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UCSD Course Reviews

University of California, San Diego

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 6AGeneral Chemistry I55441
CSE 21Math/Algorithm&Systems Analys41351
BGGN 220FShaping Cell Function00000
ANTH 281AProseminar00000
BIEB 152Evol of Infectious Diseases00000
BENG 292Scientific Ethics00000
ANTH 110The Climate Change Seminar00000
BGSE 205Graduate Research Seminar00000
ANSC 123Political Anthropology00000
AUD 265Aural Rehabilitation00000
ANSC 149Conflict, Health, & Inequality00000
BENG 103BBioengineering Mass Transfer00000
BENG 209Cont Mechnc Appld to Med/Biogy00000
ANTH 4Words/Worlds/Intro to AN/Lang00000
BGGN 206AConcepts/Reasoning/Exprmt I00000
ANES 401Anesthesiology Clerkship00000
BGGN 251Computational Cell Neurobio00000
ANTH 222AnthropologicalStudy/Subjectiv00000
BICD 130Embryos, Genes, & Development00000
ANAR 160Ancient Maya: Arch Prob/Persp00000
BILD 18Human Impact on the Environmnt00000
ANSC 140Human Rights II: Contemp Issue00000
BENG 2Intro Computer Prog & MATLAB00000
ANBI 130Biology of Inequality00000
BENG 127ADesign Dev.Molec. Systems BENG00000
ANSC 156Mad Films00000
BENG 135Biomedical Signals & Systems00000
BENG 187ABENG Design Project: Planning00000
ANSC 190Yoga Practices00000
BENG 233Neuromusc Physiology/Biomechcs00000
ANES 199Independent Study00000
BENG 501Teaching Experience00000
ANTH 101Foundations/Social Complexity00000
BGGN 214Introduction to Q-Biology00000
ANAR 121Cyber-Archaeology00000
BGGN 236Advanced Glycobiology00000
ANTH 200Special Topics in Anthropology00000
BGGN 502Evid. Based Teach/Learn Bio00000
ANSC 105Global Health and Inequality00000
BIBC 151Chem of Bio Interactions00000
ANTH 251Ethnography/Modernity00000
BIEB 121Ecology Laboratory00000
AESE 278EPatterns/Enterpr Architecting00000
BILD 1The Cell00000
ANTH 298Independent Study00000
BILD 32Intro to Cancer Biology00000
ANBI 100Special Topic/Biological Anth00000
AUD 272Centrl Aud Proc Assessm/Mgmt00000
ANSC 146Global Health Persp/HIV00000
BENG 99HIndependent Study00000
AIP 97Academic Internship00000
BENG 119ADesign Biomechanics00000
ANSC 154Gender and Religion00000
BENG 130Biotech Thermodynamics & Kinet00000
ANBI 136Human Comparative Neuroanatomy00000
BENG 141Biomedical Optics and Imaging00000
ANSC 165Contemporary South Asia00000
BENG 149ADesign Develpmnt Vascular BENG00000
BENG 186APrinciples/Biomaterials Design00000
ANSC 183Visualizing the Human00000
BENG 196Bioeng Industrial Internship00000
ANBI 159Biological&Cult Persptv/Intell00000
BENG 227Transport Phenom/Living Systms00000
ANSC 196Human Rights Advocacy Seminar00000
BENG 247CBioNanotechnology00000
ANAR 114Environmental Hazards - Israel00000
BENG 295BENG Design Proj & Industr Trn00000
ANTH 25Research In Anthropology00000
BGGN 202Prof Develop for Biologists00000
ANES 296Independent Study00000
BGGN 210Neurobiology Boot Camp00000
ANTH 106Climate and Civilization00000
BGGN 218Drug Dev and Pharmacology00000
AESE 261Managing Stakeholder Rltnships00000
BGGN 231Current Concpts/Stem CellBiol00000
ANTH 196AHonors Studies in Anthropology00000
BGGN 248Molecular Mechanisms/Neural De00000
ANES 403Critical Care Medicine Clerksp00000
BGGN 259Quantitative Physiology00000
ANTH 215Adv Top/Sociocultural Anthro00000
BGRD 200Research Discussion00000
ANAR 155Stdy Abrd: Ancient Mesoamerica00000
BIBC 103Biochemical Techniques00000
ANTH 230Department Colloquium00000
BICD 110Cell Biology00000
ANSC 119Gesture, Communication & Body00000
BICD 194Adv Topics-Cellular Dev00000
ANTH 280DCore Sem/Anthro Archaeology00000
BIEB 143Comp Modeling in Evol/Ecol00000
AAS 190Sp Topics/Af-Am Studies00000
BIEB 166Animal Behavior&Communication00000
ANTH 295Master's Thesis Preparation00000
BILD 4Introductory Biology Lab00000
ANSC 133Peoples&Cultures/Middle East00000
BENG 162Biotechnology Laboratory00000
AUD 236Preceptorship in Neuro-Otology00000
AAS 10Intro/African-American Studies00000
AAS 500Apprentice Teaching00000
AIP 197TAIP: Special Programs00000
ANBI 143The Human Skeleton00000