UMaine Machias Course Reviews

University of Maine at Machias

MAT 126Calculus I00000
PSY 107Dog Sports & Service Dog Training00000
EDU 490Student Teaching00000
MAN 302Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship00000
ENG 329Professional Editing00000
COE 301Cooperative Education for RTM Majors00000
MUS 224Digital Audio Production00000
BIO 327Invertebrate Zoology00000
ENG 120Apocalyptic Literature00000
BIO 402Senior Thesis in Biology00000
HTY 115World History to 150000000
ENV 224Scientific Writing & Presentation00000
CHY 226Undergraduate Research in Chemistry00000
MAR 218Advertising00000
BIO 229Plant Systematics00000
MHR 351Substance Use & Dual Diagnosis Counseling00000
EDU 217Working with Culturally Diverse Students00000
PHI 102Applied Ethics00000
ART 318Printmaking II00000
PSY 219Special Topics in Applied Psychology00000
BIO 353Genetics00000
ENG 233Techniques of Creative Non-Fiction00000
BEH 450Senior Project00000
ENV 103Oceanography00000
BIO 410Senior Seminar in Biology00000
GIS 400Geographic Information Systems II00000
FIA 213Sophomore Seminar00000
CHY 101General Chemistry I00000
HTY 330A Sense of Place00000
BIO 211Field and Laboratory Techniques in Biology00000
MAN 325Finance00000
CMY 110Downeast Documentary00000
MAT 111MCollege Algebra (with and without workshop)00000
ART 235Museum Management I00000
MHR 216Vocational Aspects of Disability & Psychiatric Rehabilitatio...00000
DAN 119Special Topics in Dance00000
MUS 115Intro to Music: Listening00000
BIO 245General Ecology00000
PHE 103Open Water I SCUBA00000
EDU 334Integrated Reading & Language Arts Methods00000
PHY 122Physics for Engineers & Scientists II00000
ART 111Art History I00000
PSY 214Psychology of Prejudice00000
ENG 103College Writing00000
PSY 222Psychology Professions & Ethics00000
ART 321Drawing III00000
ENG 210Introduction to Creative Writing00000
BIO 360SL: Marine Ecology00000
ENG 302Studies in Novel00000
ART 202Art History II00000
ENG 442Senior Project00000
BIO 405Senior Thesis in Biological Research00000
ENV 114Environmental Studies: Issues & Actions00000
BIO 110Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ENV 326Undergraduate Research in Environmental Studies00000
BUS 212Business Communications00000
GIS 230Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications I00000
FRE 101Elementary French I00000
BUS 325Business Ethics & Social Responsbilty00000
GIS 426Community Applications in Geographic Information Systems00000
BIO 136Introduction to Aquaculture00000
HTY 307American Economic History00000
CHY 221Organic Chemistry I00000
IND 301Independent Study and/or Research00000
ART 219Photography00000
MAN 318Human Behavior in Organizations00000
CISA 150Introduction to Data Science00000
MAN 406Entrepreneurship00000
BIO 221General Microbiology00000
MAT 105Contemporary Mathematics00000
CMY 313Crossing Borders00000
MAT 122Precalculus00000
ART 1012-D Fundamentals of Art00000
MEPA 100Introduction to Engineering00000
CSE 115Business Spreadsheet Applications00000
MHR 310Counseling Diverse Populations00000
BIO 235Introduction to Fisheries & Wildlife Management00000
MUS 103Applied Music: Private Lessons00000
ECO 223Environmental Economics00000
MUS 211Topics in Music00000
ART 310Drawing II00000
PHE 101APhysical Education Activity00000
EDU 327Content Area Literacy Methods00000
PHE 201APhysical Education Activity00000
BIO 310Special Topics in Mariculture00000
PHY 112Physics II00000
EDU 344Elementary Math Methods00000
PSY 101Animal Behavior & Selection of Service Dogs Lab00000
ANT 101Cultural Anthropology00000
PSY 204Psychology of Music00000
ELA 113Natural Environments00000
PSY 216Vocational Aspects of Disability & Psychiatric Rehabilitatio...00000
BIO 334Cell Biology00000
ENG 114Topics in World Literature00000
ACC 201Financial Accounting00000
ANT 215Special Topics in Applied Anthropology00000
ART 214Special Topics in Art00000
BIO 118Animal Life00000
BUS 320Internship & Seminar00000
GIS 101Geospatial Careers00000