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UCSD Course Reviews

University of California, San Diego

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 6AGeneral Chemistry I55441
CSE 21Math/Algorithm&Systems Analys41351
BGGN 259Quantitative Physiology00000
AUD 298Independent Research00000
BIMM 143Bioinformatics Laboratory00000
BENG 501Teaching Experience00000
ANTH 273Colloquium in Science Studies00000
BILD 2Multicellular Life00000
ANSC 147Global Health and Environment00000
BENG 91Topics in Bioeng and Medicine00000
ANSC 186Gender and Incarceration00000
BENG 129ADesign Develp.Cell System BENG00000
BENG 247CBioNanotechnology00000
ANTH 205Post/DeColonial Anthropology00000
BGGN 220DChromatin Struct. & Transc Reg00000
ANSC 120Religion and Culture00000
BICD 156Population Genetics00000
ANTH 288Archaelology Practicum00000
BILD 87Freshman Seminar00000
ANBI 135Genetic Anthro Lab Techniques00000
BIOM 229Advanced Anthropogeny00000
ANSC 165Contemporary South Asia00000
BENG 110Muskoloskeletal Biomechanics00000
ANBI 174Conservation/ Media: Film Lab00000
BENG 140BBioengineering Physiology00000
ANTH 2Human Origins00000
BENG 166ACell and Tissue Engineering00000
BENG 227Transport Phenom/Living Systms00000
ANTH 110The Climate Change Seminar00000
BENG 292Scientific Ethics00000
ANSC 105Global Health and Inequality00000
BGGN 208Biologicl Scien/Grad Boot Camp00000
ANTH 230Department Colloquium00000
BGGN 245Adv Topics/Cancer Res&Therapy00000
ANBI 100Special Topic/Biological Anth00000
BGGN 292Professional Path Fund/BiolSci00000
ANTH 280FCore Seminar in Linguistic Ant00000
BIEB 146Genome Diversity and Dynamics00000
ANSC 137Chinese Popular Religion00000
BILD 30Biol of Plagues:Past & Present00000
AUD 257Ear Diseases & Treatment00000
BIMM 114Virology00000
AIP 197TAIP: Special Programs00000
BIOM 202Biomed Sci Research Rotation00000
AWP 4BAnalytical Writing B00000
BIOM 238Prac Histopathology/Mouse Modl00000
ANBI 143The Human Skeleton00000
BENG 100Intro to Prob & Stats for BENG00000
ANSC 183Visualizing the Human00000
BENG 125Modeling & Computatio/Bioengr00000
ANAR 115Coastal Geomorphology/Environ00000
BENG 135Biomedical Signals & Systems00000
ANSC 190Yoga Practices00000
BENG 149ADesign Develpmnt Vascular BENG00000
ANES 227Intro Clinical Pain Management00000
BENG 179ADesign Develop.Bioinstrumntatn00000
ANTH 21Race and Racisms00000
BENG 187DBENG Design Proj:Presentation00000
BENG 221Mathematical Methods/Bioeng00000
ANTH 105Climate Change, Race,& Inequal00000
BENG 234Neurophysiol/Molecules-Systems00000
ANES 427Surgical Critical Care00000
BENG 280CImaging Cardiovascular Disease00000
ANTH 196CHonors Studies in Anthropology00000
BENG 295BENG Design Proj & Industr Trn00000
ANAR 160Ancient Maya: Arch Prob/Persp00000
BGGN 204Topics/Community&Popultn Ecol00000
ANTH 222AnthropologicalStudy/Subjectiv00000
BGGN 214Introduction to Q-Biology00000
ANSC 117Transgenderisms00000
BGGN 227Graduate Topics/ Plant Biology00000
ANTH 260Sem in Med/Psych Anthropology00000
BGGN 251Computational Cell Neurobio00000
AIP 197PPublic Service Internship00000
BGGN 280Adv Topics-Biochemistry00000
ANTH 280BCore Seminar in Cultural Anthr00000
BICD 104Genetic Neurobiology00000
ANSC 123Political Anthropology00000
BIEB 126Plant Ecology00000
ANTH 281CProseminar00000
BIEB 154Evolutionary Inquiry00000
ANBI 130Biology of Inequality00000
BILD 10Fundamental Concepts/Modrn Bio00000
ANTH 298Independent Study00000
BILD 60DEI in Relation to Human Bio00000
ANSC 142Anthropology of Latin America00000
BILD 99Independent Research00000
AUD 272Centrl Aud Proc Assessm/Mgmt00000
BIMM 121Microbiology Laboratory00000
AESE 241Decision and Risk Analysis00000
BIOM 200AMolecules to Organisms:Concept00000
AWP 2AAnalytical Writing A00000
BIOM 222Advanced Glycobiology00000
ANSC 154Gender and Religion00000
BENG 193Clinical Exp in Bioengineering00000
AWP 500Apprentice Teaching in the AWP00000
AAS 185#BlackLivesMatter00000
AESE 279AAESE Quarterly Team Project00000
ANAR 138The Emergence of Civilization00000
ANES 401Anesthesiology Clerkship00000