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Ul Lafayette Course Reviews

University of Louisiana Lafayette

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 201British Lit Medieval Pre-180012111
ENGL 202British Literature 1800-Pres00000
ENGL 206American Literature since 186500000
ENGL 216Honors: American Literature00000
ENGL 298WritingCenterTheory & Practice00000
ENGL 312Shakespeare00000
ENGL 325Creative Writing I: Fiction00000
ENGL 333Louisiana Literature00000
ENGL 342Modern Drama00000
ENGL 353Advanced English Grammar00000
ENGL 359Adv Writing in Soc. Sci.00000
ENGL 370French Love Stories00000
ENGL 403English Novel I00000
ENGL 414Milton00000
ENGL 425Semantics00000
ENGL 442Modern American Drama00000
ENGL 452Language, Culture and Society00000
ENGL 462Grant Writing00000
ENGL 466Modern Irish Lit & Culture00000
ENGL 474Document Design00000
ENGL 481Professional Design Studio II00000
ENGL 501Teaching of College English00000
ENGL 506Principles of Linguistics00000
ENGL 515Shakespeare and Ecocriticism00000
ENGL 54020th Century Studies00000
ENGL 555Modern Composition Theory00000
ENGL 563Second Language Acquisition00000
ENGL 593Professional Writing Practicum00000
ENGL 599Thesis Research and Thesis00000
ENGL 680Poetry Ecopoetics00000
ENGL 115Honors Academic Writing00000
ENGL 211Women Writers & Education00000
ENGL 290Intro to English Studies00000
ENGL 320Modern Fiction00000
ENGL 328Creative Writing: Non-Fiction00000
ENGL 350YA Literature & Media00000
ENGL 356Advanced Writing In Arts00000
ENGL 365Technical Writing00000
ENGL 375Film Studies: Terms & History00000
ENGL 402Survey of Old Engl Literature00000
ENGL 413Chaucer00000
ENGL 423Shakespeare: The Early Plays00000
ENGL 429American Renaissance00000
ENGL 440Folklore and Literature00000
ENGL 450Hist of Children's Literature00000
ENGL 459Lit Theory&Practical Criticism00000
ENGL 470Fairy Tales00000
ENGL 476Non-Fiction Workshop00000
ENGL 496Octavia Butler00000
ENGL 500Professional Colloquium00000
ENGL 505Medieval Studies00000
ENGL 513Studies in Chaucer00000
ENGL 531Folklore In Culture00000
ENGL 549Borderlands in Early Amer Lit00000
ENGL 556Seminar in Rhetoric00000
ENGL 562TESOL Phonetics00000
ENGL 585Literary Translation00000
ENGL 598Directed Individual Study00000
ENGL 101Introduction to Academic Writing00000
ENGL 212The Horror: Women & the Gothic00000
ENGL 275Film as Art & Entertainment00000
ENGL 304Vocabulary Development00000
ENGL 321Survey of World Literature I00000
ENGL 327Creative Writing: Drama00000
ENGL 341History of Drama00000
ENGL 355Advanced Writing for Teachers00000
ENGL 360Prof Writing in the Academy00000
ENGL 373Queer Lit, Media, & Culture00000
ENGL 381The Scripture as Literature00000
ENGL 409Fiction00000
ENGL 416The Sublime and the Beautiful00000
ENGL 424Shakespeare: The Later Plays00000
ENGL 432American Folklore00000
ENGL 445Lgbtq Lit & Culture00000
ENGL 457Classical Rhetoric00000
ENGL 464Rhetoricians of Color in US Hi00000
ENGL 473Professional Editing00000
ENGL 484Feminist Liter Criticism00000
ENGL 502Old Engl Grammar and Readings00000
ENGL 511Love&Betrayal; on Stage00000
ENGL 53019th Century Studies00000
ENGL 550Citizenship and Sovereignty00000
ENGL 558Publishing Feminist Research00000
ENGL 564TESOL Practicum00000
ENGL 581Creative Writing Pedagogy00000
ENGL 596Research Methods00000
ENGL 632Seminar in Folklore00000
ENGL 699Dissertation00000
ENGL 102Writing&Research about Culture00000
ENGL 205American Literature to 186500000
ENGL 215Honors: British Literature00000
ENGL 293Writing Center Tutoring00000
ENGL 305Information Age Rsch Skills00000
ENGL 322Survey Of World Literature II00000
ENGL 332Introduction to Folklore00000
ENGL 335Louisiana Folklore00000
ENGL 352English Grammar and Usage00000
ENGL 358Adv Writing In Humanities00000
ENGL 366Honors Technical Writing00000
ENGL 380Reading in Literature by Women00000
ENGL 408Nonfiction00000
ENGL 410Poetry00000
ENGL 417Surv of Medivl Engl Literature00000
ENGL 426Donne, Milton, And Behn00000
ENGL 430Confederate&CounterMonuments00000
ENGL 443Issues in Modern Poetry00000
ENGL 455Psycholinguistics00000
ENGL 460Children'sLit&FilmAdaptation00000
ENGL 467Mod Brit Lit and Cult00000
ENGL 475Rhetoric of Film00000
ENGL 490Senior Seminar00000
ENGL 498Special Projects II00000
ENGL 503Beowulf00000
ENGL 510Prob Drama: Shakespr & Contemp00000
ENGL 525The Marriage Plot00000
ENGL 533Studies in Ethnic Literature00000
ENGL 551Obscene Modernisms00000
ENGL 560Reception Matters00000
ENGL 570Sem in Chldrn's & YA Lit/Media00000
ENGL 582Fiction/Writer-in-Residence00000
ENGL 597Directed Individual Study00000
ENGL 675Theory of the Book00000
ENGL 899Examinations00000
ENGL 210Poetry00000
ENGL 223Intro to Creative Writing I00000
ENGL 301Intro to Literary Studies00000
ENGL 319Modern Poetry00000
ENGL 326Creative Writing II: Poetry00000
ENGL 334Folklore and Culture00000
ENGL 351Introduction to Linguistics00000
ENGL 357Adv. Writing in Business00000
ENGL 371Policing Blackness in Film00000
ENGL 405History of the Engl Language00000
ENGL 412Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama00000
ENGL 420Victorian Romance00000
ENGL 428The Victorian Era00000
ENGL 433Black Literature and Culture00000
ENGL 446Fiction Workshop00000
ENGL 458Investigating Text and Talk00000
ENGL 463Professional Writing Practicum00000
ENGL 472Professional Writing00000
ENGL 480Professional Design Studio I00000
ENGL 497Special Projects I00000
ENGL 499Digital Humanities00000
ENGL 509College English Practicum00000
ENGL 520European Lit in Colonial Exp00000
ENGL 532Studies in Folklore & Lit.00000
ENGL 553Seminar In Linguistics00000
ENGL 561TESOL Syntax00000
ENGL 580Drama00000
ENGL 595Old English00000