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UHCL Course Reviews

University of Houston - Clear Lake

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ITEC 2313Scripting I433.53.52
ARTS 4364Museum Studies55551
ITEC 3312Scripting II22321
ITEC 3351Web Fundamentals54541
ASTR 1304Solar System00000
CENG 4331Analysis and Design of Linear Systems00000
CHEM 1111Laboratory for General Chemistry I00000
CHEM 4356Soil and Groundwater Remediation00000
ARTS 1314Dance Appreciation00000
BIOL 4325Environmental Toxicology00000
CINF 4323Computer Security00000
CENG 3131Lab For Telecom And Networks00000
ARTS 4392Arts Internship00000
CENG 5531Machine Learning and Applications00000
ANTH 4302Applied Anthropology00000
CHEM 3333Environmental Chemistry00000
BIOL 3341Molecular Genetics00000
CHEM 5431Contaminant Fate and Transport00000
ADSU 5010Professional Preparation Seminar00000
ARTS 3331Intermediate Drawing00000
COMM 3354Gathering Information00000
BIOL 4355Tissue Culture00000
BIOL 5234Population and Community Dynamics00000
ADSU 6437School Law00000
ARTS 3356Mexican Art, 1500-Present00000
BIOL 5535Neotropical Rainforest Ecology00000
BIOT 6838Research Project and Seminar00000
ARTS 4368Graphic Novel Design00000
CENG 3351Computer Architecture00000
ANTH 3334Human Sex, Culture, Health00000
CENG 5334Fault Tolerant Computing00000
ARTS 5236Roman Art and Architecture00000
CENG 5931Topics In Computer Engineering00000
ACCT 5432Acct For Govt & Not Profit00000
CHEM 2125Lab for Organic Chemistry II00000
BIOL 3307Cell Biology00000
CHEM 4274Laboratory for Quantitative Chemical Analysis00000
ANTH 4352World Prehistory and Archaeology00000
CHEM 4391Selected Topics In Chemistry00000
BIOL 4252Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
CHEM 6838Research Project II and Seminar00000
ACCT 4379Internship In Accounting00000
CINF 5432Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence00000
BIOL 4343Plant Physiology00000
COMM 3356Advertising Procedure00000
ADSU 6235Admn Of Special Programs00000
BIOL 4391Selected Topics Biological Scs00000
ARTS 3341Fibers00000
BIOL 5436Physiological Basis of Disease00000
ACCT 5134Financial Accounting II00000
ARTS 4301Methods in Secondary Art Education00000
BIOL 5732Advances in Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 5931Research Topics In Biology00000
BIOL 6939Master's Thesis Research00000
ADSU 6739Graduate Practicum00000
ARTS 4312Art of Ancient Iraq and the Near East00000
BIOT 5021Methods of Biotechnology00000
BIOT 5931Research Topics in Biotechnology00000
ARTS 4352Video Arts00000
CENG 2371Microcontroller Programming00000
AFSC 4302National Security Affairs II00000
CENG 3313Linear Circuits00000
ARTS 4389Independent Study in Arts00000
CENG 4265Senior Project00000
ACCT 5335Information Systems Audit and Security00000
CENG 4391Selected Topics In Comp Enginr00000
ARTS 5233Art of Ancient Iraq and the Near East00000
CENG 5433Prin Of Digital Commun Systems00000
ANTH 3358Topics in Middle Eastern Societies00000
CENG 5631Digital Image Processing00000
ASTR 1103Laboratory for Stars and Galaxies00000
CENG 6535Bio-Inspired Computing00000
ACCT 4352Advanced Financial Accounting00000
CHEM 1312General Chemistry II00000
BIOL 2428Vertebrate Zoology00000
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry II00000
ANTH 4341Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspectives00000
CHEM 4235Adv Lab for Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 3333Environmental Biology00000
CHEM 4335Inorganic Chemistry00000
ACCT 5931Research Topics In Accounting00000
CHEM 4371Advanced Spectroscopic Analysis00000
BIOL 4189Indt Study In Biology00000
CHEM 5134Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
ANTH 5931Research Topics in Anthropology00000
CHEM 5636Advanced Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOL 4311Ecology00000
CINF 3321Information Systems Theory and Practice00000
ACCT 4331Federal Taxation Individuals00000
CINF 4388Senior Project in Computer Information Systems00000
BIOL 4334Environmental Microbiology00000
COMM 3341Storytelling and Oral Communication00000
ARTS 2371Digital Photography 100000
BIOT 5035Scientific Writing00000
ARTS 4331Advanced Drawing00000
BIOT 5121Advanced Methods of Biotechnology I00000
BIOT 5431Plant Genomic Analysis00000
BIOL 4349Plant Development00000
ACCT 3332Financial Reporting & Analysis00000
ACCT 4342Govt & Not For Profit Acct00000