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UK Course Reviews

University of Kentucky

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 103Basic Ideas of Biology44441
PHY 228Optics, Relativity and Thermal Physics42551
SPA 210Spanish Grammar and Syntax42451
PHY 231General University Physics43351
SPA 211Intermediate Spanish Conversation53551
ANS 854Elective: Advanced Anesthesiology00000
AEC 483Regional Economics00000
ANT 333Contemporary Human Variation00000
ANT 660Ethnographic Research00000
ACC 356Principles for the Financial Planner00000
AES 101Introduction to Agricultural Ecosystem Sciences00000
ARC 434Structural Design and Analysis I00000
ANA 631Advanced Human Anatomy00000
AEC 316Coop Mgmt & Marketing00000
ANT 245Food Culture and Society00000
AAS 657Race Relations in the United States00000
ANT 506Sociolinguistics00000
AEC 790Res Work in AG Econ00000
APP 300Tops Appalachian Studies (sr)00000
AAD 690Creating & Evaluating New Arts Programs00000
ARC 699Tops in Architecture00000
ACC 507ADV Tops in Taxation00000
AFS 414Leadership Lab Ivb00000
AH 314Ancient: (sr)00000
AAS 168Jazz and Democracy00000
ACC 617Sel Tops in Taxation00000
AH 502Museum Studies II: Internship00000
ANA 442Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology00000
AEC 301Career Readiness for Agr Econ00000
ANA 801Histology - Pt Students00000
AAS 500African American Lives00000
ANT 160Cultural Diversity in the Modern World00000
AEC 361Int'l Agribusiness and Food Systems00000
ANT 321Intr Japan Cltr, Meiji (1868) to Present00000
AAD 625Financial Mgmt for Arts Organizations00000
ANT 360Statistics in Anthropology00000
AEC 624ADV Quant Meths in Aec00000
ANT 601Culture & Power00000
ABT 461GIntroduction to Population Genetics00000
ANT 748Master's Thesis Research00000
AED 671Youth Organztns Career and Technical Edu00000
ARC 231Structural & Material Concepts00000
AAD 403Decision Making in Arts Administration00000
ARC 551Accelerated Design II00000
AFS 311Aerospace Studies III00000
ARC 759Master's Project in Building Design00000
AAD 730Marketing Strategies & App for Arts Orgs00000
AH 301Cross-cultural Topics in Art History: Sr00000
ACC 601Research in Acc Theory00000
AH 350Contemporary Art and Visual Studies:(sr)00000
AAD 500The Arts and Artists in Society00000
AH 526Art and the Artist in Society (subt Req)00000
ACC 700Top Seminar in Account Research (sr)00000
AIS 330Islamic Civilization II00000
AIS 410Theology and Law in Islam00000
AAS 260African American History to 186500000
AE 300Introduction to Art Education00000
AIS 495GADV Indep Work in Arabic/islamic Stds00000
ANA 309An Introduction to Regional Anatomy00000
AE 695Independent Work:Art Edu00000
ANA 600Seminar in Anatomy00000
AAS 417GSurvey Sub-saharan Polit00000
ANA 767Dissertation Residency Credit00000
AEC 306Technical Communication in Economics00000
ANS 825Second-yr Elective, Ans00000
AAD 565Community Engagement in the Arts00000
ANT 102Archaelogy: Mysteries & Controversies00000
AEC 324Agricultural Law00000
ANT 230Intro to Bio Anth00000
AAS 601Issues in Multicultural Education00000
ANT 303Topics Ant of Food Nutr: (sr)00000
AEC 425Timber Management00000
ANT 327Culture and Societies India & South Asia00000
AAD 390Programming and Event Planning00000
ANT 351Spec Topics in Archaeology (sr)00000
AEC 580Spec Probs AG Eco00000
ANT 433Social Organization00000
ABT 360Genetics00000
ANT 536Global Appalachia00000
AEC 749Dissertation Research00000
ANT 621ADV Tops/methods of Eval00000
AAD 650The Arts and the Law00000
ANT 734Seminar in Economic Anthropology00000
AED 399Experiential Learning Career & Tech Edu00000
ANT 768Res Cr Masters Degree00000
ACC 202Managerial Uses of Accounting Information00000
ARC 151Design Studio I00000
AEN 340Prins Food Engineering00000
ARC 315World Architecture & Urbanism00000
AAD 300Management and Planning for the Arts00000
ARC 513History & Theory Sem: Contemporary (sr)00000
AFS 114Leadership Laboratory I00000
ARC 642Professional Internship00000
ACC 403Auditing00000
AMS 212Advanced Leadership II00000
AE 560Museum Education00000
AMS 341Leadershp & Managemnt II00000
AN 306Business Intelligence and Data Visualization00000
AFS 411Aerospace Studies Iva00000
AAD 150Arts in Action00000