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UIUC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
STAT 385Statistics Programming Methods55551
STAT 100Statistics00000
STAT 199Undergraduate Open Seminar00000
STAT 207Data Science Exploration00000
STAT 361Probability & Statistics for Computer Science00000
STAT 390Individual Study00000
STAT 400Statistics and Probability I00000
STAT 409Actuarial Statistics II00000
STAT 420Methods of Applied Statistics00000
STAT 425Statistical Modeling I00000
STAT 427Statistical Consulting00000
STAT 429Time Series Analysis00000
STAT 431Applied Bayesian Analysis00000
STAT 433Stochastic Processes00000
STAT 440Statistical Data Management00000
STAT 447Data Science Programming Methods00000
STAT 458Math Modeling in Life Sciences00000
STAT 510Mathematical Statistics00000
STAT 525Computational Statistics00000
STAT 528Advanced Regression Analysis II00000
STAT 533Advanced Stochastic Processes00000
STAT 538Clinical Trials Methodology00000
STAT 542Statistical Learning00000
STAT 545Spatial Statistics00000
STAT 551Theory of Probability I00000
STAT 553Probability and Measure I00000
STAT 555Applied Stochastic Processes00000
STAT 558Risk Modeling and Analysis00000
STAT 575Large Sample Theory00000
STAT 578Topics in Statistics00000
STAT 588Covar Struct and Factor Models00000
STAT 593STAT Internship00000
STAT 599Thesis Research00000
STAT 107Data Science Discovery00000
STAT 200Statistical Analysis00000
STAT 212Biostatistics00000
STAT 391Honors Individual Study00000
STAT 408Actuarial Statistics I00000
STAT 410Statistics and Probability II00000
STAT 424Analysis of Variance00000
STAT 426Statistical Modeling II00000
STAT 428Statistical Computing00000
STAT 430Topics in Applied Statistics00000
STAT 432Basics of Statistical Learning00000
STAT 434Survival Analysis00000
STAT 443Professional Statistics00000
STAT 448Advanced Data Analysis00000
STAT 480Data Science Foundations00000
STAT 511Advanced Mathematical Statistics00000
STAT 527Advanced Regression Analysis00000
STAT 530Bioinformatics00000
STAT 534Advanced Survival Analysis00000
STAT 541Predictive Analytics00000
STAT 543Appl. Multivariate Statistics00000
STAT 546Machine Learning in Data Science00000
STAT 552Theory of Probability II00000
STAT 554Probability and Measure II00000
STAT 556Advanced Time Series Analysis00000
STAT 571Multivariate Analysis00000
STAT 576Empirical Process Theory and Weak Convergence00000
STAT 587Hierarchical Linear Models00000
STAT 590Individual Study and Research00000
STAT 595Preparing Future Faculty00000