UIC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Chicago

BIOS 110Biolof Cells& Organisms544.552
CS 301Languagesand Automata53551
BA 290Business Ethics00000
BHIS 514Patient Safety TopicsinHI00000
ASP 034Live, Learn, Grow: Bridge00000
AH 263Latin Amer Colonial Art00000
BCMG 595Student Research Seminars00000
ACTG 508Federal Income Tax- Grad00000
AH 100Introto Art& Art History00000
ART 370Topics in Film II00000
ART 531Advanced Studio Arts00000
AH 233Film HistoryII:WWII- Present00000
ASP 087Critical Reading and Thinking II-LARES00000
ACTG 470Ethical Environment Business00000
BA 520Improvisationand Leadership00000
ART 170Introductionto Filmmaking00000
BHIS 499Info SourcesinBHIS00000
AAST 358Constitutional Law: African-American Legal History00000
BHIS 532Foundations of Clinical Decision Support Systems00000
ACTG 537Fraud Examination00000
ART 340Topics in Sculpture II00000
AAST 490Topics in African American Literature00000
ART 381Topicsin Documentary Media00000
AH 130Photographyin History00000
ART 402Senior Projects: Thesis00000
ART 499Art Internship00000
AH 211History of Urbanism00000
ART 571Advanced Moving Image00000
ACTG 435Auditing00000
ASP 039English Lab for UIC International-Mathematics00000
AH 246European Avant-Garde00000
ASP 096Independent Study00000
AAST 271African Americans and the Politics of Incarceration00000
BA 489Business Internship ProgramII00000
ART 150Introto New Media Arts00000
BCMG 513Determination& Analysis00000
ACTG 493Actg Cases Research& Analysis00000
BHIS 410Hlth Data Struct& Mgmt00000
ART 212Topics in Drawing I00000
BHIS 504Qualitative Methods and Health IT Evaluation00000
AAST 229Topics in African Diaspora Studies00000
BHIS 527Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations00000
BHIS 542Artificial Intelligence00000
AAST 406Black Feminism00000
ACTG 594PhD Research Seminar00000
ART 360Photo III: Burden Of Proof00000
AAST 247African American History to 187700000
ART 374Topics in Motion Graphics II00000
AH 111World Hist Art& Built EnvII00000
ART 400Advanced Critique00000
AAST 502Graduate Colloquium in Black Studies00000
ART 452Informational Aesthetics I00000
AH 201Reading& Writing Art Criticism00000
ART 4543D Space I: Modeling00000
ART 484Ed Practicumwith SeminarI00000
AH 208Modern/ Contemp Latin American00000
ART 509Advanced New Media Arts00000
ACTG 355Business LawI00000
ART 540Decarcerationin Theory& Prac00000
AH 219Art& Architectureof East Asia00000
ASP 021Workshopfor Precal-LARES00000
AAST 263African American Intellectual History00000
ASP 036English Lab for UIC International-Humanities00000
AH 236Historyof DesignII00000
ASP 062Semester Refresh: Strategies to Finish Strong00000
ACTG 446Federal Income TaxII00000
ASP 092Vocabulary Enrichment00000
AH 260European Art from 1750 to 190000000
BA 200Managerial Communication00000
AAST 210The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt00000
BA 320Civic Engagement00000
ART 140Introductionto Sculpture00000
BA 490International Student Exchange00000
ACTG 476Enterprise Acctng Systems00000
BCMG 411Introduction to Biological Chemistry00000
ART 151Introto Creative Coding00000
BCMG 526Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Development00000
AAST 306Black Politics in the United States00000
BHIS 399Ugrad Res Exp Hlth Informatics00000
ART 201Democratic Practices in Art Education00000
BHIS 460Introto Hlth Informatics00000
ACTG 502Financial Accounting I00000
BHIS 502MethodsinBHIII00000
ART 230Topicsin PaintingI00000
BHIS 509Infrmtcsfor Clin Investigator00000
AAST 105African Americans in Film, 1900 - Present: Images, Individua...00000
BHIS 520Hlth Info Syst Analysis& Dsgn00000
ART 261Topics in Analog Photography00000
BHIS 530Topicsin Hlth Informatics00000
ACTG 516Financial Statement Analysis00000
ART 457Expanded Cinema00000
ART 275Topics in Screenwriting00000
AAST 103African American Politics and Culture00000
AAST 125African American Religious Traditions00000
AAST 258Race and Urban Life00000
ACTG 315Intermediate Financial ActgI00000