UH Manoa Course Reviews

University of Hawaii at Manoa

ANTH 372CIndigenous Peoples of Latin America: Andean South America00000
ANTH 603Archaeology00000
AMST 600Approaches to American Studies00000
ANTH 231Anthropology of Love00000
AMST 684Museums and Collections00000
AMST 365American Empire00000
ANTH 446Southeast Asian Cultures00000
ACM 385Topics in Creative Media00000
AMST 638American Punishment00000
ACM 482The American Documentary00000
ANTH 151AEmerging Humanity00000
ANAT 604Upper Extremity, Head, Neck, and Spine00000
AMST 326American Folklore and Folklife00000
ANTH 332Anthropology of Surfing00000
ACM 325Visual Effects00000
ANTH 415Ecological Anthropology00000
AMST 455U.S. Womens Literature and Culture00000
ANTH 475Faunal Analysis in Archaeology00000
ACC 638Estate and Gift Taxation and Planning00000
ANTH 663Anthropology of Global Aid00000
ACM 419Virtual and Augmented Reality Programming00000
AMST 675Preservation: Theory and Practice00000
ACC 701Financial Accounting Research00000
AMST 695Historic Preservation Practicum00000
AMST 150AAmerica and the World00000
ANSC 454LMeat Science and Muscle Biology Lab00000
ANSC 301Anatomy of Domestic Animals00000
AMST 318Asian America00000
ANTH 204Historical Ecology of Hawai'i00000
ACM 316CIntermediate Animation: 2D Animation00000
ANTH 323Pacific Islands Archaeology00000
AMST 348American Design: An Historical Survey00000
ANTH 345Aggression, War, and Peace00000
ACC 610International Corporate Governance00000
ANTH 385CUndergraduate Seminar: Ethnography00000
AMST 423History of American Architecture00000
ANTH 429Anthropology of Consumer Cultures00000
ACM 370Directing the Actor on Screen00000
ANTH 462East Asian Archaeology00000
AMST 469Religion, Sex, and Gender in the U.S.00000
ANTH 485Pre-European Hawai‘i00000
ACC 415Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 623Advanced Pacific Islands Archaeology00000
AMST 619Slavery and the Modern Memory00000
ANTH 670Applied Archaeology Practicum00000
ACC 660Analysis and Decision-Making00000
AMST 646Advanced Topics: Social/Cultural/Intellectual00000
ACM 452EHistory and Film: World/Comparative00000
AMST 679Elements of Style00000
ACC 460BAccounting Capstone: Managerial00000
AMST 686Museum Studies Practicum00000
ACM 487Video Game Design and Development00000
ANAT 599CIndependent Study in Anatomy: Histology00000
ACM 215Introduction to 3D Computer Animation00000
ANSC 200Humans, Animals, and Agriculture00000
AMST 202American Experience: Culture and the Arts00000
ANSC 450Aquaculture Production00000
ANSC 387Laboratory Skills in Animal Science00000
AMST 310Japanese Americans: History, Culture, Lifestyles00000
ANSC 462Reproduction and Artificial Insemination00000
ACM 315Narrative Game Design00000
ANTH 152ACulture and Humanity00000
AMST 320American Environments: Survey00000
ANTH 220Quantitative Reasoning for Anthropologists00000
ACC 604CPA Review-The Financial Accounting and Reporting00000
ANTH 313Visual Anthropology00000
AMST 343American Thought and Culture: To 20th Century00000
ANTH 327Ethnohistory00000
ACM 320Computer Animation Production I00000
ANTH 333Climate Change and Cultural Response: Past, Present and Futu...00000
AMST 352Screening Asian Americans00000
ANTH 368Households in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ACC 407Taxation of Business Entities00000
ANTH 379Archaeology Practicum00000
AMST 401Filipino Americans: Research Topics00000
ANTH 410Ethics in Anthropology00000
ACM 352Screening Asian Americans00000
ANTH 426The Anthropology of Sexuality00000
AMST 445Racism, American Culture and Film/Media00000
ANTH 443Anthropology of Buddhism00000
ACC 620Global Accounting00000
ANTH 459Extinctions00000
AMST 457Museum Interpretations00000
ANTH 465Science, Sex, and Reproduction00000
ACM 375Directing the Camera for the Screen00000
ANTH 483Japanese Culture and Behavior00000
AMST 483Elements of Research00000
ANTH 493Oral History: Theory and Practice00000
ACC 323Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
ANTH 610Cultural Geographies of Tourism00000
AMST 611Asian America00000
ANTH 640CMethods and Theory in Archaeology: Environment/Landscape00000
ACM 410Advanced Cinematic Production00000
AMST 632Mass Media00000
ACC 202Introduction to Management Accounting00000
ACC 395Accounting Internship00000
ACC 460EAccounting Capstone: Tax and Ethics00000
ACM 310Cinematic Narrative Production00000
AMST 220Introduction to Indigenous Studies00000
ANSC 433Tropical Dairying00000