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UMA Course Reviews

University of Maine at Augusta

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHY 494Independent Study in Chemistry00000
CIS 350Database Management00000
AVI 450Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance00000
BUA 376Advanced Taxation00000
BIO 311Ecology00000
AVI 120History of Aviation00000
CIS 241Routing and Switching Essentials00000
ART 203Art Photography Now00000
BIO 202Biological Basis of Behavior00000
ART 251Ceramics I: Introductory Hand-Building00000
BUA 276Taxation00000
BIO 435Applied Bioinformatics00000
ART 451Ceramics III: Advanced Clay Working00000
CHY 100Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
ARH 375Modern Art II00000
CIS 214Introduction to Java Programming00000
AVI 342ACommercial Pilot Flight Training Part A00000
CIS 315Software Quality Assurance00000
ARC 306Architectural Design: Steel Studio00000
CIS 450Data Mining00000
ART 219Sculpture I00000
BIO 280Intro to Human Disease00000
ARC 406Architecture Apprenticeship00000
BIO 340HIntegrated Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ART 321Painting II00000
BUA 223Principles of Management00000
BUA 100Introduction to Business00000
ART 420Senior Seminar00000
BUA 362Labor-Management Relations00000
ARH 105History of Art and Architecture I00000
BUA 448Auditing, Assurance, and Consulting Services00000
ASTO 1XXUMaine Astronomy00000
CHY 116General Chemistry II00000
ARC 241Architectural Research & Analysis00000
CIS 120Introduction to Data Structures00000
AVI 241Instrument Rating Ground Training00000
CIS 221Operating Systems: Linux00000
ART 1122-D Design00000
CIS 280Internship00000
AVI 380Human Factors in Aviation00000
CIS 340Scaling Networks00000
ANT 521GIS Applications I00000
CIS 380Internship00000
BIO 111General Biology II00000
CIS 470Project Management00000
ARC 332Construction Techniques00000
BIO 210Anatomy and Physiology00000
ART 229Metal Sculpture00000
BIO 304EBiology of Aging00000
ARC 110Introduction to Architectural Representation00000
BIO 321Microbiology00000
ART 302Electronic Arts II: Design for Sound, Video and Web00000
BIO 375Applied Bioinformatics00000
ARC 417Integrated Building Systems00000
BIO 494Independent Study in Biology00000
ART 335Photography II00000
BUA 216Consumer Lending00000
BUA 201Intermediate Financial Reporting I00000
ART 419HSculpture III00000
BUA 252Business Ethics00000
ARC 509Architectural Design: Thesis Foundations00000
BUA 301Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ART 430Senior Project00000
BUA 369Marketing00000
ARC 212Building A Human World00000
BUA 420International Business00000
ASL 101Introduction to American Sign Language I00000
BUA 459Seminar in Strategy and Policy Planning00000
ARH 206History of Photography II (1930 to Present)00000
CHY 111Chemistry for Life Sciences00000
AUD 294Independent Study in Audio Recording00000
CHY 212BOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
AME 430EEmbodied Social Justice: Racialized Trauma and Cultural Tran...00000
CIS 101Introduction to Computer Science00000
AVI 142Private Pilot Flight Training00000
CIS 150Introduction to Data Science00000
ARH 394Independent Study in Art History00000
CIS 218Introduction to SQL00000
AVI 320Aviation Law00000
CIS 231Java Script00000
ARC 262Building Information Modeling00000
CIS 246Linux Server Administration00000
AVI 343ACommercial Pilot Flight Training Course, Part 300000
CIS 303Management Information Systems00000
ART 1133-D Design00000
CIS 333Web Programming: PHP00000
AVI 420Homeland Security and Aviation00000
CIS 341Tcp/Ip00000
AME 304WGirls on Fire: Feminism, Activism, and the Future.00000
CIS 353Principles of Human Computer Interaction and User Design00000
BIO 103EConservation Biology00000
CIS 410Software Engineering00000
ART 209Silkscreen and Relief Printmaking00000
BIO 116Mammalian Anatomy & Physiology II00000
AME 205Religion and American Culture00000
AME 318Cultural Criticism and Theory: The Arts of Social Change00000
ARC 123Architectural Principles & Precedents00000
ARC 441Architectural Travel Experience00000
ART 402Electronic Arts III: Interactivity00000
BUA 210Fundamentals of Life and Health Insurance00000