UD Course Reviews

University of Dayton

BIO 553Rsrch Meth in Ecol00000
CEE 450Civil Engr Design00000
ASI 357Vocation & the Arts00000
BIO 435Microbial Ecology00000
BIE 590Selected Readings00000
ARA 101Basic Profncy ARA I00000
CEE 200Prof Development Sem00000
AEE 546Finite Elmnt Anly I00000
BAN 618Advanced Business Analytics00000
AES 121Found-US Air Frce I00000
BIO 411LGen Microbiology Lab00000
BIO 301LEvolution Lab00000
AMS 478Honors Thesis Project00000
BIO 503College Teach Sem00000
ACC 707Critical Thinking00000
BIZ 200Survey of Business00000
ASI 120Dev West Global Ctxt00000
CEE 333Water Resources Engr00000
ACC 491Honors Thesis00000
CEE 504Structural Dynamics00000
AEE 590Exprmntal Aerodynmcs00000
BIE 511Biomaterials00000
ACC 602AInformatn Assurance00000
BIO 151Concepts of Bio I00000
AES 221Evl-US AF Air&Sp; II00000
BIO 403LPhysiology Lab00000
BIO 310LEcology Lab00000
AES 440SCL-App AF Training00000
BIO 415LNeurobiology Laboratory00000
ACC 695Individual Research00000
BIO 445Evolution&Devlpmnt00000
ANT 368Immigration&Immigrants00000
BIO 521General Microbiology00000
ACC 412CInternatl Acc-IFRS00000
BIO 699Dissertation00000
ARA 302Arabic Conv & Com II00000
CAP 306Prac Arg Vis Rhet Non-Cath Tra00000
AEE 507Orbitl Dynamics00000
CEE 311LCivil Engr Matls Lab00000
ASI 341St:Chinese Lang & Cult00000
CEE 422Dsgn&Constr Prj Mgt00000
ACC 207Intro-Financial Acc00000
CEE 499SP:Environmental00000
ASI 397Hrs Capstone00000
CEE 507Masonry Design00000
ACC 497Professional Work Experience00000
BIE 503Princ Biol for Bioen00000
AEE 599Master's Thesis00000
BIE 551Trans Phen Bio Sys00000
ACC 300BPrinciples of Managerial Accounting00000
BIE 598Capstone Project00000
AES 130Gmc Llab00000
BIO 152LConcepts Bio II-Lab00000
ACC 603AAdvanced Financial Accounting00000
BIO 309LComp Anatomy Lab00000
AES 270Extended Gmc Llab I00000
BIO 402LVertebrate Zoology Laboratory00000
BIO 312General Genetics00000
AES 430SCL-App AF Training00000
BIO 409LEcological Restoration Laboratory00000
ACC 609ASpTopics-Accounting00000
BIO 415Neurobiology00000
AMS 300American Cultures00000
BIO 427Immunology00000
ACC 341Acc Sys and Analytics00000
BIO 442Developmental Bio00000
ANT 315Language & Culture00000
BIO 459LEnvirnmtl Eco Lab00000
ACC 701Professional Speakers Forum00000
BIO 512Genetics of Human Disease00000
ANT 497Service Learning Experience00000
BIO 550Biometrics00000
ABD 500PASinSwaziland00000
BIO 596Darwin Then & Now00000
ARA 202Intermed Ara II00000
BIZ 102Intro to Business00000
AEE 501Fund Aerodynamics00000
BIZ 497Lab Work Experience00000
ARA 391Read/Speak MSA00000
CAP 308Immigrants,Refugees&NatlImages00000
ACC 420Federal Income Taxation00000
CEE 221LCivil Computatn Lab00000
ASI 170Applied Learning Strategies00000
CEE 313Hydraulics00000
AEE 538Intro-Aeroelasticity00000
CEE 411Dsg-Steel Structures00000
ASI 346Healthy Children00000
CEE 426Risk and uncertainty analysis00000
ABD 124Film in Costa Rica00000
CEE 493Honors Thesis00000
ASI 372Prf Eth Glgl Cm-Edu00000
CEE 501Struct. Analysis by Computer00000
AEE 558Compu Fluid Dyn00000
ASI 599Special Topics00000
ABD 000Study Abroad00000
ABD 147Intl Med Exp00000
ACC 305Intrm Financial Acc I00000
ACC 605CInternatl Acc-IFRS00000
AES 331AF Leadrshp Std I00000
BIO 359Sustainable Biosphre00000