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UDM Course Reviews

University of Detroit Mercy

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARCH 5970Graphic Design II00000
BIO 3750Human Genetics00000
ARCH 2200Architectural Design VI00000
ARCH 5151Alabaster as an Ornamental Material in Architecture00000
ARCH 3000Professional Experience Preparation00000
ARCH 1110Visual Communication I00000
BIO 2410General Microbiology00000
ALCP 5315Academic Writing and Culture Seminar00000
ARCH 2640Building Structures I00000
ANE 6060Clinical Internship VI00000
ARCH 5010Professional Experience I00000
ARCH 3650Technical Analysis00000
ANE 7800DNP Project Proposal00000
ARCH 5530Digital Storytelling Seminar00000
ALCP 3150Academic Writing and Culture Seminar00000
BIO 1220General Biology II00000
ARCH 1860Environmental Principles00000
BIO 3201Applied Metagenomics00000
ADS 5710Culminating Seminar in Addiction Studies00000
BIO 4350Fundamentals of Pharmacology00000
ANE 5520Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia III00000
ARCH 2840Building Structures II00000
AENG 4300Electrical Systems Design00000
ARCH 3190Building Code / Zoning Analysis00000
ANE 7010Clinical Internship I00000
ARCH 4921Theory of Urban Form00000
ARCH 4100Integrative Design Studio00000
ANE 7520Anesthesia for Specific Procedures and Special Populations I...00000
ARCH 5100Master's Studio I00000
ALCP 2010Intermediate English00000
ARCH 5210Master's Studio Supplement II00000
ARB 1120Introduction to Arabic III00000
ARCH 5920Memory Traces and Built Envmt00000
ADS 5110Theories of Addiction00000
BIO 1040Fundamentals of Bioinfomatics00000
ARCH 1290Introduction to Architecture II00000
BIO 2300Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture I00000
ALCP 5013Intermediate Writing00000
BIO 2700Genetics00000
ARCH 2120Architectural History and Theory I00000
BIO 3650Human Anatomy00000
ACC 3120Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIO 4200Evolution00000
ARCH 2330Structures I00000
BIO 4490Ecology Laboratory00000
AENG 4100Architectural Engineering Integrative Design00000
ARCH 2680Building Construction I00000
ANE 6030Clinical Internship III00000
ARCH 2880Building Construction II00000
ADS 4360Family Theory and Therapy00000
ARCH 3020Professional Experience II00000
ANE 6120Anesthesiology Seminar III00000
ARCH 3320History of Urban Form00000
AEV 5020Controls Modeling and Design for Advanced Electric Vehicle00000
ARCH 3680Building Construction III00000
ANE 7040Clinical Internship IV00000
ARCH 4880Urban and Regional Planning00000
ARCH 4270Architectural Analysis00000
ANE 7490General Principles of Nurse Anesthesia00000
ARCH 4980Special Problems in Architecture: Religion and Public Space00000
AEV 5070Systems Engineering for Advanced Electric Vehicles00000
ARCH 5026Transit as a Critical Element to Community Development00000
ANE 7610Pharmacology of Nurse Anesthesia II00000
ARCH 5120Introduction to Economic Development00000
ADS 4990Crit Issues Addiction Studies00000
ARCH 5190Profession of Architecture00000
ARB 1100Introduction to Arabic I00000
ARCH 5270Architectural Analysis00000
ALCP 2012Intermediate Listening and Speaking00000
ARCH 5710Graphic Design00000
ARB 2100Intermediate Arabic I00000
ARCH 5922Landscape Architect Des Fund00000
ACC 2020Principles of Accounting II00000
ARM 1100Introductory Aramaic I00000
ARCH 1200Architectural Design II00000
BIO 1200General Biology I00000
ALCP 5011Intermediate Reading00000
BIO 2040Applied Nutrition00000
ARCH 1400Architectural Design IV00000
BIO 2320Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture II00000
ADS 5360Family Theory and Therapy00000
BIO 2600Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ARCH 2100Architectural Design V00000
BIO 2840Animal Behavior00000
ALCP 5201Intermediate English00000
BIO 3500Histology00000
ARCH 2150Construction I00000
BIO 3700Developmental Biology00000
AAS 3020Honrs Race & Political Thought00000
BIO 3950Advanced Microbial Phage Genomics: SEA-GENES00000
ARCH 2220Architectural History and Theory II00000
BIO 4220Microbiology Laboratory00000
ANE 5490Principles of Nurse Anesthesia 100000
ARCH 2440Environmental Technology II00000
AAS 2000Critical Perspectives in African-American Studies00000
AAS 4900Integrative Seminar00000
ADS 4950Multicultural Competence in Treating Substance-Related-Disor...00000
AEV 5050Electric Drives/Electromechanical Energy Conversion00000
ANE 7100Physics and Biomedical Measurement00000
ARCH 4710Graphic Design00000