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UHV Course Reviews

University of Houston - Victoria

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CRIJ 4322Advanced Criminology00000
ECED 6367Literature for Children00000
BIOL 3322Human Physiology00000
COUN 6317Couples & Family Dynamics00000
COMM 1335Introduction to Radio and Television00000
ARTS 3312Books Arts00000
CUIN 6314Classroom Practice, Process, & Procedure00000
FINC 6352Financial Management00000
BIOL 4325Introduction To Forensics00000
GMNG 4322Game Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Modeling00000
COSC 6338Parallel and Distributed Computing00000
COMM 6331Studies in Communication Theroy00000
AHED 6331Program Planning and Development in AHED00000
CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ESED 4305Early School Educ Internship I00000
CUIN 1318The Well Child00000
BIOL 1106Biology I Lab00000
DSGN 3320Typography I00000
ARTS 3322Advanced Design00000
EDUC 6311Social Networks and Media Infused Learning00000
GEOL 3310Engineering Geology00000
BUSI 4390Field Studies/Internship00000
BIMS 6312Research Methods in Science00000
COMM 4313Communication & Conflict00000
HIST 2310Texas History00000
COSC 4360Senior Project00000
COSC 3315Application Design Using GUIs00000
ACCT 6373Contemporary Issues in Accounting00000
COSC 6353Information Systems Security00000
ENGL 6300Selected Topics in English00000
COUN 6333Counseling Techniques00000
AHED 6361Professional Coach II: Coach Rel00000
CRIJ 3318Criminology00000
ANTH 2346General Anthropology00000
CRIJ 6315History of Criminal Justice00000
BIMS 6311Biochemistry00000
CUIN 4313Secondary Teaching Strategies00000
FEDU 6323Cultural & Social Foundations of American Education00000
CUIN 6348Teaching Algebra & Geometry00000
BIOL 2102Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
DSGN 4316Visual Communication00000
AFSC 1201Foundations of the USAF I00000
EDEN 6352Developing the Business Plan00000
BIOL 4113Genetics Lab00000
ELAS 6102Independent Study: ADM & SUP00000
ARTS 4318Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 4341Environmental Biology00000
GMNG 4310Advanced Game Programming with DirectX00000
CHEM 1312General Inorganic Chemistry II00000
AHED 6305Internship in AHED00000
COMM 3319Interpersonal Communication00000
HCAD 4354Economics for Healthcare00000
COMM 4314Intercultural Communication00000
BIMS 6321Pharmacology and Toxicology00000
COSC 1336Programming Fundamentals I00000
ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
COSC 4340Client-Server Computing00000
COSC 3333Data Structures & Algorithms II00000
ACCT 6300Sel Topics in Acc00000
COSC 6320Mobile, Ubiquitous, Pervasive Information Systems00000
BIOL 1306Biology I for Science Majors00000
COSC 6345Design and Analysis of Algorithms00000
ACCT 6380Forensic Accounting00000
COUN 6302Independent Study00000
AHED 6353Ed. Leadership in Organizations00000
COUN 6325Career Education: Counselor's Role00000
AHED 6339Self-Directed/Prof. Educ.00000
COUN 6343Advanced Psychopathology & Psychopharmacology00000
ENGL 6364Graduate Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop00000
CRIJ 3310Foundations of Criminal Justice00000
ARTS 1303Art Foundation III00000
CRIJ 3324Research Methods in Criminal Justice I00000
ACCT 6375Oil & Gas Accounting00000
CRIJ 6311American Courts00000
ARTS 4311Art History--Modern Art00000
CRIJ 6331Advanced Patterns and Typologies00000
ESLN 6312Principles of Second Language Teaching00000
CUIN 4105Instructional Internship00000
BIMS 6318Integrative Human Cardiovascular Control00000
CUIN 6102Independent Study00000
ARTS 1316Introduction to Drawing00000
CUIN 6336Advanced Science Methods for Teachers00000
BIOL 1308Biology I for Non-Science Majors00000
DRAM 2366Introduction to Cinema00000
FINC 4325International Finance00000
DSGN 3330Typography II00000
BIOL 3122Human Physiology Lab00000
DSGN 4350DSGN Capstone00000
ACCT 4320Accounting Information Systems00000
ECON 3322Intermediate Microeconomics00000
BIOL 3340Animal Behavior00000
EDEN 6356Methods in Economic Developmnt00000
FINC 6364Technical Analysis of Financial Markets00000
BIOL 4302Independent Research in Biology00000
ACCT 3303Financial Statement Analysis00000
ACCT 6353Accounting Theory00000
AHED 6335Diversity in Adult Education00000
BIMS 6399Faculty-Guided Research/Thesis00000
ACCT 3313Intermediate Accounting II00000
COSC 4320Software Engineering00000