UMass Dartmouth Course Reviews

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

AXD 432Ceramics Capstone00000
BIO 508Microbial Genetics00000
AXD 222Figure Drawing: Movement&Space00000
AXD 348Game Design00000
AXD 275Flat Pattern Drafting00000
ATR 293Jewelry/Metals I00000
BIO 235Genetics00000
ARH 323Women, Film and Popular Culture00000
AXD 244Painting: Idea, Image, Process00000
ARH 500Meth&Theory In Art Hist00000
AXD 337Glaze Calculation00000
AXD 306History of Craft II00000
ART 691Grad Studio III:Ceramics00000
AXD 392Composition & Design00000
ALC 100American Language & Cultures00000
AXD 452Capstone in Graphic Design00000
ATR 492Ceramics Vi: Senior Ceramics Thesis00000
BIO 430Biological Statistics00000
ACT 673Government and Non-profit Accounting00000
BIO 554Biology Of Sharks00000
ARH 373Theory Of Photography00000
AXD 253Typography00000
AED 410Curriculum Design00000
AXD 288Photo Processes & Printmaking00000
ART 553Grad Studio I:Typography00000
AXD 331Ceramics: Tableware00000
AXD 312Advanced Illustration Topics00000
ART 651Grd Std III:Graphic Design00000
AXD 342Painting: Thematic Development II00000
AGH 220LifeSpan Human Development00000
AXD 381Photo Narratives00000
ATR 126Art,Craft&Popular Object00000
AXD 413Illustration Senior Project00000
ACT 650Accounting For Decision Making00000
AXD 446Advanced Topics in Animation + Game Arts00000
ATR 396Directed Study00000
BIO 211Biology Of Populations Laboratory00000
ARH 105Visual Imagery: A Critical Introduction00000
BIO 413Biology of Fishes00000
AXD 211Methods and Media in Illustration00000
BIO 454Biology of Sharks00000
ACT 421Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIO 525Graduate Student Seminar00000
AXD 232Hand Methods in Clay00000
BIO 595Independent Study00000
AED 200Methods and Materials: Curriculum Methods in Art Education00000
AXD 248Principles of Game Design00000
ARH 445Senior Seminar00000
AXD 256Sculpture: Sustainable 3D Design00000
ACT 444Intro to Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Valuation00000
AXD 281Introduction to Darkroom Photography00000
ART 534Grad Studio II:Sculpture00000
AXD 300Topics in Art + Design00000
AED 505Social Philosophy And History Of Art Education00000
AXD 308History of Photography00000
ART 581Grad Studio I:Photography00000
AXD 325Drawing: Time, Space, & Meaning00000
AXD 314Illustration: A Personal Voice00000
ART 594Grd Std II:Metals/Jewelry00000
AXD 334Jewelry/Metals IV00000
AED 642Thesis/Proposal00000
AXD 339Moldmaking & Multiples in Art00000
ART 681Grd Std III:Photography00000
AXD 3463D Digital Animation & Modeling00000
ACT 601Auditing00000
AXD 354Experimental Processes00000
ART 694Clay Formulation00000
AXD 385Lighting for Photography00000
AGH 311Topics in Gerontology00000
AXD 400Advanced Topics in Art + Design00000
ATR 277Sewn Constructions00000
AXD 422Imaginative Drawing00000
ACT 401Auditing00000
AXD 441Senior Painting Studio00000
ATR 300Concepts In Artisanry00000
AXD 450Advanced Topics in Graphic Design00000
ARA 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
AXD 481Senior Photography Projects00000
ATR 478Textile Design Portfolio II00000
BIO 223Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I00000
ACT 672International Accounting00000
BIO 261Medical Microbiology Laboratory00000
AXD 105Art, Craft & Popular Object00000
BIO 420Animal Behavior00000
ARH 200Theory & Criticism of Art & Design00000
BIO 437Evolutionary Biology00000
AXD 214Illustration: Visual Storytelling00000
BIO 499Capstone Research00000
ACT 212Principles of Accounting II00000
BIO 514Biology of Marine Mammals00000
AXD 226Woven Cloth00000
BIO 534Advanced Cell Biology00000
ARH 349Architecture and Sustainability in American Post-Industrial...00000
AXD 241Painting: Color, Form and Space00000
AAC 100U Succeed 10000000
ACT 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACT 511Intermediate Accounting I00000
AED 616Action Research: The Reflective Practitioner00000
ART 586Grd Std II:Printmaking00000
AXD 322Figure Drawing: Concepts, Methods, and Themes00000