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Ul Lafayette Course Reviews

University of Louisiana Lafayette

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 201British Lit Medieval Pre-180012111
BIOL 443Immunobiology Lab00000
CHEM 303Introductory Physical Chem00000
CIVE 663Solid & Hazardous Waste Mgmt00000
CHEE 450Solid-State Electrochemistry00000
BIOL 345Animal Behavior00000
CIVE 430Structural Mechanics II00000
ARCH 301Architectural Design III00000
ARCH 530Urban Theory00000
BIOL 461Aquatic Plants00000
BIOL 505Invasion Biology00000
CHEE 210Engineering Analysis00000
BIOL 304Plants And Human Affairs00000
CHEM 112Intro Chemistry Laboratory00000
ANTH 350Human Evolution00000
CHEM 555Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 417Biology Internship00000
CIVE 594Project Research00000
AMUS 154Symphonic Band00000
CJUS 484The Offender And Society00000
ARCH 435Building Systems III00000
BIOL 484Integrative Physiology00000
AMUS 216Advanced Jazz Improvisation00000
ARCH 597Individual Study00000
BIOL 560Advanced Problems in Botany00000
BIOL 609Behavioral Ecology00000
CAFS 437Interactions w/ Young Children00000
BIOL 231Fund Cell & Mole Biol Lab00000
CHEE 407Chemical Engr Plant Design00000
AMUS 406Collaborative Piano00000
CHEE 620Advanced Reactor Design00000
BIOL 319Survey Of Invertebrate Animals00000
CHEM 240Intro Organic Chemistry00000
AMUS 115Voice00000
CHEM 432Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
BIOL 408Plant Physiology00000
CIVE 332Structural Mechanics I00000
ANTH 480Cultural Resource Management00000
CIVE 460Wastewater Treatment00000
BIOL 433Plant Systematics&Biodiversity00000
CIVE 646Probabilistic Methods Hydrosc00000
ACCT 516Ethic & Soci Resp for Acct00000
CJUS 399Campus Policing/ALETA00000
BIOL 453Molecular and Cellular Engr00000
CJUS 498Special Projects00000
AMUS 180Jazz Combo I00000
BIOL 471Climate Change Biology00000
ARCH 502Adv Architectural Design II00000
BIOL 501Population Genetics00000
ACCT 527Corporate Taxation00000
BIOL 550Colloquium in Biol Sciences00000
ARCH 540Architectural Practice00000
BIOL 590Analytical Techniques00000
AMUS 333Recital Seminar00000
ASL 201American Sign Language III00000
BLAW 398Internship in BLAW00000
BLAW 510Business Law00000
CAFS 350Family Resource Management00000
BIOL 217Applied A & P Lab for Kines00000
CAFS 445Family Life Education & Ethics00000
AMUS 370U/L Jazz Ensemble00000
CHEE 402Corrosion Engineering00000
BIOL 263General Microbiology Lab00000
CHEE 418Industrial Waste Treatment00000
ACCT 597Directed Research in Acct00000
CHEE 601Transport Phenomena00000
BIOL 312Intro Coastal Ecology00000
CHEM 105Honors: General Chemistry I00000
ANTH 305Anthropology of Religion00000
CHEM 222Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 326Micro Physiology and Genetics00000
CHEM 270Chemical Literature00000
ACCT 421Advanced Tax Accounting00000
CHEM 362Undergraduate Research I00000
BIOL 370The Ocean and Society00000
CHEM 490Directed Individual Study00000
ANTH 450Indians Of Louisiana00000
CIVE 101Intro to Civil Engineering00000
BIOL 413Herpetology00000
CIVE 422Environmental Engineering II00000
AMUS 151Basketball Band00000
CIVE 444Civil Engineering Seminar00000
BIOL 425Developmental Biology00000
CIVE 497H & H Modeling and Design00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
CIVE 599Thesis00000
BIOL 440Estuarine ECOL & Marine BIOL00000
CIVE 654Probe Data, ITS, Traffic Plan00000
ACCT 303Intermediate Accounting III00000
CJUS 330Juvenile Justice00000
BIOL 446Fish Ecol & Mgmt00000
CJUS 403Forensics II00000
ARCH 404Prinicples of Bldg Components00000
BSAT 303Information Systems00000
BIOL 457Advanced Cell Biology00000
ACCT 200Intro Fin Acct for Health Prof00000
ACCT 318Intro-Data Analytics-Accts00000
ACCT 546Financial Satement Auditing00000
AMUS 350Composition00000
BIOL 122Biol Principle & Issue II00000