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UD Course Reviews

University of Dayton

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 310Ecology00000
BIO 442Developmental Bio00000
ANT 497Service Learning Experience00000
BIE 595Special Problems00000
ASI 341St:Chinese Lang & Cult00000
AES 440SCL-App AF Training00000
BIO 409Ecological Restoration00000
AEE 513Propulsion00000
ARA 391Read/Speak MSA00000
AEE 558Compu Fluid Dyn00000
BIE 507Bioengr Exp Tech00000
ASI 371Prf Eth Glgl Cm-Bus00000
AES 322Air Frc Ldshp Std II00000
BIO 152Concepts of Bio II00000
ACC 707Critical Thinking00000
BIO 395GlobalEnvironmentalBio00000
ANT 315Language & Culture00000
BIO 421Biological Problems00000
ACC 341Acc Sys and Analytics00000
BIO 461LInvertbrt Zoology Lab00000
AEE 543Analy Mech-Cmp Matls00000
ASI 160First-Year Seminar00000
ACC 412DInternatl Acc-IFRS00000
ASI 346Healthy Children00000
AEE 599Master's Thesis00000
BAN 791Business Analytics00000
ASI 397Hrs Capstone00000
AES 221Evl-US AF Air&Sp; II00000
BIE 551Trans Phen Bio Sys00000
ACC 603AAdvanced Financial Accounting00000
BIO 101Life,Environ&Society00000
AES 340Icl Llab00000
BIO 301LEvolution Lab00000
ACC 300APrinciples of Financial Accounting00000
BIO 312General Genetics00000
AMS 478Honors Thesis Project00000
BIO 403LPhysiology Lab00000
AEE 503Intr Continuum Mech00000
BIO 415Neurobiology00000
ANT 352Cultures Lat America00000
BIO 440Cell Biology00000
ABD 148Global Ctzn Travel00000
BIO 452LBio River&Lake Lab00000
ARA 301Arabic Conv & Com I00000
BIO 462Molecular Biology00000
ACC 408Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ASI 120Dev West Global Ctxt00000
AEE 553Compressible Flow00000
ASI 320Cities and Energy00000
ABD 800Study Abroad- Law00000
ASI 343Special Topics in Philosophy Study00000
AEE 590Exprmntal Aerodynmcs00000
ASI 357Vocation & the Arts00000
ACC 421Taxes & Bus Strategy00000
ASI 374Prof Ethics Glob Community-PHL00000
AES 120GMC-Leadership Lab00000
BAN 618Advanced Business Analytics00000
ASI 495Integrat Cap India00000
AES 130Gmc Llab00000
BIE 503Princ Biol for Bioen00000
ACC 602AInformatn Assurance00000
BIE 521Biomechanical Egr00000
AES 230Ftp Llab00000
BIE 561Biomed Engr I00000
ACC 300BPrinciples of Managerial Accounting00000
BIE 598Capstone Project00000
AES 330ICL-App AF Training00000
BIO 151Concepts of Bio I00000
ACC 701Professional Speakers Forum00000
BIO 299Biology Seminar00000
AES 431Ntl Sec Aff&Prep I00000
BIO 309LComp Anatomy Lab00000
ABD 146Spain Field Study00000
BIO 311Intro Entomology00000
AMS 300American Cultures00000
BIO 314Plant Biology00000
ACC 709Acc Theory & Research00000
BIO 402LVertebrate Zoology Laboratory00000
ANT 150Cultural Anthropolgy00000
BIO 407Plant Diversity & Ecology00000
ACC 305Intrm Financial Acc I00000
BIO 411LGen Microbiology Lab00000
ANT 336Medical Anthropology00000
BIO 416Neuroscience Seminar00000
AEE 505Adv Aero Sys Des∬00000
BIO 435Microbial Ecology00000
ANT 368Immigration&Immigrants00000
BIO 440LCell Bio Lab00000
ABD 123EGR in Costa Rica00000
BIO 450Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ARA 101Basic Profncy ARA I00000
BIO 459Envirnmntl Ecology00000
AEE 538Intro-Aeroelasticity00000
ARA 309Intens. pract. in Arabic00000
ABD 000Study Abroad00000
ABD 124Film in Costa Rica00000
ACC 200Intro to Accounting00000
ACC 497Professional Work Experience00000
AES 121Found-US Air Frce I00000
BAI 103LBus Computing Lab00000