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UH Course Reviews

University of Houston

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COSC 4353Software Design4.53442
GEOL 1330Physical Geology34221
KIN 1304Public Health Issues in Physical Activity and Obesity45321
COSC 4315Programming Languages and Paradigms52551
COSC 3360Fundamentals of Operating Systems55541
MATH 3325Transition to Advanced Mathematics53551
CIVE 2330Mechanics I (Statics)43351
COSC 3380Design of File and Database Systems33441
MATH 4322Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning54531
ECE 4363Electromechanical Energy Conversion53331
ACCT 5371Accounting Information Systems33451
COSC 3337Data Science I43441
CIS 3368Advanced Information Systems Development52551
MUSA 2282Applied Jazz Trombone00000
ANTH 4292Research Practicum I00000
MUSA 2333Applied Piccolo00000
MUSA 2372Applied Jazz Bass00000
AAS 4330The Black Church in America00000
ANTH 4361Migration / Borders / Citizenship00000
MUSA 3214Applied Harpsichord00000
MUSA 3248Applied Euphonium00000
ANTH 4391Archaeological Field Work I00000
MUSA 3322Applied Viola00000
MUSA 3348Applied Euphonium00000
ACCT 5368Intermediate Accounting 200000
ASLI 2233History of Interpreting00000
MUSA 1222Applied Viola00000
MUSA 3424Applied Violoncello00000
MUSA 2248Applied Euphonium00000
ANTH 3380Archaeological Method and Theory00000
MUSA 2322Applied Viola00000
AAS 3348African Americans and the Law00000
MUSA 2344Applied Trombone00000
ANTH 4331Medical Anthropology00000
MUSA 3200Applied Voice00000
ACCT 4398Independent Study00000
MUSA 3232Applied Oboe00000
ANTH 4380Field Methods in Anthropology00000
MUSA 3300Applied Voice00000
AFSC 2202Evolution of Air Power II00000
MUSA 3334Applied Clarinet00000
MUSA 1172Applied Jazz Bass00000
MUSA 3402Applied Composition00000
ACCT 4198Independent Study00000
MUSA 3438Applied Saxophone00000
MUSA 1246Applied Tuba00000
MUSA 3472Applied Jazz Bass00000
MUSA 4120Applied Violin00000
ACCT 5376Advanced Financial Statement Auditing00000
ASLI 4335Advanced Interpreting Techniques and Skills in ASL/English00000
MUSA 1300Applied Voice00000
MUSA 1314Applied Harpsichord00000
ANTH 3316Society and Culture of India00000
MUSA 1324Applied Violoncello00000
MUSA 1330Applied Flute00000
ACCT 4335Financial Statement Auditing00000
ACCT 5379Enterprise Risk Management00000
ANTH 3324Peoples and Culture of Latin America00000
MUSA 1336Applied Bassoon00000
MUSA 2239Applied Saxophone00000
ANTH 3365Principles and Practices of Global Engagement00000
MUSA 2270Applied Jazz Saxophone00000
AAS 3310African American Experience through Theatre00000
MUSA 2312Applied Organ00000
ANTH 4192Research Practicum I00000
MUSA 2328Applied Harp00000
ACCT 4381Oil and Gas Accounting 200000
MUSA 2338Applied Saxophone00000
ANTH 4301Language and Cultural Cognition00000
MUSA 2350Applied Percussion00000
AAS 3366African American Studies Community Internship00000
MUSA 3102Applied Composition00000
ANTH 4340Anthropology Through Literature00000
MUSA 3210Applied Piano00000
ACCT 4108Internal Audit Colloquium00000
MUSA 3231Applied Flute00000
ANTH 4372Maya Archaeology00000
MUSA 3242Applied French Horn00000
AAS 4440Model African Union Seminar00000
MUSA 3270Applied Jazz Saxophone00000
ANTH 4388Anthropology Internship Practicum00000
MUSA 3310Applied Piano00000
ACCT 5332Corporate Taxation00000
MUSA 3328Applied Harp00000
ANTH 4398Independent Study00000
MUSA 3338Applied Saxophone00000
AFSC 4302National Security Affairs II00000
MUSA 3370Applied Jazz Saxophone00000
MUSA 1210Applied Piano00000
MUSA 3414Applied Harpsichord00000
ACCT 3367Intermediate Accounting I00000
MUSA 3432Applied Oboe00000
MUSA 1233Applied Piccolo00000
MUSA 3446Applied Tuba00000
ASLI 2302Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
MUSA 1342Applied French Horn00000
ANTH 3336Caribbean Societies and Cultures00000
MUSA 1348Applied Euphonium00000
MUSA 1372Applied Jazz Bass00000
ACCT 5382Oil and Gas Accounting 300000