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UIW Course Reviews

University of the Incarnate Word

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 1308Science of Art00000
COMM 4315Media Ethics00000
BIOL 2122Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
BMSC 6305Introduction to Bioethics00000
BIOL 4430LAnimal Behavior Laboratory00000
BFIN 4325Student Managed Fund00000
CIS 2328Hardware and Systems Software00000
ARTS 3360Photography II: Documentary Photography00000
BIOL 4151Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ARTS 4383Top in Printmaking:Screenprint00000
BMKT 3361International Marketing00000
BIS 3367Introd to Telecommunications00000
ATHP 6156Interventions Lab00000
BPGM 4171Golf Manage Business Planning00000
ARTS 2311Three Dimensional Design00000
CHEM 4222Instrumental Analysis Lab00000
BINT 6311International Business00000
CIS 4370Network Penetration Testing00000
ANGD 4301Advanced Projects Practicum00000
COMM 4399ST in CA:Broadcast Journalism00000
ARTS 4355Museology00000
BIOL 4346Human Evolution00000
ANTH 1311Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 6380Virology00000
ATHP 3120Therapeutic Modalities Lab00000
BMGT 7339Business Communication00000
BMGT 3380Business Communication00000
ATHP 5221Clinical Practice Athltc Trn I00000
BMKT 6399ST:Startup Mdls Beyond Borders00000
ARTS 1301Drawing I00000
BPGM 1181Golf Marketing00000
BFIN 3322Intermediate Financial Mgmt00000
CHED 4250Senior Seminar00000
ANGD 3352Production Management IV00000
CHEM 3160Intro Chem Research/Careers00000
BINT 3355International Banking & Financ00000
CHEM 4422LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
ARTS 2371Introduction to Art Therapy00000
CIS 3345Digital Forensics00000
BIOL CE90Comprehensive Exam00000
COMM 3358Digital Photography00000
ANGD 2361Character Modeling I00000
COMM 4348Journalism History00000
BIOL 3411LCell Biology Lab00000
COMM 6307Intro/Grad Studies Comm Arts00000
ANGD 4340Bus of Animation/Game Design00000
BIOL 4252Biochemistry II Laboratory00000
ARTS 4370Adv Proj in Draw:Prac App Exp00000
BIOL 4372Immunology00000
ANGD 3315Visual Narrative Conventions00000
BIOL 4498IS:Antifungal Research00000
ARTS 4388Internship in Photography00000
BIOL 6399ST:Rsrch in Leishmaniasis00000
ARTH 1310Masterworks of World Art00000
BMGT 63CSCapstone: Cases in Manage Prob00000
ATHP 3280Clinical Field Experience II00000
BMGT 4399ST:Business Practices in Europ00000
BMGT 4347Total Quality/Lean Management00000
ATHP 4320Strength Trn/Cond Prescription00000
BMKT 3319Internship in Marketing00000
ARTH 4360Issues in Contemporary Art00000
BMKT 4390Marketing Management00000
ATHP 5233Eval UE/CT Spine/Head00000
BMSC 6215Health Humanities/Bioethics00000
ANGD 3343Motion Capture for Animators00000
BMSC 6420Human Anatomy I00000
ATHP 6356Interventions II00000
BPGM 2241Play Develop/Golf Club Tech00000
ARTS 1357Introduction to Photography00000
CHED 3310Community Health Promotion00000
BFIN 3329Internship in Finance00000
CHEM 1108Science of Art Laboratory00000
ANGD 2342Animation II00000
CHEM 2112Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
BFIN 6330Financial Cases & Problems00000
CHEM 3421LQuantitative Analysis Lab00000
ARTS 2351Printmaking I00000
CHEM 4160Chemistry Research00000
BINT 4350Latin American Economics00000
CHIN 1312Elementary Chinese II00000
ANGD 3372Game Programming IV00000
CIS 3310Database Management Systems00000
BINT 6361International Marketing00000
CIS 3380Emerging Technologies00000
ARTS 3327Documentary Photography II00000
COMM 3330Impact of Media on Society00000
BIOL 1402General Biology I for Majors00000
COMM 3383Organizational Dynamics & Lead00000
ANGD 1380Anatomy for the Animator00000
COMM 4328Internship00000
BIOL 3311Cell Biology00000
COMM 4372Interpersonal Communications00000
ARTS 4325Adv Photo Lghtg: Studio Lghtg00000
BIOL 3461LGenetics Laboratory00000
ADED 7370College Teaching00000
ANGD 2331Principles of Animation00000
ANGD 3332Environmental Prod Arts IV00000
ARTH 3360Survey in Contemporary Art00000
ATHP 4172Athletic Training Prep 400000
BMGT 4373Operations Management00000