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UHart Course Reviews

University of Hartford

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FR 484Independent Study in French00000
ML 204Arabic Lit, His, Cul in Trans00000
ECE 534VHDL and Applications00000
EDEM 500Child Dev and Montessori Phil00000
ECT 241Analog Devices & Circuits00000
BIO 745Clinical Neurology II00000
MGT 775Strategy Dev & Implementation00000
ADT 371Architectural Design V00000
ECE 575PV and Wind Energy Systems00000
ADT 455Writing About Architecture00000
EDE 334WEffective Teaching00000
ECT 355Indus Electronics & Actuators00000
AET 232Mat. & Methods of Const. & Doc00000
EDH 245Sign Language II00000
ADT 359Advanced Construction Doc.00000
MGT 700Innovation and Proj. Mgt.00000
ECE 440Digital Signal Processing00000
MKT 460Marketing Analytics00000
ADT 232Mat. & Methods of Const. & Doc00000
MPT 420Music Prod.Sp.Project/Interns00000
ADT 384Issues in Preservation00000
ECT 111DC Electric Fund for Eng Tech00000
ADT 244Architectural Design III00000
ECT 351PContemp Iss Elec Circuit Des00000
ADT 471Independent Studies00000
EDD 820Community Based Research00000
ECT 472Network Config. & Mgt. for ET00000
AET 110PIntro to Arch Graphics00000
EDE 441WTeacher-Reflective Practitione00000
ADT 355Strength of Mat'ls for Tech.00000
EDF 120WIntro. Educ.Schooling00000
AET 250Introduction to Geomatics00000
EDH 430Special Ed:Screening&Diagnosis00000
ADT 155Ancient-Renaiss.Architect.00000
MGT 440Strategic Management in Org00000
EC 420WComplexity Economics00000
MGT 720Organization Development00000
ADT 364Strength Mats&Des Wood Struct.00000
MKT 335Personal Selling & Sales Mgt.00000
ECE 483ECE Capstone Design II00000
MKT 705Global Business Environment00000
ACT 580Financial Mathematics00000
MPT 305Electronics/Music Systems I00000
ECE 549Advanced Robotics00000
MSE 387Montessori Wrld Hist Geo, Life00000
ADT 241Environ. Systems for Arch.Des.00000
ECE 615Graduate Thesis in Engineering00000
ADT 442Constr Planning and Sched00000
ECT 231Solid-State Fundamentals00000
ADB 499Applied Double Bass00000
ECT 245Electrical & Electronic Fund00000
ADT 470Architectural Programming00000
ECT 351Contemp Iss Elec Circuit Des00000
ADT 250Introduction to Geomatics00000
ECT 363System on Chip00000
ADT 473Arch.Hand Drawing00000
ED 502edTPA: ELEM00000
ECT 483Data Acquisition Systems00000
ADT 489PSenior Design Thesis00000
EDD 836Student Affairs Administration00000
ADT 352PArchitectural Design IV00000
EDE 342STEM Methods Lab00000
AET 155Ancient-Renaissn.Architect-LC00000
EDE 660Curriculum&Standardized Test00000
ADT 112Intro to the Built Environment00000
EDEM 530Montessori Approach to the Sci00000
AET 242Construction Documents00000
EDH 220PPsych.of Exception Fieldwork00000
ADT 358Archit.Computer Modeling&Rend.00000
EDH 333WEmotional or Behavioral Dis.00000
AET 350Intro to Architectural Theory00000
ENG 361Shakespeare:Plays to 160000000
ACT 480PIntern. in Actuarial Science00000
AET 355Engineering Mechanics00000
CE 352Transportation Engineering I00000
MGT 491ST:Devleop Diverse-Inclus.Org.00000
ADT 362Advanced Comp. Apps. in Arch.00000
MGT 711Dynamics Group Decision Making00000
ECE 393Embedded Linux IoT00000
MGT 735Int'l Management&Corp Soc Resp00000
ADT 160Studio Shop Op/Safety00000
MIS 480Internship in Mgmt.Info.System00000
ECE 471Electrical Machinery00000
MKT 355Digital Marketing00000
ADT 366Sustainable Design00000
MKT 490ST: Digital Marketing00000
ECE 525Fiber Optics Communications00000
MKT 760Marketing Analytics00000
ACN 888Applied Conducting00000
MPT 290Tech.Ear Training I00000
ECE 542State Variable Controls00000
MPT 360Music Post-Production Techniqu00000
ADT 373Interior Architecture00000
ECE 572Power Systems Analysis00000
ACL 888Applied Clarinet00000
ACO 488Applied Vocal Coaching00000
ADB 999Applied Double Bass00000
ADT 340Construction Management00000
ADT 485Seminar (Architecture in Film)00000
ED 190Intro. to Montessori Ed & Soc00000