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UIS Course Reviews

University of Illinois Springfield

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CAP 226What Is Power? Exploring Control, Cooperation, and Self-Dete...00000
CCJ 415Ecce: Crime And Sentencing: Global Issues00000
ART 451Ceramics III00000
BUS 502Managerial Finance00000
BIO 455Medical Botany00000
ART 341Sculpture I00000
CCJ 337Corrections and the Mass Media00000
ACC 567Business Ethics for Accountants and Executives00000
BIO 431Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ART 101Art Appreciation00000
BUS 443Financial Investment Analysis00000
BIO 583Closure Exam Preparation00000
ART 312Painting II00000
BUS 537Survey of U.S. Healthcare System00000
ACC 546Tax Research00000
CAP 371ECCE: Peer Mentoring00000
ART 413Printmaking II00000
CCJ 351Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement00000
ACC 443Federal Income Taxation00000
CCJ 474Law of Evidence00000
ACC 583Accountancy Capstone00000
BIO 447Global Change Ecology00000
ACC 501Advanced Utilities Regulation00000
BIO 481Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I00000
ART 113Drawing 100000
BUS 430Topic:Retailing/Merch00000
BUS 322Principles of Operations Management00000
ART 261History of Art I00000
BUS 472Compensation and Benefit Strategies00000
ACC 523Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BUS 522Production and Operations Management00000
ART 334Entrepreneurship in the Arts00000
CAP 123How Do You Know? Exploring Human Knowledge00000
ACC 324Intermediate Financial Accounting III00000
CAP 352ECCE: Colonial and Post Colonial Identity in South Asia00000
ART 367ECCE: Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures00000
CCJ 239Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ACC 563Commercial Law I00000
CCJ 343ECCE: Women and Criminal Justice00000
ART 432ECCE: Expatriate Paris00000
CCJ 363Gangs, Crime, and Justice00000
AAS 433ECCE: Civil Rights Movement of the Twentieth Century00000
CCJ 428Juvenile Law00000
ART 465Women in Art: Discovering Her Story00000
CCJ 489Senior Seminar00000
ACC 464Auditing Concepts and Responsibilities00000
BIO 444Aquatic Ecology00000
ACC 584Accountancy Capstone Continuing Enrollment00000
BIO 449Introductory Immunology Lab00000
AAS 465ECCE: Black Women Writers00000
BIO 475General Biochemistry00000
ART 112Three Dimensional Design00000
BIO 485Advanced Biochemistry00000
ACC 502Advanced Utilities Regulation II00000
BUS 310Topic:Managing Cybersecurity00000
ART 203Introduction to Ceramics00000
BUS 410Topic:History/Economic Thought00000
BUS 332Legal Environment of Business00000
ART 251Digital 3D Modeling00000
BUS 435Sales Force Management and Professional Selling00000
ACC 521Seminar in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
BUS 452Project Management00000
ART 301Entrance Assessment00000
BUS 501Business Perspectives00000
ACC 321Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
BUS 510Topic: Bank MGT&Careers in FIN00000
ART 332Etching00000
BUS 529Quality Systems and Lean Operations00000
ACC 544Advanced Corporation and Partnership Taxation00000
CAP 115Interdisciplinary Writing00000
ART 338Digital Media: Web00000
CAP 142Biology and Chemistry of the Environment II00000
AAS 423Ecce: Culture And Education00000
CAP 255Ecce:How The World Works00000
ART 352Ceramics II00000
CAP 356ECCE: Nationalism and Identity in Vietnam00000
ACC 550Professional Education and In-Agency Seminars00000
CCJ 221Introduction to Criminology00000
ART 411Painting III00000
CCJ 313Correctional Systems00000
ACC 421Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting00000
CCJ 342Statistics for Criminal Justice00000
ART 422Contemporary Drawing00000
CCJ 345Research Methods in Criminal Justice00000
ACC 564Commercial Law II00000
CCJ 353Psychology of the Offender00000
ART 437Digital Media: Typography00000
CCJ 364Communities, Fear, and Crime Control00000
AAS 301ECCE: African American Studies00000
CCJ 418Substantive Criminal Law00000
ART 464Contemporary Art History00000
CCJ 457Counseling Criminal Justice Clients00000
ACC 568International Accounting00000
ART 471Philosophy of Art00000
AAS 261Survey of African American Literature00000
AAS 375ECCE: African American Popular Culture00000
ACC 211Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACC 509Management Accounting00000
ART 215Photography I00000
BUS 334Entrepreneurship in the Arts00000