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UConn Hartford Course Reviews

University of Connecticut - Hartford

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MKTG 5655Pricing and Revenue Management00000
POPR 5312Political Advocacy00000
HBEL 5352Death and Dying00000
MGMT 4902Strategic Analysis00000
HDFS 5000Independent Study00000
ENGL 2214African American Literature00000
OPIM 5895Special Topics in Information Management00000
DRAM 1710Exploration of Acting00000
GEOG 3200Urban Geography00000
EDCI 5850Introduction to Curriculum00000
MATH 1011QIntroductory College Algebra and Mathematical Modeling00000
HIST 2810Crime, Policing, and Punishment in the United States00000
EMBA 5582Managing Teams and Organization Culture00000
MGMT 5680Talent Management Through the Employee Lifecycle00000
COMM 3200Interpersonal Communication00000
OPIM 5181Introduction to Data Analytics00000
GEOG 2410New Digital Worlds of Geographic Information Science00000
POLS 2998WPolitical Issues00000
BADM 5310Experiential Learning Collaborative Project00000
PP 5361Theory and Management of Public Service Organizations00000
ECON 5314Causal Program Evaluation00000
HDFS 3340Individual and Family Interventions00000
BASC 5362Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Macro and Micro Th...00000
HIST 1502WU.S. History Since 187700000
EDLR 5404Organizational Leadership: Culture and Parent and Community...00000
LAND 2210The Common (Shared) Landscape of the USA: Rights, Responsibi...00000
HIST 3609Latin America in the National Period00000
EMBA 5161Customer Insights00000
MCB 1895Special Topics in Molecular and Cell Biology00000
CHEM 1128QGeneral Chemistry II00000
MGMT 5615Leadership00000
EMBA 5933Alternative Investments and Risk Management00000
MKTG 3665Digital Marketing00000
BADM 3750Introduction to Marketing Management00000
OPIM 3505Business Database Management00000
ENGL 2600Introduction to Literary Studies00000
OPIM 5509Introduction to Deep Learning00000
CSWK 5302Casework Practice Approaches: Differential Applications00000
PHYS 1502QPhysics for Engineers II00000
GRWK 5342Group Work Practice in Therapeutic Settings.00000
POLS 3817Law and Society00000
ACCT 5894Special Topics in Accounting00000
PP 5336Fund Development and Nonprofit Sustainability00000
HCHE 1054Taken At Trinity Col00000
PP 5372Capstone Portfolio00000
BADM 5351Fund Management II00000
HDFS 3110Social and Community Influence on Children in the United Sta...00000
EDCI 5090TCPCG Directed Student Teaching00000
HDFS 3540WChild Welfare, Law and Social Policy00000
AFRA 2211Introduction to Africana Studies00000
HIST 1203Women in History00000
EDLR 5303Supervision of Educational Organizations00000
HIST 2401WEurope in the Nineteenth Century00000
BLAW 3175The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business00000
HIST 3522History of Connecticut00000
EDLR 5412Organizational Leadership: Developing Organizational and Lea...00000
INTD 3999Independent Study00000
IGFP 5302Advanced Practice with Individuals, Groups and Families: The...00000
EEB 2245Evolutionary Biology00000
LLAS 1190Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean00000
CHEM 1122Chemical Principles and Applications00000
MATH 1071QCalculus for Business and Economics00000
EMBA 5332Capital Budgeting and Corporate Financial Policy00000
MGMT 3101Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior00000
BADM 3104Operations Management00000
MGMT 5184Strategic Fit and Coordination00000
EMBA 5772Supply Chain Management00000
MGMT 5650Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership00000
COMM 1300Mass Communication Systems00000
MKTG 3101Introduction to Marketing Management00000
ENGL 1616WMajor Works of English and American Literature00000
MKTG 5250Marketing Research and Intelligence00000
ACCT 5563Enterprise Risk Management: Identify Events as Risks to Mana...00000
MUSI 1003Popular Music and Diversity in American Society00000
ENGL 2401Poetry00000
OPIM 5103Managerial Statistics00000
CORG 5354Field Education in Community Organization IV00000
OPIM 5501Visual Analytics00000
ENGL 3122Irish Literature in English since 193900000
OPIM 5604Predictive Modeling00000
BADM 5170Foundations of Economic Environments00000
PHIL 1108EEnvironmental Philosophy00000
GRAD 6999Dissertation Preparation00000
POLS 1602WIntroduction to American Politics00000
DRAM 1101Introduction to the Theatre00000
POLS 3414National and International Security00000
GSCI 1051Earth's Dynamic Environment (Lecture)00000
POLS 3999Independent Study00000
ACCT 5505Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professi...00000
PP 5325Labor-Management Relations, Negotiation, and Contract Manage...00000
HBEL 5381Child Maltreatment: History, Theory, Prevention and Interven...00000
PP 5345Project Management in the Public Sector00000
ECE 2001Electrical Circuits00000
HCMI 5632Internship in Health Care Management00000
ACCT 5122Financial Reporting I00000
ACCT 5545Business Law, Business Ethics, and Public Accounting00000
ARAB 1771Modern Arabic Culture00000
BUSN 1801Contemporary Issues in the World of Business00000
EEB 2100EGlobal Change Ecology00000
IGFP 5353Advanced Field Education III00000