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UM Course Reviews

University of Miami

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 505Advanced Painting VII00000
ATM 409Cloud Physics, Radiation, and Remote Sensing00000
ARC 528Historic Preservation00000
ART 291Graphic Design I00000
ARC 613Advanced Visual Representation00000
ARB 658Advanced ARB for Graduate Heritage Learners00000
ART 671Graduate Sculpture I00000
AMS 401Seminar in American Studies00000
ARC 583Special Problems00000
APY 360Anthropology of Food00000
ART 103Two-Dimensional Design00000
ARC 701Masters Final Project00000
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 391Graphic Design II00000
AIS 402National Security, Leadership Responsibilities and Commissio...00000
ART 631Graduate Digital Photography II00000
ARC 294Introduction to the Development of Architecture00000
ART 820Research in Residence00000
ACC 650Accounting Internship00000
ATM 636Hurricanes00000
APY 205Medicine and Health Care in Society00000
ARC 602Urban Design Studio II00000
ACC 672Advanced Financial Analysis00000
ARC 680Professional Advancement, Internship + Research (PAIR)00000
APY 416Bioarchaeology-Peopling the past00000
ARH 550Seminar in Methodology and Theory in the History of Art00000
ARH 320Aesthetics and Meaning in African Art and Cultures00000
APY 612Advanced Medical Anthropology00000
ART 252Introduction to Lithography00000
ACC 824Topics in Empirical Accounting Research II00000
ART 317Intermediate Sculpture I00000
ARB 394Arabic Internship00000
ART 452Lithography III00000
ACC 626Litigation and Advisory Services00000
ART 555Topics in Printmaking00000
ARC 203Architecture Design III00000
ART 646Advanced Painting VIII00000
AMS 327Topics in American Studies: Film00000
ART 684Contemporary Ceramics Art III00000
ARC 501Architecture Design And Theory I00000
ATM 305Atmospheric Thermodynamics00000
ACC 496Directed Studies in Accounting00000
ATM 553Climate Change00000
ARC 55518th and 19th Century American Architecture and Architects00000
ATM 653Climate Change00000
ACC 665Health Care Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
ARC 592Cinema and Architecture00000
APY 310Primate Behavior and Adaptation00000
ARC 609Architecture Design00000
ACC 599Directed Readings00000
ARC 621Housing, Infrastructure and Transportation00000
APY 397Violence and Ritual00000
ARC 690History of Cities00000
ACC 682Intermediate Accounting00000
ARH 207History of Photography00000
APY 484Anthropological Theory00000
ARH 420Cuban Art, Art History, and the Creation of the Modern Cuban...00000
ARH 340Baroque Art00000
APY 605Museum Internship00000
ARH 611Artlab @ the Lowe00000
ACC 690Fraud and Forensic Accounting: Ethics and Legal Environment00000
ART 202Introduction to Painting00000
APY 696Advanced & Graduate Colloquy in Black Feminist Theory and Pr...00000
ART 254Computer Applications for Printmaking00000
ACC 610Financial Reporting Research00000
ART 305Intermediate Figure Drawing00000
ARB 204Arabic 204: Advanced Arabic II00000
ART 361Hand-Built Ceramics II00000
AIS 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
ART 410Advanced Digital Photography I00000
ARB 651Intermediate ARB I for Graduate Research00000
ART 493Illustration00000
ACC 315Accounting for Health Care Organizations.00000
ART 517Advanced Sculpture III00000
ARC 121Architecture and Culture00000
ART 593Seminar in Professional Practices00000
AMS 322Topics in American Studies: Literature00000
ART 642Graduate Painting II00000
ARC 231Building Technology: Structural Systems00000
ART 655Topics in Printmaking00000
ACC 639Income Taxation and Business Entitles00000
ART 675Graduate Sculpture V00000
ARC 363Environmental Building Systems II00000
ART 689Directed Research and Projects in Ceramics/Glass00000
AMS 333Topics in American Studies: Environmental Studies00000
ATM 243Weather Forecasting00000
ARC 517Construction Documents00000
ATM 405Atmospheric Dynamics I00000
AAS 490Senior Seminar in Africana Studies00000
ATM 536Hurricanes00000
ARC 544Architecture of Palladio00000
ATM 611Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I00000
APY 109Anthropology of Religion00000
ARC 579An Introduction to Resilient Building and Community Design00000
AAS 150Introduction to Africana Studies00000
ACC 222Accelerated Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 603Studies in Financial Reporting Issues00000
ACC 686Auditing00000
APY 505Museum Internship00000
ARH 346History of Graphic Design00000