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UMaine Course Reviews

University of Maine

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHY 252Organic Chemistry II43451
CIE 210Sustainability in Engineering11321
POS 201Introduction to Political Theory21311
NAS 201Topics in Native American Studies00000
MUP 610Vocal Performance00000
FSN 104Science of Food Preparation Lab00000
CSD 683Seminar in Clinical Procedures I00000
NUR 415Socio-Cultural Issues in Health and Health Care00000
FSN 575Sensory Evaluation Laboratory00000
PAX 451Mediation: Its Premises, Practices and Policies00000
GER 101Elementary German I00000
MUO 511Opera Workshop00000
FAS 240French Exploration and Settlement of Maine, 1604-176000000
MUS 510Special Topics in Music00000
CRJ 308Problems of Violence and Terrorism00000
NMD 499New Media Capstone II00000
FSN 482Food Chemistry00000
NUR 520Family Nurse Practitioner Management of Neonate to Adolescen...00000
CIE 557Measurement Techniques in Water Resources00000
PHI 240Social and Political Philosophy00000
DAN 102Beginner Ballet I00000
CIE 699Graduate Thesis / Research00000
KPE 490Nutrition for Sports and Exercise00000
EAD 531School Law for Administrators00000
LAT 101Elementary Latin I00000
LDR 390Contemporary Leadership and the Art of Political Strategy00000
MUO 149Chamber Music00000
ECE 314Signals and Systems00000
MUP 340Basic Conducting00000
CMJ 261Photographic Reporting and Storytelling00000
MUS 210Applied Music Lessons00000
FRE 490Advanced Topics in French00000
MUY 212Advanced Harmony II00000
CIE 534Environmental Microbiology00000
NAV 102Naval Ships Systems I (Engineering)00000
FSN 330Introduction to Food Science00000
NUR 303Pathophysiology00000
CSD 581Articulation and Phonology Disorders00000
NUR 495Independent Study in Nursing00000
FSN 528Food Microbiology00000
NUR 695Topics in Nursing00000
CIE 412Engineering Decisions00000
PHI 105Introduction to Religious Studies00000
FYS 100First Year Seminar00000
PHI 287Religions and Philosophies of the East: Buddhism00000
CIE 598Selected Studies in Civil Engineering00000
KPE 365Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Physical Education00000
DIG 540Digital Collections and Exhibitions00000
LAS 104Career, Character, and Happiness00000
CIE 428Pavement Analysis and Design00000
LDR 200Leadership Ethics00000
EAD 630School Finance and Business Management00000
CLA 400Hero: Myth and Meaning00000
MAT 101The Nature and Language of Mathematics00000
EAD 656Social and Ethical Foundations of Educational Leadership00000
MAT 116Introduction to Calculus00000
MSL 105Leadership and Physical Fitness00000
MUO 113Pep Band00000
ECE 209Fundamentals of Electric Circuits00000
MUO 504Collegiate Chorale00000
CMJ 119Humor and Diversity in the U. S.00000
MUP 206Piano Class II00000
ECO 420Intermediate Microeconomic Theory with Calculus00000
MUP 402Perform-Secondary Instrument II00000
CIE 460Geotechnical Engineering00000
MUS 100Recital Laboratory00000
FRE 40719th Century French Literature00000
MUS 316Piano Literature I00000
COS 570Topics in Artificial Intelligence00000
MUY 111Elementary Harmony I00000
FRE 510Seminar in the Theatre00000
MUY 411Jazz Piano00000
CIE 351Hydraulics Laboratory00000
NAS 401Advanced Topics in Native American Studies00000
FSN 238Applied Food Microbiology and Sanitation00000
NAV 310Evolution of Warfare00000
CSD 482Neuroscience for Communication Disorders00000
NUR 201Care of Adults I Clinical00000
FSN 412Medical Nutrition Therapy I00000
NUR 335Care of Adults III Clinical00000
CIE 547Prestressed Concrete Structures00000
NUR 452Community and Population Health00000
FSN 502Food Preservation00000
NUR 507Advanced Pathophysiology00000
CSD 588Audiologic Rehabilitation00000
NUR 531Advanced Health Appraisal and Physical Assessment (Lab)00000
FSN 543Communication in Nutrition and Food Technology00000
PAX 250Peace and Pop Culture00000
CHY 699Graduate Thesis / Research00000
PAX 598Independent Graduate Study00000
FSN 650Dietetic Internship Orientation and Applications I00000
PHI 221Classical Chinese Philosophy00000
CSD 688Neurocognitive Disorders in Adults00000
EAD 664Dissertation I00000
MUE 403Instrumental Laboratory00000
MUH 550Music Period Course00000
GEO 100World Geography00000
CHY 251Organic Chemistry I00000
CIE 225Transportation Engineering00000
CIE 440Structural Analysis I00000