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UMass Boston Course Reviews

University of Massachusetts Boston

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CONRES 635Research Methods in Dispute Resolution00000
CS 446Introduction to Internetworking00000
ART 375Contemporary Art: c. 1989-Present00000
BUSADM 721Quantitative Financial Analysis II00000
ASIAN 227GGender & Sexuality in South Asia00000
ARABIC 378Independent Study00000
CRCRTH 615Holistic & Transformative Teaching00000
ANTH 278LIntroduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies00000
ASAMST 238LAsian American Psychology00000
ANTH 367Social and Cultural Perspectives on Witchcraft and Sorcery00000
BIOL 664Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists00000
BIOCHM 384Biochemistry II00000
APLING 690Field Experience00000
BUSADM 775Professional Development Workshop - Doctoral Teaching00000
ANTH 107Intro To Archaeology00000
COUNSL 617Child and Adolescent Counseling00000
ART 258The Arts of China00000
CS 105An Introduction to Computer Concepts00000
AFRSTY 350LRace, Class, and Gender: Issues in US Diversity00000
CS 681Object-Oriented Software Development00000
ANTH 346Culture, Globalization, And The Environment00000
ASAMST 478Independent Study I00000
AMST 211U.S. Society and Culture, 1860-194000000
ASIAN 363LModern Japan00000
ANTH 625Graduate Seminar in Historical Archaeology00000
BIOL 354The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases00000
BIOL 111General Biology I00000
APLING 629The Structure of the English Language00000
BIOL 698Projects in Biology00000
AMST 499Honors II00000
BUSADM 741Information Systems Theory II: Organizational And Economic P...00000
APLING 708Corpus Linguistics00000
CAPS 131Business of Sports00000
AFRSTY 210The Making of the African Diaspora00000
CONRES 699Master's Thesis in Conflict Resolution00000
ART 210Special Topics00000
COUNSL 661Career Development Facilitation and Training00000
ANTH 232The Viking World00000
CRCRTH 688Reflective Practice00000
ART 295Introduction To Video00000
CS 285LSocial Issues and Ethics in Computing00000
AF 410Advanced Accounting00000
CS 624Analysis of Algorithms00000
ART 488Special Problems: Field Work00000
CS 720Logical Foundations of Computer Science00000
AMST 100American Identities00000
ASAMST 375LIndian Cinema00000
ANTH 364Anthropology of Adolescence: Biocultural Interactions00000
ASIAN 115LSurvey of South Asia00000
AF 450Federal Taxation I00000
ASIAN 357LWomen in South Asian Religions: Gender Ideology and Practice...00000
ANTH 477LLOP Research Seminar00000
BC 290Professional Written Communication & Critical Analysis00000
AMST 235The Social History of Popular Music00000
BIOCHM 492Directed Research in Biochemistry II00000
ANTH 655Historical Landscapes and Geographic Information Systems00000
BIOL 347Animal Behavior Laboratory00000
BIOL 321Plant Physiology00000
APLING 614Foundations of Bilingual/Multicultural Education00000
BIOL 642Biogeography00000
AMST 440LUnited States in a Global Context00000
BIOL 677Advanced Eukaryotic Genetics00000
APLING 669Writing Theories in Second Language Instruction00000
BUSADM 710Accounting for Finance I00000
AFRSTY 110African-American History I00000
BUSADM 732Seminar in Corporate Finance00000
APLING 700Issues in Applied Linguistics00000
BUSADM 751Contemporary Organization Theory00000
AMST 606Studies in Popular Culture & Technology00000
BUSADM 797Special Topics00000
ARABIC 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
COMM 479Research Practicum00000
AF 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
CONRES 692Internship00000
ART 104LIntroduction to East Asian Art00000
COUNSL 608Psychopathology and Diagnosis00000
ANTH 211Human Origins00000
COUNSL 632Collaborative Consultation in Schools00000
ART 230Architecture, Design, and Society00000
COUNSL 698Internship00000
AFRSTY 292GAfrican Caribbean Literature00000
CRCRTH 640Environment, Science, and Society: Critical Thinking00000
ART 286Materials, Processes, and Ideas: Introduction to Contemporar...00000
CRSCAD 621LHuman Dignity, Human Rights, And Sustainable Post-Disaster R...00000
ANTH 264Shamanisms: Anthropological Perspectives00000
CS 188SLScience Gateway Seminar II00000
ART 317Nineteenth-Century Art in Europe and the United States00000
CS 420An Introduction to the Theory of Computation00000
ABA 698Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Populations Practicum00000
CS 470An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
ART 393WPhotography Workshop00000
CS 651Compiler00000
ANTH 316Nutrition, Growth and Behavior00000
ASAMST 110GGlobal Diasporas: Roots And Routes00000
ABA 654Research Methods00000
ADMG 655Advanced Seminar in Supervision00000
AF 480Accounting Internship00000
AMST 350LRace, Class, and Gender: Issues in US Diversity00000
ANTH 699Thesis Research Projects in Historical Archaeology00000
BIOL 337Comparative Animal Physiology00000