UMB Course Reviews

University of Maryland, Baltimore

GPLS 692Current Topics In Genetics And Genomics00000
HGEN 731Clinical Genetics II00000
DHYG 321Prevention & Control II00000
GPLS 608Seminar00000
DHYG 427Health Care Management00000
DBMS 633The Anatomy Of The Temporomandibular Joint00000
GPLS 731Clinical Genetics II00000
APEX 434Mail Order/Central Fill Pharm00000
DHYG 413Community Service Learning I00000
APPC 472Hematologic Malignancies00000
GERO 599Off Campus Geriatric Medicine00000
DPAT 613Problems in Oral Pathology II00000
CIPP 970Interprofessional Service00000
GPLS 630Fundamentals of Biostatistics00000
APEX 416Managed Pharmacy Care00000
GPLS 714Muscle Contractility and Excitation00000
DBMS 708Laboratory Rotations00000
HGEN 608Human Gentics Seminar00000
ABRU 402Off Camp Undr Umes00000
HPE 805Impact Institute00000
APPC 458Blood & Marrow Transplantation00000
DHYG 422ADrug Abuse/Chemical Dependency00000
ABRU 407Off Camp Undr Salisbury St U00000
DHYG 619Area Of Specialization Pract00000
APPC 484Poison Information00000
FMED 740Epidemiological Data Research Capstone Project00000
DPAT 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
CIPP 907Research Ethics00000
GERO 801Independent Study in Gerontology00000
APEX 410Food and Drug Administration00000
GPLS 623Molecular Toxicology00000
DBMS 618Special Topics in Biomedical Science00000
GPLS 655Advanced Neuroscience Investigation00000
ABRP 507Off Camp Prof Salisbury St U00000
GPLS 706Human Genetics Seminar00000
DBMS 639Advanced Dental Biomaterials I00000
GPLS 718Programming for Bioinformatics00000
APEX 421Radiopharmacy/Nuclear Pharmacy00000
GPLS 790Advanced Cancer Biology00000
DHYG 311Prevention & Control I00000
HGEN 621Genetic Counseling: Principles and Practice00000
ABRG 608Off Camp Grad Towson U00000
HPE 610Theoretical Foundations Of Teaching And Learning In The Heal...00000
DHYG 327Perio For Dental Hygienists II00000
INCL 640Practical Applications of Intercultural Leadership00000
ABRU 404Off Camp Undr Bowie St U00000
DHYG 417Community Oral Health00000
APPC 464Clinical Pharmacokinetics00000
DHYG 424Special Topics-Entry Level00000
ABRP 500Off Camp Prof Umbc00000
DHYG 601Literature Review / Evaluation00000
APPC 478Medical Oncology00000
DHYG 799Master's Thesis Research00000
ABRU 409Off Camp Undr U Of Baltimore00000
DPAT 617Pathology of Oral Lesions II00000
APPC 492Specialty Pharmacy00000
FMED 710Forensic Pathology00000
ETHC 637Introduction To Research Ethics00000
APPE 499Pharmacy Practice Pinnacle00000
FMED 840Forensic Odontology And Forensic Anthropology00000
APEX 406Clinical Pharmacology/Drug Dev00000
GERO 711Biology Of Aging00000
CIPP 960Global Women's Health00000
GPLS 600Cellular And Molecular Basis Of Translational Research00000
ABRP 504Off Camp Prof Bowie St U00000
GPLS 616Molecular Mechanisms Of Signal Transduction00000
DBMS 605Scientific Method, Writing, And Ethics00000
GPLS 625Ion Channels00000
APEX 412Investigational Drugs00000
GPLS 645Cell and Systems Physiology00000
DBMS 628Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy00000
GPLS 690Current Topics In Vascular And Stem Cell Biology00000
ABRG 605Off Camp Grad Coppin St Coll00000
GPLS 701Advanced Molecular Biology00000
DBMS 637Pediatric Dental Pharmacology00000
GPLS 709Advanced Biochemistry00000
APEX 418Leadership and Management00000
GPLS 716Genomics and Bioinformatics00000
DBMS 642Nociception, Pain, And Analgesia00000
GPLS 721Microscopy Fundamentals and Modern Imaging Applications00000
ABRP 509Off Camp Prof U Of Baltimore00000
GPLS 750Topics In Molecular Medicine00000
DBMS 898Pre-Candidacy Research00000
GPLS 899Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
APEX 426Teaching Experience00000
HGEN 611Working With Support Groups00000
DHYG 312AHead, Neck & Dental Anatomy00000
HGEN 703Research for Genetic Counselors00000
ABGA 902Graduate Assistant00000
HGEN 760Clinical Cancer Genetics00000
DHYG 324Methods & Materials00000
HPE 625Instruct Strategies & Assmnt00000
APPC 419Medication Therapy Management00000
DHYG 329Oral Health Literacy/Comm00000
AAOL 999Intro to Online Learning00000
ABRG 602Off Camp Grad Umes00000
ABRP 502Off Camp Prof Umes00000
APEX 403Practice Based Research00000
APPE 451Acute Care General Medicine00000
ETHC 665Responsible Conduct Of Research International Affairs00000