UHH Course Reviews

University of Hawaii at Hilo

CS 101Digital Tools for Info World00000
DRAM 490Lyric Theatre00000
BIOL 172LIntroductory Biology II Lab00000
COM 270Intro to Theories of Human Com00000
BIOL 490Senior Thesis Report00000
ART 381WI/Art Of Japan00000
DNCE 160Ballet I00000
ANTH 450Physical Anth Lab00000
BIOL 376Genetics00000
ANTH 612Indigenous Museum Studies00000
CHEM 495ASeminar00000
CBES 695Becoming Envrnmntl Communicatr00000
ART 294Sp Top:Practices in Mix Media00000
COM 371Communication Ethics00000
ANTH 358Japanese Immigrants00000
CS 350Systems Programming00000
ASTR 350Stellar Astrophysics00000
DRAM 101Introduction to Theatre00000
AGEC 330Farm Management00000
ED 343Math for Elem School Teachers00000
ANTH 492Dynamic World of Anthropology00000
BIOL 415Cell Biology00000
ANSC 194Horse & Cattle Handling Techni00000
CBES 602Research Seminar in TCBES00000
AQUA 262Intro Aquaculture00000
CHEM 352Physical Chemistry II00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
ART 175Survey of World Art I00000
COM 100Human Comm in Diverse Society00000
ANTH 300Cultures of Oceania00000
COM 351Com in Multicultural Workplace00000
ART 316Adv Printmaking Seminar00000
COM 441Leadership & Communication00000
AG 304WI/Applied Microbiology00000
CS 172Python for Data Analysis00000
ASTR 180Princ Of Astron I00000
CS 494Data-Driven Video Game Design00000
ANTH 388Pots, Bottles, and Shipwrecks00000
DNCE 260Ballet II00000
ASTR 495ASeminar00000
DRAM 280LBasic Stagecraft Laboratory00000
AERS 340Advanced Simulated Maneuvers00000
ED 110Exploration in Education00000
BIOL 281LGeneral Ecology Lab00000
ED 442Comm Sci in HI Island Schools00000
AJ 391Internship00000
BIOL 410Biochemistry00000
ANTH 602Historic Preservation Laws00000
BIOL 461Immunology00000
AERS 387Crew Resource Management00000
BUS 200Business Internship00000
ANTH 631Oral History Research00000
CBES 620Rrsch Techniq Molecular C Biol00000
ANSC 254Fundamentals of Nutrition00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
AQUA 353WI/Invertebrate &Algae Culture00000
CHEM 320Descriptive Inorganic Chem00000
CHEM 162LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
ART 112Introduction to Digital Media00000
CHEM 431Instrumental Analysis00000
ANSC 445An Breeding/Genetics00000
CHNS 320CHNS Festivals & Food Culture00000
ART 221Intermediate Drawing00000
COM 241Health, Culture and Diversity00000
AG 263WI/Composting & Vermicompostng00000
COM 340Interviewing00000
ART 301Digital Video and Installation00000
COM 360Impact Of Mass Media00000
ANTH 331Lang in Culture & Society00000
COM 420Family Communication00000
ART 360WI/Renaissance and Baroque Art00000
COM 460Mass Media Analysis00000
AERS 220Elem Multi-Eng Operations00000
CS 141Discrete Math for Comp Sci I00000
ASTR 110General Astronomy00000
CS 272Machine Learning for Data Sci00000
ANTH 384Primatology00000
CS 475Data Visualization00000
ASTR 260Computational Physics & Astron00000
DNCE 110Pilates Beginning Matwork00000
AG 397Women, Ag & Food Resiliency00000
DNCE 210Pilates Intermediate Matwork00000
ASTR 432Senior Lab/Thesis Project00000
DNCE 290Modern Dance II00000
ANTH 415Medical Anth00000
DRAM 243Drama of Hawaii & the Pacific00000
BIOL 125Intro Cell & Molecular Biol00000
DRAM 364Advanced Theatre Practicum00000
ACC 358Governmental Accounting00000
ECON 370Government Finance00000
BIOL 270Intermed Cell & Molecular Biol00000
ED 310Foundations of Education00000
ANTH 484Stone Tool Analysis00000
BIOL 375Biology of Microorganisms00000
ACC 202Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
AERS 101Elem Private Pilot Ops I00000
AG 200WI/Agro-Environmental Sci Com00000
ANSC 350Anatomy/Physiol Of Farm Animal00000
AQUA 425LWater Qual & Aquatic Prod Lab00000
CHEM 242Organic Chem II00000