UDC Course Reviews

University of the District of Columbia

BIOL 104CBiological Sci II Lab00000
BIOL 500Research Met Career Devl00000
ARTD 213Publication Design00000
BGMT 396Special Topics: Glob Logistics00000
ARTS 282CWrld Art Hist Renaiss/Contem00000
ARCP 507Graduate Thesis Seminar00000
BIOL 241General Microbiology I00000
APCT 285CProfessional Ethics00000
ARTS 240CPhotojournalism00000
ARAC 632Design of Concrete Structures00000
BGMT 208Business Communication00000
ARTS 396Dir Stdy: Interdisc Art00000
ARCP 332Design Of Steel Structures00000
BGMT 514Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt00000
APCT 111CIntro Programming Lab Python00000
BIOL 113CFund Of Anat & Phys I Lab00000
ARTD 124Computer Art I00000
BIOL 360Gen Genetics Lab00000
ADUL 552Aural Rehabilitation00000
BLPC 214CLegal Environ Of Bus00000
ARAC 603Design Studio III00000
ARTS 261CIntro to Ceramics00000
AETC 201CA:Archit Drwg&Des III (Studio)00000
ARTS 341Advanced Printmaking I00000
ARCP 105Intro To Computer Tech I00000
AVMT 212CAir Tur Engine Theo Ove00000
ARTS 474Advanced Photography00000
ARCP 299Internship00000
BGMT 309Introduction To E-Commerce00000
APCT 105CIntro Appl Of Comp Lab00000
BGMT 419Business Policy & Strategy00000
ARCP 501Prof Studio Lab VII00000
BIOL 101Biological Science I00000
ADED 554Transit Adult wLearning Diff00000
BIOL 111Fund Hum Anat & Phys I00000
ARCP 594Indpendent Study00000
BIOL 224Invertebrate Zool Lab00000
APCT 232CComputer Science II00000
BIOL 327Mammalian Histology Lab00000
ARTD 207Web Design00000
BIOL 401Undergraduate Research I00000
ACCT 407Acctg Information Sys00000
BIOL 660Molecular Genetics00000
ARTS 209Intermediate Photo-Fine Art00000
BMEG 300Bioinstrumentation Lab00000
AETC 114CA/C:Mats & Meth Of Construct I00000
ARTS 251Intro To Sculpt00000
ARAC 615Materials & Methods Studies00000
ARTS 281CWrld Art Hist: Ancient Renaiss00000
ACCT 501Fund of Accounting & Finance00000
ARTS 303Animation & Multimedia I00000
ARAC 641Computer Simulations&Graphics00000
ARTS 364Advanced Photographic Lighting00000
AETC 206CCadd Docs/Spec & Estimate00000
ARTS 460Video for the Arts00000
ARCP 116Material And Methods II00000
AVMT 124CAircraft Metallic Structures00000
ARTS 490Senior Portfolio00000
ARCP 244Mechan & Elec Sys00000
BGMT 104Intro To Business00000
AETC 295CSeminar00000
BGMT 305Conceptual Found Of Bus00000
ARCP 321Hist & Theory Of Arch I00000
BGMT 312Introduction to Digital Analyt00000
ADED 514Adult Learning Dev. and Motiv.00000
BGMT 409Org Theory & Behavior00000
ARCP 411Prof Ethics & Practice I00000
BGMT 509Sys Approach & Proj Mgmt00000
APCT 110Intro Programming (Python)00000
BGMT 535Business Analytics & Statistic00000
ARCP 504Urban & Comm Design II00000
BIOL 102Biological Science II with SI00000
ACCT 402Auditing II00000
BIOL 105CIntroduction to NanoTechnology00000
ARCP 520Architectural Design Theory00000
BIOL 112CFund Hum Anat & Phys II00000
APCT 115Computing Foundations00000
BIOL 114Fund Anat & Phys II Lab00000
ARTD 105Foundations of Design00000
BIOL 234Botany Lab00000
ADED 594Qual Research & Assmnt00000
BIOL 295Critcal Thinking Skill-Biology00000
ARTD 201Computer Illustration00000
BIOL 331Cell Biology I00000
APCT 233CComputer Scienc I Lab JAVA00000
BIOL 364Embryology Lab00000
ARTD 208CHistory Of Graphic Design00000
BIOL 491Molecular Biology Lab00000
ACCT 202CPrin Of Accounting II00000
BIOL 585Canc Ed and Fld Study00000
ARTD 310Applied Typography00000
BLAW 318Commercial Law00000
ARAC 601Design Studio I00000
ARTS 231CIntro to Painting00000
ACCT 201Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 312Fed Income Tx Accnt I00000
ADED 503Culture, Cont&Crit Andragogy00000
AETC 246CA/C:Environmental Systems II00000
ARCP 202Architectural Studio II00000
AUCT 501Bayesian Statistics00000