UHWO Course Reviews

University of Hawaii West Oahu

ECON 358Environmental Economics00000
ENG 274Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition00000
BUSA 408International Marketing00000
CM 340The Modern Game Industry00000
BUSA 486ESenior Project-Facilities Management00000
BUSA 313Interm Financial Accounting II00000
EDSE 437Secondary Math Methods00000
AS 201Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power00000
BUSA 459Estate and Gift Taxation00000
AS 402LSenior Cadet Leader II00000
CM 152Principles of Video Editing00000
BUSA 490AAdministrative Practicum-Accounting00000
BUSA 198BLaughter and Lessons from the Office00000
ECED 401Curricular Models in ECE00000
ART 101Intro to the Visual Arts00000
EDEE 426Block 2 Practicum with Seminar00000
BUSA 340Business Intelligence00000
ENG 198CWriting Workshop: Preparing for College Composition00000
ANTH 458Forensic Anthropology00000
ENG 367DFilm Genres and Directors: Science Fiction Film00000
AS 301Air Force Leadership Studies00000
BUSA 480Organizational Behavior00000
ANTH 483Archaeology of Hawaii00000
BUSA 488FSenior Case Studies-Finance00000
BIOL 123LHawaiian Environmental BiolLab00000
CM 140History of Video Games00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
BIOL 340Genetics, Evolution & Society00000
CM 256Creatives In Media00000
APSC 490CSenior Practicum-CENT00000
CM 351Innovative Advertising00000
BUSA 307Corporate Finance00000
ECON 311Hawaii's Economy00000
ANTH 415Human Ecological Adaptation00000
EDEE 324Health, Physical Ed & Movement00000
BUSA 324Business Law00000
EDEF 345Intro to Middle/Secondary Ed00000
ART 229Interface Design I00000
EDSE 492Student Teaching Seminar, Sec00000
BUSA 370Global External Environment00000
ENG 257BLiterary Themes: Multi-Ethnic American Literature00000
ANTH 215Biological Anthropology00000
ENG 312Creative Wrtng Strat for Tchrs00000
BUSA 419Corporate and Partnership Tax00000
ENG 380Multicult & Postcolonial Lit00000
ANTH 475The Analysis of Animal Remains in Archaeology, Biology, and...00000
BUSA 462Disastr Recov & Bus Continuatn00000
AS 401National Security Affairs00000
BUSA 486FSenior Project-Finance00000
ANTH 321World Archeology I00000
BUSA 488LSenior Case Studies-Management00000
BIOL 100Human Biology00000
BUSA 490EAdmin Practicum-FMGT00000
APSC 486HSenior Project HIM00000
BUSA 490LAdministrative Practicum-Management00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
CHEM 273LOrganic Chemistry Lab II00000
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry Lab I00000
BIOL 275LCell & Molecular Biology Lab00000
CM 150Film Analysis and Storytelling00000
APSC 486RSenior Project-RESP00000
CM 161Introduction to iOS Mobile Application Development00000
BIOL 384LHuman Skeletal Biology Lab00000
CM 317Motion Graphics00000
ANTH 384Human Skeletal Biology00000
CM 342Applied Game Design00000
BUSA 304Consumer Behavior00000
CYBR 486CSenior Project: Cyber Ops00000
APSC 490FSenior Practicum-FMGT00000
ECED 440Instr & Assmt in ECE00000
BUSA 309Hospitality Accounting00000
ECON 324Analyzing Economic Data00000
ANTH 151Emerging Humanity00000
ECON 433ANTH of Social Enterprise00000
BUSA 321Business Finance00000
EDEE 406Block 1 Practicum and Seminar00000
ART 113DIntro to Digital Drawing00000
EDEE 492Student Teaching Seminar00000
BUSA 331Marketing Research00000
EDML 448Mid-Lvl Social Studies Methods00000
ANTH 425Medical Anthropology00000
EDSE 457Biological Science Methods00000
BUSA 348Data Analytics for Business00000
EDUC 410Reading & Writing Across the Curriculum00000
ART 320Web Design & Development00000
ENG 240Intro to Literary Studies00000
BUSA 390CTopics in HOST: Chnse Tourism00000
ENG 261British Lit II (1700-present)00000
ACC 409Accounting Information Systems00000
ENG 300DTopics in Literary Theory: Structuralism & Post-Structuralis...00000
BUSA 415Auditing00000
ENG 317Pidgin CreativeWritng Wkshp00000
AS 202LField Training Preparation II00000
BUSA 428Enterprise Risk Management00000
ACC 323Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ACC 430Corporate & Partnership Tax00000
ANTH 378Visual Depictions of the Human Experience Media Power00000
APSC 486ASenior Project-CM00000
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab00000
CHEM 272Organic Chemistry I00000