UM Flint Course Reviews

University of Michigan-Flint

ART 398Internship in Art00000
BIO 504Biostatistics00000
ANT 271Native Americans00000
ART 337Relief Printmaking00000
ARH 332Art And Art History In The Community00000
ANE 630Applied Chemistry and Physics00000
BIO 423Wildlife Ecology & Management00000
AGE 352Chronic Illness and Aging00000
ARB 111Beginning Standard Arabic I00000
ANE 501Principles of Anesthesia I00000
ART 270Intro to Figure Modeling00000
ARH 519Connoisseurhip00000
ANE 580Pharmacology III00000
ART 366Mural Painting00000
AFA 313African-American Music00000
BIO 111Organismal Biology00000
ANE 752Advanced Pathophysiology II00000
BIO 467Molecular BIO of Procaryotes00000
ADM 512History Of North-American Art00000
BIO 545Regional Anatomy00000
AMC 503The American Character00000
ARH 303History of Ancient Egyptian Art00000
ADM 599Executive Administration00000
ARH 419Connoisseurship00000
ANE 517Principles of Anesthesia III00000
ART 232Introduction to Typography00000
ART 105Introduction to Art Therapy00000
ANE 542Endocrine Physiology00000
ART 316Advanced Black and White Photography00000
AFA 220Black Intellectual Thought00000
ART 351Choreography I: Composition00000
ANE 592Clinical Practicum IV00000
ART 383Hand-Building in Ceramics00000
ACC 580Advanced Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting and Financial...00000
ASL 112American Sign Language II00000
ANE 701Scholarly Project Development00000
BIO 326Cell Biology00000
AFA 435Black America Since the Civil War00000
BIO 446Animal Behavior00000
ANE 803Scholarly Project III00000
BIO 491Independent Study00000
ACC 521Accounting for Managers00000
BIO 527Forest Vegetation Identification00000
ANT 325Culture, Personality, and Beyond00000
BIO 553Evolution and Adaptation00000
ADM 523History of Collection and Exhibition Practices.00000
ARH 110Science and the Visual Arts Across the Ages00000
AMC 592Research/Creative Project00000
ARH 317History of Baroque Art00000
ACC 535Financial Reporting Special Topics00000
ARH 401Theory, History and Criticism of Ways of Seeing00000
ANE 512Advanced Pharmacology00000
ARH 501Theory, History and Criticism of Ways of Seeing00000
ADM 601Thesis00000
ARH 523History of Collection and Exhibition Practices.00000
ANE 525Regional Anesthesia00000
ART 202Video Design00000
ART 126Introduction to Digital Media00000
ANE 540Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ART 252Design I: Type and Image Design00000
AFA 208Multicultural Drama00000
ART 302Photograph Lighting Techniques00000
ANE 550Applied Chemistry & Physics00000
ART 330Typography II00000
ACC 565Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Systems and Control.00000
ART 342Design III: Spatial and Temporal Design00000
ANE 585Thesis Development I00000
ART 359Figure Drawing00000
AFA 242Comtemporary Black Theatre in America00000
ART 379Community Design Studio00000
ANE 605Health Policy for Nurse Anesthesia Practice00000
ART 392Portfolio Development00000
ACC 424Auditing00000
ART 406Branding Design00000
ANE 677Financial Management in Nurse Anesthesia Practice00000
BAS 301Integrated Learning for the Arts and Sciences00000
AFA 336Africa in Modern Times, 1800 to Present00000
BIO 168Human Anatomy/Physiology II00000
ANE 720Ethical Issues in Nurse Anesth00000
BIO 405Microbiology Lecture00000
ADM 501Arts Administration00000
BIO 433Premedical Gross Anatomy00000
ANE 795Clinical Practicum V00000
BIO 455Biology, Ecology, and Management of Fishes00000
AGE 320Death, Dying And Bereavement00000
BIO 483Sp Topics: Forest Vegetation00000
ANT 106Human Osteology and Analysis00000
BIO 496Honors Thesis II00000
ACC 322Intermed Acctg II (Corp Accts)00000
BIO 511Regional Human Anatomy00000
ANT 301Social Theory00000
BIO 539Clinical Mycology00000
AGE 552Chronic Illness and Aging00000
ANT 335Language Variation In Society00000
ACC 202Prin of Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 420Federal Income Taxation00000
ACC 550Individual Federal Income Taxation.00000
AFA 204Dance in World Cultures00000
ANE 533Regional Anatomy/Anesthetists00000
ART 141Two-Dimensional Design00000