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UDC Course Reviews

University of the District of Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS 241Intro To Printmaking00000
ARTS 481Interdisciplinary Art II00000
ARCP 302Arch Studio IV00000
ARTS 102CFigure Drawing00000
ARCP 507Graduate Thesis Seminar00000
ARAC 646Environmental Studies00000
ARTS 351Advanced Sculpture00000
AETC 201CA:Archit Drwg&Des III (Studio)00000
ARCP 412Community Design00000
APCT 110CIntro Programming Python00000
ARTD 213Publication Design00000
ARTD 105CFoundations of Design00000
ARAC 605Building Infro Modeling I00000
ARTS 206CInterm Photo: Portrait Photo00000
ADUL 334Audiology00000
ARTS 281Wrld Art Hist:Ancient Renaiss00000
ARCP 201Architectural Studio I00000
ARTS 472Directed Study Painting Tech00000
ACCT 427Accounting Practicum00000
AUCT 501Bayesian Statistics00000
AETC 232CA/C:Structural Design00000
ARCP 503Urban & Comm Design I00000
ACCT 507Contemp Iss In Acctg00000
ARCP 520Architectural Design Theory00000
APCT 115Computing Foundations00000
ARTD 208History Of Graphic Design00000
ARTD 124Computer Art I00000
ARAC 601Design Studio I00000
ARTD 470Advanced Web Design00000
ADED 564Intro to Human Resource Dev00000
ARTS 145Photography00000
ARAC 632Design of Concrete Structures00000
ARTS 231CIntro to Painting00000
ACCT 406Governmental & Fund Acct00000
ARTS 260Digital Photography00000
ARCP 106Intro To Computer Tech II00000
ARTS 285African-American Art His00000
AETC 102CA: Arch Dwg&Dsg II (studio)00000
ARTS 394Dir Stdy: Illustration Tech00000
ARCP 246Environmental Systems II00000
ARTS 474Advanced Photography00000
ACCT 302Intermed Accounting II00000
AUCT 001Spectroscopy in Medicinal Chem00000
ARCP 332Design Of Steel Structures00000
AVMT 121CAviation Maintenance Fund00000
ACCT 501Fund of Accounting & Finance00000
ARCP 501Prof Studio Lab VII00000
AETC 246CA/C:Environmental Systems II00000
ARCP 505Sustainable Design I00000
ACCT 312Fed Income Tx Accnt I00000
ARCP 514Prof Ethics & Practice00000
APCT 111Intro Programming (Python) Lab00000
ARCP 550Thesis Studio II00000
ADED 504Intro To Adult Education00000
ARTD 113CGraphic Design I00000
APCT 232CComputer Science II00000
ARTD 207Web Design00000
ARTD 126Typography00000
APCT 234CComputer Science II Lab00000
ARTD 212Graphic Design II00000
ADED 525Mthd Facil Lrning in Adlthd00000
ARTD 275CGraphic Wkshp & Portfolio00000
ARAC 603Design Studio III00000
ARTS 101CIntroduction To Drawing00000
ACCT 402Auditing II00000
ARTS 115Visual Thinking00000
ARAC 621Hist & Theory Of Architecture00000
ARTS 184CFund Of Art Apprec00000
ADED 594Qual Research & Assmnt00000
ARTS 209Intermediate Photo-Fine Art00000
ARAC 634Design of Conrete Structures00000
ARTS 240Photojournalism00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Acct I00000
ARTS 251Intro To Sculpt00000
ARCP 102Basic Design & Comm II00000
ARTS 261Intro To Ceramics00000
ADUL 552Aural Rehabilitation00000
ARTS 282Wrld Art Hist:Renaiss/Contem00000
ARCP 116Material And Methods II00000
ARTS 303Animation & Multimedia I00000
ACCT 412Fed. Income Tax Acct II00000
ARTS 364Advanced Photographic Lighting00000
ARCP 241Advanced Computer Simul00000
ARTS 409Animation & Multimedia II00000
AETC 116CMaterial And Methods II00000
ARTS 473Advanced Photography I00000
ARCP 299Internship00000
ARTS 480Interdisciplinary Art I00000
ACCT 202Managerial Accounting00000
ARTS 490Senior Portfolio00000
ARCP 322His & Theory Arch II (ONLINE)00000
AUCT 301Au Consort I Undergrad00000
AETC 205CA/C: Intro Comp Tech I (CAD)00000
ARCP 402Arch Studio VI00000
ACCT 201CPrin of Accounting I00000
ACCT 202CPrin Of Accounting II00000
ACCT 325Cost Accounting00000
ADED 514Adult Learning Dev. and Motiv.00000
APCT 233Computer Science I Lab C++ EE00000
ARTD 201Computer Illustration00000