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UDM Course Reviews

University of Detroit Mercy

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 2270Organic Chemistry I00000
CIS 5580System Forensics00000
BIO 2330Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II00000
BUS 4940International Studies-Germany00000
BIO 4920Directed Studies: Laboratory Research00000
ARCH 5220Dichotomy Student Journal I00000
CHM 6990Thesis Research00000
ARCH 1211Visual Communication II00000
BIO 3950Advanced Microbial Phage Genomics: SEA-GENES00000
ARCH 2430Structures II00000
BUS 4560Comparative International Management00000
BSC 8140Oral Microbiology00000
ARCH 4980Special Problems in Architecture: Religion and Public Space00000
CHI 2100Intermediate Chinese I00000
ANE 7200Epidemiology and Population Health in Nurse Anesthesia Pract...00000
CHM 4600Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery00000
ARCH 5950Adv Materials and Fabrications00000
CIS 4650Information and Society00000
AEV 5050Electric Drives/Electromechanical Energy Conversion00000
CIVE 4530Applied Hydraulics and Hydrology00000
ARCH 2140Ecological Design00000
BIO 4490Ecology Laboratory00000
ALCP 5011Intermediate Reading00000
BIO 5440Gross Anatomical Dissection00000
ARCH 2860Building Environment II00000
BUS 3340Corporate Finance00000
BTM 5650Supply Chain Management for Turnarounds00000
ARCH 4220Dichotomy Student Journal I00000
BUS 4615Business Analytics00000
ANE 6060Clinical Internship VI00000
CAS 4000Senior Seminar00000
ARCH 5120Introduction to Economic Development00000
CHM 1070General Chemistry I00000
ADS 2420Addiction Counseling Internship00000
CHM 3340Physical Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ARCH 5590Architecture and Construction Law00000
CHM 4990Chemistry Senior Assessment00000
ANE 7900DNP Practicum and Project Implementation00000
CIS 4050Software Sustainment00000
BIO 1200General Biology I00000
CIS 5050Project Management00000
ACC 4510Auditing00000
CIVE 3450Construction Materials00000
BIO 2900Biostatistics00000
CIVE 4722Engineering Geology00000
ALCP 2011Intermediate Reading00000
BIO 4220Microbiology Laboratory00000
ARCH 2211Visual Communications IV00000
BIO 4750Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
ACC 5200Managerial Accounting00000
BIO 5380Graduate Physiology I00000
ARCH 2660Building Environment I00000
BSC 8040Integrated Biomedical Sciences I00000
ALCP 5101Intensive English00000
BTM 5000Business Turnaround Management00000
ARCH 3000Professional Experience Preparation00000
BUS 3170Management of Information Systems00000
BUS 2310Business Law00000
ARCH 3660Building Environment III00000
BUS 3680Research Methods for Sports Management00000
ANE 5520Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia III00000
BUS 4570Current Issues in Organizational Management & Leadership00000
ARCH 4880Urban and Regional Planning00000
BUS 4790Honors Int'l Human Rights Law00000
ADM 5950Business Co-Op/Internship I00000
CAS 2400Social Ethics00000
ARCH 5020Professional Experience II00000
CCPD 3020Career Management Strategies00000
ANE 7020Clinical Internship II00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry for the Health Sciences00000
ARCH 5200Master's Studio II00000
CHM 1150Research in Chemistry Lab00000
ACC 4130Advanced Accounting00000
CHM 2980Introduction to Undergraduate Research00000
ARCH 5270Architectural Analysis00000
CHM 3870Quantitative Analysis00000
ANE 7600Pharmacology of Nurse Anesthesia I00000
CHM 4730Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ARCH 5920Memory Traces and Built Envmt00000
CHM 5600Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery00000
ADS 4950Multicultural Competence in Treating Substance-Related-Disor...00000
CIS 2075Enterprise Architecture00000
ARM 1100Introductory Aramaic I00000
CIS 4505Software Project Management00000
ARB 2100Intermediate Arabic I00000
CIS 4880Special Topics in Information Security00000
BIO 2040Applied Nutrition00000
CIS 5400Software Management00000
ACC 2010Principles of Accounting I00000
CIS 5950Directed Research-Internship00000
BIO 2610Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory00000
CIVE 4300Forensic Engineering00000
ARCH 1880Construction Principles00000
BIO 3650Human Anatomy00000
AAS 3020Honrs Race & Political Thought00000
ACC 3120Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACC 5520Corporate Fraud Detection and Prevention00000
ANE 5100Professional Aspects/Nurse Anesthesia00000
ARCH 3190Building Code / Zoning Analysis00000
BUS 3120Principles of Marketing00000