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UMass Course Reviews

University of Massachusetts Amherst

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYSICS 131Intro Physics I3.5242.52
ECON 103Introduction to Microeconomics4.54.5442
HONORS 201HIdeas That Change the World4243.52
JOURNAL 300Newswriting and Reporting53551
COMPSCI 383Artificial Intelligence54451
BDIC 396PProposal Writing14211
CHEM 111Gen Chem-Sci42441
JOURNAL 352Public Relations Research and Analytics43451
BIOLOGY 151Introductory Biology I11111
ARABIC 226Intermediate Arabic I00000
ANIMLSCI 455VLab Animal Medicine and Management I00000
ARCH 501Graduate Design Studio II00000
ANTHRO 697PSST-Anthropology of Post Socialism00000
ANIMLSCI 396TP- Intermediate Teaching in Animal Science00000
ARCH 296ISHHonors Independent Study in ARCH00000
AFROAM 591BSeminar- Black Radical Thought00000
ARCH 597WASpecial Topics- Wood In Architecture and Design00000
ANIMLSCI 494PIProblem-Based Learning in Advanced Animal Health and Managem...00000
ART 142Foundation Studio 200000
ART 297DDSpecial Topics- Digital Design00000
AFROAM 250African American Short Stories00000
AFROAM 693TTeaching Assistant Mentoring Seminar00000
ANTHRO 216Anatomy of the Human Body00000
ART 396YIndependent Study00000
ART 496BIndstu-Printmaking00000
AFROAM 899Ph D Dissertation00000
ANTHRO 310Cultural Diversity in Northeast North America00000
ANTHRO 696Independent Study00000
ANIMLSCI 372Animal Diseases00000
ANTHRO 897ASpecial Topics- Advanced Research in Anthropology00000
AFROAM 397RSeminar- Black Theater00000
ARABIC 398Practicum00000
ANIMLSCI 415Clinical Nursing00000
ARCH 404Design VI00000
AFROAM 156Rev Concepts in African-American Music00000
ARCH 597ZSpecial Topics- The Matter of Building00000
ANIMLSCI 475Veterinary Pathology00000
ARCH 698PPracticum- Historic Preservation00000
AFROAM 652Lit. of Harlem Renaissance00000
ART 241Intaglio I - Printmaking00000
ANTHRO 104HCulture, Society and People00000
ART 384Computer Animation II00000
AEROSPAC 196ISHHonors Independent Study00000
ART 481Advanced Ceramics00000
ANTHRO 296ISHHonors Independent Study in Anthropology00000
ART 498Practicum00000
AFROAM 293CSeminar- Race, Sexuality, and the Law in Early America00000
ANTHRO 340Other Economies are Possible!00000
ANIMLSCI 115Large Animal Clinical Nursing00000
ANTHRO 345Urban Anthropology00000
ANTHRO 372Human Biological Variation00000
AEROSPAC 396ISHHonors Independent Study00000
AFROAM 297VSpecial Topics- African American Television Studies00000
ANIMLSCI 200Animal Cell & Molecular Biology00000
ANTHRO 394EIEvolutionary Medicine00000
ANTHRO 397REST-Anthropology of Race & Education00000
ANIMLSCI 234Poultry Management I00000
ANTHRO 397PRSpecial Topics- Primate Conservation00000
ANTHRO 643Thry&Meth Phys Anth00000
ANIMLSCI 311Genetics00000
ANTHRO 697AEST-Economic Anthropology: Marx, Malinowski, Mauss00000
AFROAM 395FS-Peer Leadership Development00000
ANTHRO 796Independent Study00000
ANIMLSCI 390TCanine Tumor Project00000
ARABIC 146Elementary Arabic II00000
AFROAM 101Introduction to Black Studies00000
ARABIC 301Four-Skilled Third-Year Arabic I00000
ANIMLSCI 397KSpecial Topics- Vet Micro Essential Skills00000
ARABIC 499PHonors Project00000
AFROAM 496Independent Study00000
ARCH 400Design III00000
ANIMLSCI 432Advanced Animal Nutrition00000
ARCH 498EPracticum- Design II00000
ACCOUNTG 499PHonors Project00000
ARCH 550Tectonics I00000
ANIMLSCI 465LVeterinary Diagnostic Imaging Lab00000
ARCH 597VTHistory & Theory of Desing/Build00000
AFROAM 597AST-Afro-Caribbean Studies00000
ARCH 653Tectonics III00000
ANIMLSCI 491MBiotech Research -Animal Models III00000
ARCH 796DIndependent Study-Design00000
AFROAM 197BST-Taste of Honey: Black Film Since the 1950's, Part 200000
ART 230Image Capturing00000
ANIMLSCI 496TP- Advanced Teaching in Animal Science00000
ART 274Animation Fundamentals00000
AFROAM 691DSeminar- Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement00000
ART 347Digital Media: Silkscreen00000
ANTHRO 196Independent Study00000
ART 396DInd Stu-Ceramics00000
ACCOUNTG 396ISHHonors Independent Study in Accounting00000
ART 398PP- Portfolio Practicum00000
ANTHRO 269North American Archaeology00000
ART 496Independent Study00000
AFROAM 696Independent Study00000
ANTHRO 397CSSpecial Topics- Case Studies in Global Health00000
AFROAM 344Black Speculative Fiction00000
ANIMLSCI 260Animal Care & Welfare00000
ANTHRO 494BIGlobal Bodies00000
ANTHRO 497CRSpecial Topics- Comics, Cartoons and Communicating Anthropol...00000
ANIMLSCI 296ISHHonors Independent Study in ANIMLSCI00000