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UIC Course Reviews

University of Illinois at Chicago

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOS 110Biolof Cells& Organisms544.552
HIST 100Western Civ To164844441
BIOS 312Cell Biology Laboratory55551
HIST 103Early America44441
HIST 419Teaching Civics Literacy55451
POLS 184Intro International Relations23251
CS 301Languagesand Automata53551
ANTH 102Introto Archaeology00000
AH 261Modern Art1900to196800000
ANTH 262Gen, Race, Sexuality, Health00000
ANTH 490Independent Study00000
ANAT 441Gross Human Anatomy00000
AH 219Art& Architectureof East Asia00000
ANTH 227Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America00000
ACTG 446Federal Income TaxII00000
ANTH 429Ceramic Analysis00000
AH 399Collaborative Research00000
AAST 398Independent Study: Special Topics00000
ANTH 520Andean Arch00000
ACTG 494Sp Topic: Internal Auditing00000
AH 485Intro/ Historic Preservation00000
ARCH 360Architectural Technology200000
ARCH 520Topicsin Arch Theory00000
ACTG 509Business Law00000
AH 531Seminar in Asian Art00000
AH 546Seminar in Museum and Exhibition Studies00000
AHS 599PhD Thesis Research00000
AH 207Artand Psychoanalysis00000
ANAT 595Departmental Seminar00000
ACTG 396Independent Study00000
ANTH 216Medicine, Culture,& Society00000
AH 244Islamic Art and Architecture00000
ANTH 238Biologyof Women00000
AAST 271African Americans and the Politics of Incarceration00000
ANTH 390Honors Research00000
AH 273Visual Culture of the Ancient Andes00000
ANTH 473Anthof Social Movements00000
ACTG 475Database Accounting Systems00000
ANTH 503Hominid, Phylogeny and Adaptations00000
AH 466Material Worlds: Topics in Material Culture Studies00000
ARAB 102Elementary ArabicII00000
AAST 229Topics in African Diaspora Studies00000
ARCH 414Contemporary Practices00000
AH 511Toward New Histories of the Visual Arts, 1960 to the Present00000
ARCH 532Arch Theory& HistoryII00000
AAST 407Seminar in Comparative Racialization00000
AH 543Writing for Exhibitions00000
ACTG 534Auditing- Graduate00000
AAST 247African American History to 187700000
AH 560Seminar in Modern Architecture, Art, and Design00000
AAST 492Feminism and Abolition00000
ACTG 594PhD Research Seminar00000
AH 582Supervised Internship in Museum and Exhibition Studies00000
AH 596Readingsin Art& Architecture00000
ACTG 599PhD Thesis Research00000
AH 598Master's Thesis Research00000
AHS 100Applied Health Sciences Seminar I00000
AHS 512BiostatisticsII00000
AH 204Greek Art and Archaeology00000
ANAT 399Undergraduate Research00000
ACTG 326Cost Accounting00000
ANAT 525Mechof Neurodegen Diseases00000
AH 210Egyptian Art/ Archaeology00000
ANAT 599Researchin Anatomy00000
AAST 263African American Intellectual History00000
ANTH 207Asian Cities: Urban Cultures of the Global South00000
AH 234Race/Ethnicity In Film/Media00000
ANTH 223Southwestern Archaeology00000
ACTG 435Auditing00000
ANTH 234Modern Human Variation and Adaptation00000
AH 252Artof Baroqueand Rococo00000
ANTH 243The Archaeology of Buddhism00000
AAST 210The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt00000
ANTH 309Writing Culture00000
AH 264African American Art00000
ANTH 420Landscape Archaeology00000
ACTG 465Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting00000
ANTH 455Quantitative Methods00000
AH 301Theories and Methods in Art History00000
ANTH 479Culture and Colonialism in South Asia00000
AAST 306Black Politics in the United States00000
ANTH 500Social and Cultural Theory I00000
AH 431Photographic Theory00000
ANTH 512Economic Anthropology00000
ACTG 484International Accounting00000
ANTH 596Independent Study00000
AH 481Museum Practices00000
ARAB 201Advanced Arabic through Literature00000
AAST 110Introduction to African American Literature, 1760-191000000
ARCH 391Architectural Study Abroad00000
AH 492Readingsin Art& Arch Hist00000
ARCH 466Advanced Topic Studio200000
ACTG 503Financial AccountingII00000
ACTG 210Introto Fin Actg00000
AH 101The Nakedandthe Nude00000
AHS 112Career Readiness Hlth Sciences00000
AHS 294First Year Seminar in AHS00000
AH 122Chicago Architecture00000
AHS 325Rehab Case Management00000
AHS 375Ethics, Lawin Health00000