Grad Bowie St U00000
ABRP 509Off Camp Prof U Of Baltimore00000
APEX 434Mail Order/Central Fill Pharm00000
ABRG 609Off Camp Grad U Of Baltimore00000
NDNP 849Diagnosis &Mgmt600000