UK Course Reviews

University of Kentucky

SPA 210Spanish Grammar and Syntax42451
SPA 211Intermediate Spanish Conversation53551
BIO 103Basic Ideas of Biology44441
AH 106Renaissance to Modern Art00000
AER 531Fluid Dynamics I00000
ACC 624Enterprise Info and Control Systems00000
AAS 261African American History 1865-present00000
AH 555Methods in Art History & Visual Studies00000
AEC 300Tops Aec (Subtitle Req)00000
AIS 311Arabic for Business and Media I00000
AEC 320AG Product Marketing and Sales00000
AED 586Methods in Teaching Career & Tech Ed II00000
ACC 457Estate Planning00000
AFS 213Aerospace Studies II00000
AAD 699Internship in Arts Administration00000
AH 360Visual Culture of Politics00000
AE 576Art in Middle Schools00000
AH 655Adv. Research Methods A-h/vs00000
AAD 500The Arts and Artists in Society00000
AIS 443Arabic Reading II00000
AAS 360Race/sports in America00000
AAD 542Grant Writing for Nonprofits00000
AEC 351Intro to Analysis with Business Software00000
AAS 470The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.00000
AEC 399Experiential Learning in Agricultural Economics00000
AEC 473GEconomic Development00000
AED 362Field Experience in Clt00000
ACC 360Accounting and Tax for Small Business00000
AEN 203Basic Principles of Surveying00000
AAD 650The Arts and the Law00000
AFS 111Aerospace Studies I00000
ACC 603Attest Function00000
AFS 411Aerospace Studies Iva00000
AAD 403Decision Making in Arts Administration00000
AH 311Arts as Soft Power:Japanese Tea Ceremony00000
AE 200Wkshp in Design Ed for Elem Teachers00000
AH 524Theory and Methods: Subtitle Required00000
AAS 168Jazz and Democracy00000
AH 625Prob in Genres and Media:(sr)00000
AE 685Action Research in Art Education00000
AIS 102Elem Mod Standard Arabic00000
AAD 320Fundraising for the Arts00000
AIS 395Independ Work in Arabic/ Islamic Studies00000
AEC 306Technical Communication in Economics00000
AMS 102Foundations of Agile and Adaptive Leadership00000
AAD 521Nonprofit Board Governance00000
AEC 325Equine Law00000
AAS 417GSurvey Sub-saharan Polit00000
AEC 361Int'l Agribusiness and Food Systems00000
AAD 353Emotional Intelligence for Arts Administrators, Part III00000
AEC 441GAG Financial Management00000
AAS 587Civil Rights Movement in US Since 193000000
AAD 565Community Engagement in the Arts00000
AEC 500Advanced Topics in Agricultural Economics: (SR)00000
AAS 635Seminar in Social Inequalities00000
AEC 580Spec Probs AG Eco00000
AEC 620ADV Production Eco I00000
AEC 790Res Work in AG Econ00000
ABT 395Independent Study in Biotechnology00000
AED 399Experiential Learning Career & Tech Edu00000
AAD 629Organization Theories in Arts Administration00000
AED 592Teaching Experience in Career & Tech Edu00000
ACC 403Auditing00000
AEN 341Brewing Science and Technology00000
AAD 399Arts Admin Practicum00000
AES 101Introduction to Agricultural Ecosystem Sciences00000
ACC 590Spec Tops in Accounting: (sr)00000
AFS 114Leadership Laboratory I00000
AAD 665Creative Cities, Creative Placemaking, & Community Vibrancy00000
AFS 312Leadership Lab Iiia00000
ACC 617Sel Tops in Taxation00000
AFS 414Leadership Lab Ivb00000
AAD 305Arts Administration Business Communications00000
AH 304African Art and Its Global Impact00000
ACC 790Doctoral Colloquium - Accountancy00000
AH 340Art & Visual Culture 1840-1914 (sr)00000
AAD 740Fundraising Techniques00000
AH 502Museum Studies II: Internship00000
AE 395Indep Work:Art Education00000
AH 527Interdisciplinary Approaches: Sr00000
AAD 420Arts Admin: Practices, Policies and Law00000
AH 599Experiential Ed in A-h & Visual Studies00000
AE 579Arts and Humanities in Art Education00000
AH 628A-h & Visual Studies Top Sem: (sr)00000
AAS 253History of Pre-colonial Africa00000
AH 768Thesis Formulation & Prep in Art History00000
AE 748Master's Thesis Research00000
AIS 228Islamic Civilization00000
AAD 250Digital Design for Arts Admin I00000
AIS 338Women and Islam00000
AEC 302Agricultural Management Principles00000
AIS 435Tops in Islamic Stds (sr)00000
AAS 301Introduction to the African Diaspora00000
AAS 657Race Relations in the United States00000
AEC 626AG & Eco Development00000
AEC 748Master's Thesis Research00000
AEC 312Equine Markets00000
AAD 103Emotional Intelligence for Arts Administrators, Part I00000
AAD 300Management and Planning for the Arts00000
AAD 390Programming and Event Planning00000