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UMass Dartmouth Course Reviews

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECO 362Monetary Theory and Policy00000
ENL 279Tutoring Writing00000
BNG 515Implantable Structures & Sensors00000
ECE 560Comp Sys Perform Eval00000
CHM 521Organic Mechanisms00000
BLS 416Seminar: Civil Rights in America00000
EGR 500Graduate Internship00000
AXD 447Senior Game Studio00000
CHM 315Physical Chemistry I00000
BIO 215Ecology & Evolution00000
ECE 310Engineering Ethics00000
DES 482Senior Capstone In Photography00000
BIO 527Molecular Biology00000
ECE 671Information Theory00000
AXD 384Digital Video Production00000
EDU 525Critical Literacies00000
BNG 316Biomaterials00000
ENL 099Critical Writing & Reading I Workshop00000
AXD 256Sculpture: Sustainable 3D Design00000
ENL 329Survey of African American Literature II00000
BIO 102General Biology II00000
CHM 424Mathematical Methods in Physical Science00000
AXD 300Topics in Art + Design00000
CIS 464Computer Game Design00000
BIO 310Infection and Immunology00000
ECE 161Foundations of Computer Engineering II00000
DSC 498Data Science Capstone Project I00000
BIO 454Biology of Sharks00000
ECE 388Embedded Systems Design Project00000
AXD 342Painting: Thematic Development II00000
ECE 596Directed Study00000
BIO 699Doctoral Research Credit00000
ECO 311Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
AXD 242Painting: Life Painting00000
ECO 492Senior Seminar00000
BMB 630Independent Research00000
EDU 652Sociolinguistic Issues in TESOL00000
AXD 422Imaginative Drawing00000
ELP 664PhD-Colloquium V - Global Contexts in Education Policy00000
BNG 417Nanotechnology in Bioengineering Systems00000
ENL 260Intermediate Composition00000
ATR 491Ceramics V00000
ENL 311Western Literature I00000
CHM 164Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ENL 338Modern Drama00000
AXD 281Introduction to Darkroom Photography00000
CHM 402Chemistry Seminar II00000
BIO 121Introductory Biology I00000
CHM 495Independent Study00000
AXD 210Illustration: Concepts, Tools, Creativity00000
CHM 542Quantum Chemistry00000
BIO 234Cell Biology00000
DES 387Virtual Reality Design00000
AXD 311Illustration: Character Design and Environments00000
DES 495Independent Study00000
BIO 333General Genetics00000
EAS 602Research Ethics00000
DSC 550Data Science Practicum00000
BIO 427Molecular Biology00000
ECE 256Foundations of Cyber Security: Hardware, Software, & Informa...00000
AXD 336Clay Formulation00000
ECE 336Electromagnetic Theory II00000
BIO 511Graduate Seminar00000
ECE 431Antennas & Propagation00000
AXD 226Woven Cloth00000
ECE 574Discrete-Time Signl Proc00000
BIO 571Marine Microbiology00000
ECE 602Research Skills00000
AXD 354Experimental Processes00000
ECO 231Principles Microeconomics00000
BLS 315Social Control00000
ECO 338Health Economics00000
ATR 396Directed Study00000
ECO 443State & Local Public Econ00000
BMB 540Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology00000
EDU 511Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Instruction00000
AXD 407Studio Art Capstone00000
EDU 552Sheltered English Immersion00000
BNG 232Fundamentals for Engineering Biology Lab II00000
EGR 303Engineering Economics00000
AXD 252Careers in Graphic Design00000
ELP 583Colloquium III Innovations In Instructional Design And Techn...00000
BNG 322Quantitative Physiology Lab00000
ELP 692Dissertation Seminar II00000
AXD 433Jewelry/Metals V00000
ENL 251Introduction to the Short Story00000
BNG 424Human Organogenesis00000
ENL 267Creative Writing: Poetry00000
ART 694Clay Formulation00000
ENL 303Survey of American Literature I00000
CHM 152Principles of Modern Chemistry II00000
ENL 31719 Cent American Poetry00000
AXD 456Sculpture Senior Project00000
CHM 264Bio-Organic Chemistry Laboratory II00000
AED 200Methods and Materials: Curriculum Methods in Art Education00000
ATR 308Kiln Building00000
AXD 221Figure Drawing: Form and Structure00000
AXD 323Thematic Development I00000
BIO 401Genomics00000
EAS 520High Performance Scientific Computing00000