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UHWO Course Reviews

University of Hawaii West Oahu

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENG 440BMajor Author: Toni Morrison and Lois-Ann Yamanaka00000
HIST 361U.S. Women's History00000
BUSA 490EAdmin Practicum-FMGT00000
EDSE 492Student Teaching Seminar, Sec00000
CM 314Music, Sound & Media00000
BUSA 399Directed Reading & Research00000
HAW 101Elementary Hawaiian00000
AS 201LField Training Preparation I00000
CHNS 121Practical Mandarin Beginner I00000
BIOC 441Basic Biochemistry00000
EDEF 345Intro to Middle/Secondary Ed00000
CM 401Creative Professionals00000
BUSA 319Federal Tax: Individual Income00000
ENG 300FTopics in Literary Theory: Expository Writing for Teachers00000
ART 113DIntro to Digital Drawing00000
FIN 326Investments00000
BUSA 479Public Relations00000
HIST 232Modern European Civilization00000
ANTH 469History of Archeological Thought00000
JPNS 102Elementary Japanese II00000
AS 302Air Force Leadership Studies00000
CM 152Principles of Video Editing00000
ANTH 499Directed Reading & Research00000
CM 350Creative Strategy00000
BIOL 171LIntroduction to Biology Lab I00000
EDEE 426Block 2 Practicum with Seminar00000
ECED 340Communictn & Relatnshps in ECE00000
BUSA 304Consumer Behavior00000
EDML 490Student Teaching, Middle Level00000
APSC 490SSenior Practicum-ISA00000
ENG 257BLiterary Themes: Multi-Ethnic American Literature00000
BUSA 340Business Intelligence00000
ENG 367CFilm Genres and Directors: Gangster Film00000
ANTH 425Medical Anthropology00000
ENG 481Plantation Fictions00000
BUSA 420Certifications in Accounting00000
FORS 101LIntro to Forensic Science Lab00000
ART 320Web Design & Development00000
HIM 203Health Informatics & Info Syst00000
BUSA 486LSenior Project-Management00000
HIST 308Science & the Modern Prospect00000
ANTH 305Historical Archaeology00000
HIST 393U.S. Military History00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
JPNS 298BJpns Language Externship00000
ANTH 481ANTH in Action & Bldg a Career00000
CM 140History of Video Games00000
AS 402LSenior Cadet Leader II00000
CM 251Animation and Special Effects00000
ANTH 363Archaeology of Sex/Gender00000
CM 340The Modern Game Industry00000
BIOL 123Hawaiian Environmental Biology00000
CM 378Visual Depictions of the Human Experience Media Power00000
APSC 486ISenior Project-IT00000
CM 489The Creative Process00000
BIOL 275LCell & Molecular Biology Lab00000
EDEE 325Creative & Performing Arts00000
ECON 130Principles of Microeconomics00000
BIOL 475The Analysis of Animal Remains in Archeology, Biology, and F...00000
EDEE 492Student Teaching Seminar00000
APSC 490ASenior Practicum-CM00000
EDML 440Block 2 Practicum with Seminar00000
BUSA 309Hospitality Accounting00000
EDSE 440Block 2 Practicum with Seminar00000
ANTH 389Cultural Resource Management00000
ENG 198CWriting Workshop: Preparing for College Composition00000
BUSA 326Investments00000
ENG 273Introduction to Literature: Creative Writing00000
ART 101Intro to the Visual Arts00000
ENG 317Pidgin CreativeWritng Wkshp00000
BUSA 364Retailing Management00000
ENG 385Fairy Tales &Their; Adaptations00000
ANTH 210Introduction to Archaeology00000
ENG 477Polynesian & Micronesian Myth00000
BUSA 415Auditing00000
FIL 100Introduction to Philippine Art, Culture and Language00000
ART 229Interface Design I00000
FMGT 330Sustainability in FMGT00000
BUSA 459Estate and Gift Taxation00000
GEOG 365Geography of the Pacific00000
ANTH 437Pacific Archaeology00000
HAW 301Third Level Hawaiian I00000
BUSA 486FSenior Project-Finance00000
HIM 406Strategic Mgt Hlth Info Svcs00000
AS 102LInitial Military Training II00000
HIST 282Intro to American History II00000
BUSA 488LSenior Case Studies-Management00000
HIST 322Modern Japan00000
ACC 418Auditing00000
HIST 370U.S. Immigration History00000
BUSA 490HAdministrative Practicum-Hospitality and Tourism00000
HIST 398FFilipinx American History00000
AS 251LLeadership Laboratory00000
CHEM 272Organic Chemistry I00000
ACC 323Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ACC 450Governmental Accounting00000
ANTH 383Museum Studies00000
APSC 486CSenior Project-CENT00000
BIOL 365Research Methods in Biology00000
ECON 396Contemporary Economic Issues00000