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UH Manoa Course Reviews

University of Hawaii at Manoa

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LTEC 112Technologies for Academic Success23121
DNCE 321Intermediate Ballet Technique00000
GEOG 758Research Seminar: Conservation00000
HIST 333Ancient Rome: The Republic00000
GEOG 401Climate Change00000
CHN 311Mandarin Conversation00000
GG 312Advanced Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers I00000
CEE 664Advanced Transportation Modeling and Statistics00000
CHEM 272LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
EALL 271Japanese Literature in Translation—Traditional00000
EALL 476Perspectives on Chinese Cinema00000
EDEP 616Measurement in Education and Social Sciences00000
CHEM 692EChemistry Seminar II: Organic00000
GEOG 493Capstone Undergraduate Seminar00000
CEE 620Organizations: Theory and Change00000
GER 320German Cinema00000
CHN 485Academic/Professional Chinese I00000
HIST 301History of Early India00000
CAAM 595Nutrition for Clinicians00000
HIST 371U.S. Foreign Relations to 189800000
CHAM 201Intermediate Chamorro00000
EALL 363B20th-Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1919-194900000
CAM 305Third Year Khmer I00000
CHEM 361Physical Biochemistry00000
ECON 131Principles of Macroeconomics00000
EDEA 780JSeminar: Administrative Theories00000
EDEP 429Introductory Statistics00000
CHEM 643Physical Organic Chemistry00000
EDEP 768CSeminar in Educational Psychology: Learning00000
CEE 474Construction Estimating and Bidding00000
GEOG 4713D Mapping and Analysis00000
CHN 102AElementary Mandarin00000
GEOG 700Thesis Research00000
BUS 395GInternship: Management00000
GER 202Intermediate German00000
CHN 451Structure of Chinese00000
GES 100Global Environmental Science Seminar00000
CEE 648Membrane Separations00000
GG 451Earthquakes and Crustal Deformation00000
CHN 631CHistory of Chinese Language: Syntax00000
HIST 322History of Japan00000
BOT 444Ethnoecology and Conservation00000
HIST 345France in the Old Regime00000
DNCE 679Directed Choreography00000
HIST 482Pacific Islands II00000
CAM 107First Year Khmer00000
EALL 330Chinese Film: Art and History00000
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry Lab I00000
EALL 372Topics in Modern Japanese Literature00000
BOT 661Hawaiian Vascular Plants00000
EALL 735Seminar in Comparative East Asian Literature00000
CHEM 274Principles of Analytical Chemistry00000
EDEA 661Leadership in Student Affairs00000
CEE 330Environmental Engineering00000
CHEM 425LPreparation and Analysis of Inorganic Compounds Laboratory00000
EDEF 310Education in American Society00000
EDEF 630Cultural Diversity and Education00000
EDEF 762Seminar on the Social and Cultural Contexts of Education00000
CHEM 622Organometallics I00000
EDEP 606Multivariate Methods00000
CEE 449Climate Modeling, Data Analysis and Applications00000
EDEP 661Development and Learning00000
CHEM 691ZChemistry Seminar I: Inorganic00000
ERTH 669Cosmochemistry00000
BUS 345Strategic Management00000
GEOG 435Political Geography of Oceans00000
CHEM 751Special Topics: Physical Chemistry00000
GEOG 489GIS for Environmental Sciences00000
CEE 489CSenior Topics: Professional Ethics00000
GEOG 680Geospatial Analysis of Natural Resource Data00000
CHN 205Intermediate Chinese for Business Professionals00000
GEOG 735Seminar: Political Geography00000
BOT 400Senior Seminar00000
GER 102Elementary German00000
CHN 411Advanced Mandarin Conversation00000
GER 305Contemporary Topics in Media00000
CEE 624Coastal Modeling00000
GERI 541Geriatric and Palliative Care00000
CHN 455Chinese Pragmatics and Discourse00000
GES 310Global Change and Earth System Science00000
BUS 695Internships00000
GG 407Energy and Mineral Resources00000
CHN 497High-Advanced Chinese I00000
HIST 151World History to 150000000
CEE 656Marine Geotechnics00000
HIST 311History of China00000
CHN 645Practicum: Teaching Chinese Language00000
HIST 328History of Modern Korea00000
BIOL 430The Biology of Fungi00000
HIST 339Renaissance and Reformation00000
DNCE 654Dance and Performance Theory: Asia00000
HIST 354Introduction to Islamic History00000
CEE 688Advanced Concrete Technology00000
EDEF 652History of Education in Hawai‘i00000
DRB 613Seminar in Developmental and Reproductive Biology I00000
ACC 648Financial Statements Analysis00000
BOT 201Plant Evolutionary Diversity00000
BUS 200Introduction to Business00000
CEE 405Engineering Economics00000
CHEM 461Physical Biochemistry00000