UMass Lowell Course Reviews

University of Massachusetts Lowell

CHEN 5460Biomaterials Science and Engineering55421
ARTS 2741Storyboarding and Comics (formerly 70.274)00000
BIOL 4050LBioinformatics00000
BIOL 5320Genomics (Formerly 81.532)00000
BIOL 1220Biology for Health Sciences (Formerly 81.122)00000
ARTS 1130Digital Foundations (Formerly 70.113)00000
BIOL 4720Virology (Formerly 81.472)00000
AERO 2020Team and Leadership Fundamentals Part II (Formerly 29.202)00000
AEST 2310Aesthetics and Critical Studies Seminar (Formerly 79.231/490...00000
ARTS 2970Studio Workshop (formerly 70.297)00000
ARTS 37603D Animation I (formerly 70.376)00000
ATMO 5950Professional Experience Atmospheric Science (Formerly 85.595...00000
ARHI 3400Women and Art (Formerly 58.340)00000
BIOL 3030LMicrobiology Laboratory (Formerly 81.303)00000
ACCT 7620Empirical Financial Accounting Research II (Formerly ACCT/60...00000
BIOL 4420Advanced Cell Biology (Formerly 81.442)00000
ARTS 2350Sculpture I (formerly 70.235)00000
BIOL 4970Directed Study: Biological Science (Formerly 81.497)00000
ACCT 6050Government and Non-Profit Accounting (Formerly ACCT/60.605)00000
BIOL 5690LMolecular Techniques (Formerly 81.569)00000
AERO 3020Leading People and Effective Communication Part II (Formerly...00000
ARTS 3610Photography II (formerly 70.361)00000
ACCT 6220Globalization and Accounting (Formerly ACCT/60.622)00000
AMST 2480Values in American Culture (Formerly 40/42.248)00000
ARTS 4940Directed Study (formerly 70.494)00000
ATMO 1410Weather and Climate (Formerly 85.141)00000
ATMO 5080The Climate System (Formerly 85.508)00000
ARHI 3140American Architecture (Formerly 58.314)00000
ATMO 7680Doctoral Dissertation (Formerly 85.768)00000
ACCT 6600Accounting Data Analytics00000
BIOL 2350Genetics (Formerly 81.235)00000
ARHI 3650Art and Environment (Formerly ARHI.2300)00000
BIOL 3220LBotany Laboratory (Formerly 81.322)00000
ACCT 5010Financial Accounting (Formerly ACCT/60.501)00000
BIOL 4190Biochemistry (Formerly 81.419)00000
ARTS 2010Form And Content (formerly 70.201)00000
BIOL 4600Stem Cell Biology (Formerly 81.460)00000
ACCT 7970Managerial Research Seminar (Formerly Acct/60.797)00000
BIOL 4900Human Neurobiology (Formerly 81.490 & 81.590)00000
ARTS 2670Printmaking (formerly 70.267)00000
BIOL 5070Bioinformatics Lab00000
ACCT 3300Corporate Financial Reporting III00000
BIOL 5570Metazoan Parasitology (Formerly 81.557)00000
ARTS 2900Illustration I (Formerly 70.290)00000
BIOL 5810LDevelopmental Biology Lab00000
ACCT 6120Advanced Cost Management (Formerly ACCT/60.612)00000
ARTS 3300Typography II (formerly 70.330)00000
AEST 2250History Of Photography (Formerly 79.225)00000
ARTS 3711Place: A Visual Exploration Of Lowell (Formerly Arts.2711)00000
ACCT 4210Auditing (Formerly ACCT/60.421)00000
ARTS 3800Special Topics in Art & Design00000
AEST 4900Aesthetics And Critical Studies Seminar (Formerly 79.231/490...00000
ASAM 2120Introduction To Asian American Studies00000
ACCT 6300Taxation of Business Entities (Formerly ACCT/60.630)00000
AMST 4970Practicum in American Studies (Formerly 40.497)00000
ATMO 2140LMeteorology Analysis Laboratory (Formerly 85.214)00000
ATMO 4030Physical Meteorology (Formerly 85.403)00000
ATMO 4950Honors Research: Atmospheric Science (Formerly 85.495)00000
ARHI 3000Art History, Music and Culture (Formerly 58.300)00000
ATMO 5290Advanced Forecasting (Formerly 85.529)00000
ACCT 6450Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting (Formerly ACCT/60....00000
ATMO 7430Master's Thesis in Atmospheric Sciences (Formerly 85.743)00000
ARHI 3230Northern Renaissance Art (Formerly 58.323)00000
BIOL 1160Freshman Seminar in Biology (Formerly 81.116)00000
ACCT 4991Independent Studies (Formerly ACCT/60.499)00000
BIOL 2200Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology (Formerly 81.220)00000
ARHI 3470French Impressionism And Post-Impressionism00000
BIOL 2520Physiology (Formerly 81.252)00000
ACCT 7510Accounting Research Methodology (Formerly Acct/60.751)00000
BIOL 3080LInvertebrate Zoology Lab (Formerly 81.308)00000
ARHI 4960Practicum Experience in Art History (Formerly 58.496)00000
BIOL 3240Economic Botany (Formerly 81.324)00000
ACCT 3200Corporate Financial Reporting II00000
BIOL 4090Photobiology (Formerly 81.409)00000
ARTS 1350Kinetic Projects (Formerly 70.135)00000
BIOL 4290Recombinant Protein Production Techniques (Formerly 81.429 &...00000
ACCT 7720Auditing and Corporate Governance Research (Formerly ACCT/60...00000
BIOL 4510Senior Seminar in Biology (Formerly 81.451)00000
ARTS 2210Practicum/Internship (formerly 70.221)00000
BIOL 4630LCardiovascular Physiology Lab (Formerly 81.463)00000
ACCT 6010Accounting Information for Management Decisions (Formerly AC...00000
BIOL 4810LDevelopmental Biology Lab00000
ARTS 2570Monotypes (Formerly 70.257)00000
BIOL 4930Immunology (Formerly 81.493 & 81.593)00000
AERO 1010Heritage and Values of the U.S. Air Force Part I (Formerly 2...00000
BIOL 5000Professional Experience (Formerly 81.500)00000
ARTS 2710Painting I (formerly 70.271)00000
BIOL 5260Evolutionary Biology (Formerly 81.526)00000
ACCT 3010Intermediate Accounting I (Formerly ACCT/60.301)00000
BIOL 5480Form Feeds Function in Vertebrate Evolution00000
ARTS 2770Compositing and Motion Graphics (formerly 70.277)00000
BIOL 5620Cardiovascular Physiology (Formerly 81.562)00000
AERO 3010Leading People and Effective Communication Part I (Formerly...00000
ATMO 4150Atmospheric Dynamics (Formerly 85.415)00000
ARTS 2951Bioart Workshop In Portugal00000
ACCT 2020Accounting/Managerial (Formerly ACCT/60.202)00000
ACCT 3030Accounting Information Systems (Formerly ACCT/60.303)00000
ACCT 4790Accounting Internship (Formerly ACCT/60.479)00000
ACCT 6400Financial Accounting Theory and Research (Formerly ACCT/60.6...00000
ARHI 2030History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art (Formerly 58.2...00000