UMaine Course Reviews

University of Maine

POS 201Introduction to Political Theory21311
ART 498Directed Study in Studio Art00000
BIO 391Undergraduate Independent Study in Biology00000
BMB 241Microbiology for the Professional Nurse Laboratory00000
BIO 200Biology of Organisms00000
ART 1203-D Design00000
BIO 512Advanced Seminar in Biology00000
ANT 522Geographic Information Systems II00000
ARH 155Art and Visual Culture in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds00000
AST 598Special Topics in Theoretical or Experimental Astrophysics00000
AVS 393Training the Standardbred Horse00000
BEN 493Biomedical Engineering Seminar00000
ARH 496Field Experience in Art History00000
BIO 331Vertebrate Biology Laboratory00000
ANT 476The Ancient Maya00000
BIO 455Biological Invasions00000
ART 340Printmaking II00000
BIS 468Electronic Business00000
ANT 225Climate Change, Societies and Cultures00000
BMB 421Infectious Disease Laboratory00000
ANT 566Economic Anthropology00000
AVS 347Dairy Cattle Technology Laboratory00000
ANT 270Environmental Justice Movements in the United States00000
ARH 258Baroque Art and Architecture00000
AVS 402Capstone in Animal Science II00000
AVS 454DNA Sequencing Analysis Lab00000
BEN 403Instrumentation in Biomedical Engineering00000
ARH 452Critical Methods in History of Art00000
BEN 502Advanced Materials in Bio-inspired Engineering00000
ANT 448Ethnography Through Film00000
BIO 310Plant Biology00000
ARH 692Baroque Research Seminar00000
BIO 354Animal Behavior00000
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology: Human Origins and Prehistory00000
BIO 432Biology of the Fungi00000
ART 230Painting I00000
BIO 476Paleoecology00000
ANT 494Method and Theory in Archaeology00000
BIO 583Cell Biology Laboratory00000
ART 420Sculpture III00000
BMB 208Elementary Physiological Chemistry00000
AED 270Introduction to Visual Culture and Learning00000
BMB 323Biochemistry Laboratory00000
AST 109Introduction to Astronomy00000
BMB 441Immunology Laboratory00000
ANT 250Conservation Anthropology: The Socio-Cultural Dimension of E...00000
AVS 303Equine Management Cooperative00000
ANT 598Independent Study00000
AVS 368Independent Study in the Animal Sciences00000
AED 373Introduction to Curriculum00000
AVS 397Equine Internship00000
ARH 253Northern European Medieval Art and Architecture00000
AVS 411Advanced Aquaculture00000
ANT 317Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
ARH 263Late Modern Art: From Abstract Expressionism Through New For...00000
AVS 480Physiology of Reproduction00000
AVS 577Zoonoses and Animal Health00000
BEN 396Research Experience in Biomedical Engineering00000
ARH 397Independent Study in Art History00000
BEN 478Biomedical Engineering Design I00000
ANT 426Native American Folklore00000
BEN 497Independent Study00000
ARH 493Medieval Research Seminar00000
BEN 580Computational Methods in Biomedical Engineering00000
AED 574Topics in Art Education00000
BIO 208Anatomy and Physiology00000
ARH 499Capstone Experience in History of Art00000
BIO 326General Entomology00000
ANT 460Research Design & Methods00000
BIO 342Plants in Our World00000
ARP 100Academic Recovery Seminar00000
BIO 378Medical Physiology Laboratory00000
ACC 490Special Topics in Accounting00000
BIO 405Medical Laboratory Methods of Infectious Disease00000
ART 200Drawing II00000
BIO 450Histology00000
ANT 490Topics in Anthropology00000
BIO 468Lake Ecology00000
ART 250Graphic Design I00000
BIO 505Professionalism in Biology00000
ANT 212The Anthropology of Food00000
BIO 574Neurophysiology00000
ART 370Digital Art II00000
BIS 267Database Management00000
ANT 510Climate, Culture and the Biosphere00000
BMB 150Phage Genome Discovery I00000
ART 460Topics in Studio Art00000
BMB 221Organic Chemistry00000
ACC 310Auditing00000
BMB 300General Microbiology00000
ART 598Directed Study in Studio Art00000
BMB 402Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
ANT 553Governance of the Commons and Global Change.00000
BEN 111Introduction to Biomedical Engineering I00000
AST 227Stars and Galaxies00000
ACC 202Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 400Introduction to Accounting00000
AED 496Field Experience in Art Education00000
ANT 372North American Prehistory00000
ARH 270Topical Survey in History of Art00000