UHCL Course Reviews

University of Houston - Clear Lake

ITEC 2313Scripting I433.53.52
ARTS 4364Museum Studies55551
ASTR 4391Selected Topics00000
ARTS 1325Drawing for Non-Art Majors00000
BIOL 3341Molecular Genetics00000
ARTS 4389Independent Study in Arts00000
ANTH 4333Mexico, Central America, and Borderlands00000
BIOL 2301Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ADSU 6132Curriculum00000
ARTS 3333Life Drawing00000
ADSU 6638School Community Relations00000
ARTS 3350Art 1900-195000000
ARTS 4351Advanced Digital Photography00000
ANTH 3355Topics in Asian Studies00000
ARTS 5236Roman Art and Architecture00000
ACCT 5531International Accounting00000
BIOL 1107Laboratory for Biology for Science Majors II00000
ANTH 5333Cultures Of Mexico And Central America00000
BIOL 3307Cell Biology00000
ACCT 5133Financial Accounting I00000
BIOL 4253Laboratory for Biotechnology00000
ADSU 6432Management Theory00000
ARTS 3340Printmaking00000
ACCT 5234Corporate and Pass Through Entity Taxation00000
ARTS 3352Traditional Photography00000
AFSC 1202Foundations of the USAF II00000
ARTS 4300Methods in Elementary Art Education00000
ARTS 4340Advanced Printmaking00000
ANTH 3311Contemporary Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTS 4358History and Theory of Graphic Design00000
ACCT 5337ERP System Concepts and Practices00000
ARTS 5037Studies in Art History00000
ANTH 3362Medicine and Culture00000
ASTR 1104Lab for Solar System00000
ACCT 4361International Accounting00000
BAPA 5131The Global Environment of Busi00000
ANTH 4343Anthropological Perspectives on World Religions00000
BIOL 1308Biology for Non-Science Majors I00000
ACCT 6735Oil & Gas Accounting00000
BIOL 3113Lab Plant Anatomy00000
ARTS 1304World Art Survey II00000
BIOL 3333Environmental Biology00000
ACCT 4341Auditing I00000
BIOL 4189Indt Study In Biology00000
ARTS 3310Sculpture00000
BIOL 4278Seminar in Biology00000
ACCT 5137Principles Of Auditing00000
ARTS 3335Intermediate Painting00000
ADSU 6437School Law00000
ARTS 3341Fibers00000
ACCT 4344Oil & Gas Accounting00000
ARTS 3351Art 1950-Present00000
ADSU 6739Graduate Practicum00000
ARTS 3357History and Theory of Photography00000
ACCT 5332Acct Information Systems00000
ARTS 4310Advanced Sculpture00000
AFSC 2202Evolution of Air Power II00000
ARTS 4312Art of Ancient Iraq and the Near East00000
ARTS 4335Advanced Painting00000
AFSC 4302National Security Affairs II00000
ARTS 4348Information Design00000
ACCT 5335Information Systems Audit and Security00000
ANTH 3334Human Sex, Culture, Health00000
ARTS 4369Digital Illustration00000
ACCT 4352Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARTS 4391Selected Topics in Art00000
ANTH 3358Topics in Middle Eastern Societies00000
ARTS 5233Art of Ancient Iraq and the Near East00000
ACCT 5432Acct For Govt & Not Profit00000
ARTS 5931Research Topics in Art00000
ANTH 4302Applied Anthropology00000
ASTR 1304Solar System00000
ACCT 4332Financial Information Systems00000
ASTR 5931Research Topics Space Science00000
ANTH 4341Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspectives00000
BAPA 5915Coop Education In Business00000
ACCT 6731Financial Statement and Accounting Information Quality Analy...00000
BIOL 1306Biology for Science Majors I00000
ANTH 4352World Prehistory and Archaeology00000
BIOL 2102Lab for Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ACCT 4391Selected Topics In Accounting00000
BIOL 2321Microbiology for Science Majors00000
ANTH 5931Research Topics in Anthropology00000
BIOL 3173Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
ADSU 5010Professional Preparation Seminar00000
BIOL 3313Plant Anatomy00000
ARTS 1314Dance Appreciation00000
BIOL 3335Epidemiology00000
ACCT 3333Cost Accounting00000
BIOL 4113Laboratory for Biology of Fishes00000
ARTS 2371Digital Photography 100000
BIOL 4242Laboratory For Biochemistry00000
ADSU 6235Admn Of Special Programs00000
ARTS 4320Advanced Ceramics00000
ARTS 3331Intermediate Drawing00000
ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting II - Managerial00000
ACCT 3342Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 4346Business Ethics for Accountant00000
ACCT 5334Advanced Database Applications Development00000
AFSC 3302Air Force Leadership Studies II00000