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ULM Course Reviews

University of Louisiana Monroe

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 5041Communication & Gender00000
CSCI 2000Intro to Computer Programming00000
BUSN 3001International Business00000
COMM 3030Persuasion00000
CHEM 4098Research: Physical00000
BIOL 5013Physiological Ecology00000
CONS 4005Construction Scheduling00000
ATMS 3015Physical Meteorology00000
CHEM 1010General Chemistry II Lab00000
AVIA 3081Uas Ground Comm Telemetry00000
CMST 5041Communication & Gender00000
CJUS 2030The Police00000
BIOL 3005Genetics00000
COMM 4033Electronic News Gathering00000
ATMS 1001Introduction to the Atmosphere00000
CONS 1041Construction Practices Lab00000
BMBA 5009Management Information Systems00000
COUN 5060Strat Of Life & Career Dev00000
ART 2007Beginning Ceramics00000
CSCI 4061Cooperative Education Exp00000
AVIA 1010Primary Ground Instruction00000
CHEM 3010Descriptive Inorganic Chem00000
ART 2081Sculpture00000
CINS 3044Information Security Mgt00000
BIOL 1009Lab Experience Life Sciences00000
CJUS 5040Counseling in Criminal Justice00000
CJUS 3015Victimology00000
BIOL 2023Bacteriophage: in Silico00000
COMM 2044Organizational Communication00000
ART 4029Contemporary00000
COMM 3080Animation00000
BIOL 4099Senior Biology Seminar00000
COMM 4091Directed Study00000
ART 2001Survey Of Art History I00000
COMM 5084Persuasion00000
BIOL 5094Avian Ecology00000
CONS 2027Mep Plan Reading Laboratory00000
ATMS 3000Computer Application In Atms00000
CONS 4046Digital Site Management Lab00000
BMBA 5023Gl Oper and Sply Chain00000
COUN 6060Intro To Marr/Couples/Fam Coun00000
AGRB 3050Entomology00000
CSCI 3020Object-Oriented Design & Prog00000
BUSN 5014Business Analytics00000
CURR 3004Middle/Secondary Methods II00000
ART 2058Block Printing00000
CHEM 2032Organic Chemistry II00000
AVIA 2080Intro Unman Aircraft Systems00000
CHEM 3023Physical Chemistry Lab II00000
AGRB 4030Plant Pathology00000
CINS 3002Intermd Business Programming00000
AVIA 4070Airport Administration00000
CINS 4035Information Systems Design00000
ART 4001Advanced Ceramics00000
CJUS 2093Criminal Law00000
BIOL 1016Fund Anat & Phys Lab I00000
CJUS 4099Sr Seminar Criminal Justice00000
CJUS 4005Theories Crime & Delinquency00000
BIOL 2014Introductory Microbiology00000
CJUS 5073Seminar In Crim Justice Admin00000
ART 4012Art Education00000
COMM 2009Evidentiary Speaking00000
BIOL 2040Human Anatomy00000
COMM 3000News Reporting And Writing00000
ART 1004Figure Drawing00000
COMM 3050Motion Graphics00000
BIOL 4078Ichthyology00000
COMM 4012Scriptwriting00000
ART 4071Advanced Painting00000
COMM 4060Public Relations Campaigns00000
BIOL 5006Research Methods Laboratory00000
COMM 5010Communication Theory00000
AGRB 3012Rural Real Estate Appraisal00000
COMM 5060Public Relations Practices00000
BIOL 5036Systematic Biology00000
CONS 1003Construction Graphics00000
ATMS 1004Basic Meteorology Lab II00000
CONS 2012Construction Surveying Lab00000
BIOL 5099Thesis00000
CONS 3019Quantity Estimating Laboratory00000
ART 2004Wheel Throwing Ceramics00000
CONS 4008Construction Cost Estimating00000
BMBA 5020Financial Analysis00000
COUN 5011Adv Tech in Counseling00000
ATMS 3006Dynamic Meteorology II00000
COUN 5067Princ Adm Mental Health Prog00000
BMBA 5039Strategic Management00000
COUN 6068Play Therapy00000
AGRB 2001Introductory00000
CSCI 2073Data Structures00000
BUSN 5002Fund Bus Stat & Fin00000
CSCI 3026Adv Discrete Structures00000
ATMS 4004Mesoscale Meteorology00000
CHEM 1004Introductory Chemistry Lab II00000
ACCT 4031Advanced Income Tax00000
AGRB 3005Farm Business Records00000
ART 1001Basic Design00000
ART 4006Computer Art00000
BIOL 1022Principles of Biology II00000
CJUS 4019Internship in Criminal Justice00000