UConn Stamford Course Reviews

University of Connecticut - Stamford

ENGL 3318Literature and Culture of the Third World00000
FNCE 5512Fixed Income Instruments and Markets00000
DMD 3998Variable Topics00000
ENGL 2201WAmerican Literature to 188000000
ECON 2499Independent Study00000
DMD 23103D Modeling I00000
FNCE 4303Advanced Issues in Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management00000
CHIN 1121Traditional Chinese Culture00000
ECON 1201Principles of Microeconomics00000
COMM 3200Interpersonal Communication00000
ENGL 1010Seminar in Academic Writing00000
ECON 3461Organization of Industry00000
DMD 1030Animation Lab00000
ENGL 2411WPopular Literature00000
BLAW 5750Ethics and Compliance in the Global Organization00000
ENGL 4965WAdvanced Studies in Early Literature00000
DMD 3099Independent Study00000
FNCE 5312Financial Institutions - A Risk Management Approach00000
BADM 3104Operations Management00000
GRAD 5999Thesis Preparation00000
COMM 2000QResearch Methods in Communication00000
ECON 2311Empirical Methods in Economics I00000
BADM 3625Integrated Marketing Communications in the Digital Age00000
ECON 3422International Finance00000
COMM 4998Variable Topics00000
EEB 2202Evolution and Human Diversity00000
ECON 3499Independent Study00000
CSE 4300Operating Systems00000
ENGL 1616WMajor Works of English & American Literature00000
BADM 5310Experiential Learning Collaborative Project00000
ENGL 2301Anglophone Literatures00000
DMD 2020Design Thinking00000
ENGL 3010WAdvanced Composition for Prospective Teachers00000
ART 2410Basic Studio, Photography00000
ENGL 3613Introduction to LGBT Literature00000
DMD 3020Design Lab00000
FNCE 3101Financial Management00000
CHEM 2443Organic Chemistry00000
FNCE 5151Introduction to Economic Markets00000
DMD 3440Introduction to Mobile Application Development00000
FNCE 5341Financial Risk Management III - Advanced Topics00000
ANTH 1000Peoples and Cultures of the World00000
FREN 1104Intermediate French II00000
DMD 4081Digital Media Internship00000
HDFS 1060Close Relationships Across the Lifespan00000
BADM 3370Global Marketing Strategy00000
ECON 2110History of Economic Thought00000
COMM 2600Media in the Information Age00000
ECON 2491Internship Research Paper00000
ANTH 2000WSocial Anthropology00000
ECON 3413Financial Economics00000
COMM 3530Public Relations00000
ECON 3438Contemporary Problems in Economics00000
BADM 3750Introduction to Marketing Management00000
ECON 3492Practicum00000
CSE 2102Introduction to Software Engineering00000
EDLR 5406Talent Management: Supervision and Performance Evaluation00000
EDLR 5302Program Evaluation for School Improvement00000
CSE 3502Theory of Computation00000
ENGL 1003English for Non Native Speakers00000
BADM 4891Field Study Internship00000
ENGL 1103Renaissance and Modern Western Literature00000
CSE 4940Computer Science and Engineering Design Project II00000
ENGL 2100British Literature I00000
ART 1030Drawing I00000
ENGL 2214African American Literature00000
DMD 1101Design Lab I00000
ENGL 2408Modern Drama00000
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
ENGL 2600Introduction to Literary Studies00000
DMD 2210Film and Video Editing I00000
ENGL 3113WRenaissance English Literature00000
AMST 1201Introduction to American Studies00000
ENGL 3509Studies in Individual Writers00000
DMD 2700Digital Media Strategies for Business I00000
ENGL 3703Writing Workshop00000
CE 2110Applied Mechanics I00000
ENGR 3025EDOC: Engineering for Impact00000
DMD 3035Interaction Design00000
FNCE 4209Applications in Financial Management00000
ARTH 1138Introduction to Art History: 15th Century - Present00000
FNCE 4420Alternative Investments and Risk Management00000
DMD 3220Broadcast Graphics and Title Sequence00000
FNCE 5209Corporate Finance00000
CHIN 1111Elementary Chinese I00000
FNCE 5322Financial Risk Management I - Equity Markets00000
DMD 3720Digital Media Analytics00000
FNCE 5352Financial Programming and Modeling00000
ACCT 3260Federal Income Taxes00000
FREN 1101Elementary French I00000
DMD 4025Portfolio and Professional Development: Putting it All Toget...00000
GPS 3099Independent Study00000
COMM 1000The Process of Communication00000
DRAM 1110Introduction to Film00000
ACCT 2001Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 5123Cost Analysis and Control00000
ART 1000Art Appreciation00000
BADM 4243Assurance Services00000
CSE 3140Cybersecurity Lab00000
EDLR 5310Creating and Sustaining a Positive School Climate00000