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UM Flint Course Reviews

University of Michigan-Flint

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 392Portfolio Development00000
BIO 495Honors Thesis I00000
ANT 352Gifts, Goods, and Graft: The Anthropology of Value and Excha...00000
ART 338Intaglio Printmaking00000
ARH 316History of Gothic Art00000
ANE 705Crisis Resource Management00000
BIO 328Genetics00000
AGE 347Psychology Of Aging00000
ANT 576Sex, Work, & Intenatl Capital00000
ANE 500Professional Components00000
ART 271Introduction To Theatre Design00000
ARH 501Theory, History and Criticism of Ways of Seeing00000
ANE 601Administrative Organization and Behavior for Nurse Anestheti...00000
ART 366Mural Painting00000
AFA 250African Cultures00000
AUE 300Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering00000
ANT 110Intro To Archaeology00000
BIO 450Parasitology00000
ADM 510Fundraising and Planned Giving00000
BIO 542Endocrine Physiology00000
AGE 579Wellness in the Face of Loss00000
ARH 112History of Renaissance to Modern Art00000
ADM 579Advanced Museum and Gallery Management00000
ARH 407Special Topics in Modern Art00000
ANE 525Regional Anesthesia00000
ART 214Color Photography00000
ART 103Introduction to the Art of Calligraphy00000
ANE 583Seminar00000
ART 316Advanced Black and White Photography00000
AFA 208Multicultural Drama00000
ART 353Portraiture In Painting Or Drawing00000
ANE 643Pharmacology III00000
ART 379Community Design Studio00000
ACC 580Advanced Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting and Financial...00000
ART 404Studio Photography I00000
ANE 793Clinical Practicum III00000
BIO 135Microbiology Basics00000
AFA 351US Foreign Policies Twds Afr00000
BIO 427Forest Vegetation Identification00000
ANT 311Historical Archaeology00000
BIO 468Molecular Biology of Eucaryote00000
ACC 426Data Analytics for Accounting00000
BIO 521Mammalogy00000
ANT 499Senior Seminar00000
BIO 547Biomechanics/Exercise & Sports00000
ADM 517Stage Craft Basics, Terminology and Management00000
ARB 205Reading Arabic00000
AMC 590Directed Study00000
ARH 303History of Ancient Egyptian Art00000
ACC 530Intermediate Financial Reporting00000
ARH 321History Of Nineteenth-Century European And British Art00000
ANE 512Advanced Pharmacology00000
ARH 419Connoisseurship00000
ADM 599Executive Administration00000
ARH 521Introduction to Curatorial and Exhibition Practices.00000
ANE 540Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ART 160Theories and Methods of Design00000
ART 122Introduction to Printmaking00000
ANE 560Introduction to Research00000
ART 252Design I: Type and Image Design00000
AFA 204Dance in World Cultures00000
ART 302Photograph Lighting Techniques00000
ANE 591Clinical Practicum III00000
ART 335Web Design00000
ACC 565Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Systems and Control.00000
ART 344Lithographic Printmaking00000
ANE 622Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ART 359Figure Drawing00000
AFA 230Survey of African History to 180000000
ART 371Sculpture and Furniture00000
ANE 700Introduction to Research00000
ART 384Introduction to the Wheel and Throwing in Ceramics00000
ACC 423Fundamentals of Gov/Fund Acct00000
ART 396Adv Studio Prob-3 Dimensional00000
ANE 730Evid-Based Prac Of Nurse Anest00000
ASL 111American Sign Language I00000
AFA 318Women Writers of Afrcn Wrld00000
BIO 103Biology for Non-Scientists00000
ANE 802Scholarly Project II00000
BIO 307Topics in Human Anatomy00000
ADM 501Arts Administration00000
BIO 408Comparative Anatomy00000
ANT 290Language And Culture00000
BIO 444Neuroscience00000
AFA 534History of Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the United States00000
BIO 456Herpetology00000
ANT 325Culture, Personality, and Beyond00000
BIO 490Co-Op Experience00000
ACC 322Intermed Acctg II (Corp Accts)00000
BIO 505Scientific Methodology00000
ANT 385Japanese Society & Culture I00000
BIO 532Mammalian Physiology00000
AGE 379Wellness in the Face of Loss00000
ANT 552Gifts, Goods, and Graft: The Anthroplogy of Value and Exchan...00000
ACC 201Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACC 399Directed Research in Accounting00000
ACC 550Individual Federal Income Taxation.00000
ADM 603Executive Seminar in Arts Administration00000
ANE 545Advanced Pathophysiology I00000
ART 141Two-Dimensional Design00000