UConn Hartford Course Reviews

University of Connecticut - Hartford

FNCE 5610Personal Financial Planning00000
HCMI 5243Health Care Economics00000
EMBA 5001Current Business Topics00000
FNCE 3303Principles of Investments and Derivatives00000
ENGL 1701Creative Writing I00000
EDLR 5092Practicum: Administrative Field Experience00000
GRWK 5302Differential Group Work: Populations and Settings00000
BASC 5390Macro Foundation Practice00000
EMBA 5772Supply Chain Management00000
COMM 2200Interpersonal Communication00000
EPSY 5396Directed Student Teaching for Students in the Teacher Certif...00000
ENGL 2411WPopular Literature00000
ECON 2439Urban Development and Policy00000
FNCE 5344Advanced Issues and Applications in Risk Management III00000
BADM 5170Foundations of Economic Environments00000
GEOG 2300Introduction to Physical Geography00000
EDLR 5411Legal Aspects of Education00000
HBEL 5352Death and Dying00000
AMST 1201Introduction to American Studies00000
HDFS 3311Parenthood and Parenting00000
CHEM 1127QGeneral Chemistry I00000
EMBA 5993Sustainable Competitive Strategy00000
ANSC 1111Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feeding00000
ENGL 2274WDisability in American Literature and Culture00000
CORG 5300Advanced Macro Practice00000
EPSY 3098Variable Topics00000
ENGL 3422Young Adult Literature00000
DRAM 1710Exploration of Acting00000
FED 5311Field Education Seminar IV00000
ARAB 1751Traditional Arab Literatures, Cultures, and Civilizations00000
FNCE 5151Introduction to Economic Markets00000
EDCI 5090TCPCG Directed Student Teaching00000
FNCE 5512Fixed Income Instruments and Markets00000
ADMN 5354Field Education in Administration IV00000
GEOG 1200The City in the Western Tradition00000
EDLR 5404Organizational Leadership: Culture and Parent and Community...00000
GEOG 2410New Digital Worlds of Geographic Information Science00000
BADM 5331SCOPE II: Social Innovation Processes00000
GSCI 1000EThe Human Epoch: Living in the Anthropocene00000
EEB 2202Evolution and Human Diversity00000
HCHE 1051Taken Cap Comm-Tech00000
ACCT 5555Data Analytics: Accounting Applications00000
HDFS 3092Research Practicum in Human Development and Family Sciences00000
EMBA 5462Driving Market Demand00000
HDFS 3421Low Income Families00000
AMST 2274WDisability in American Literature and Culture00000
EMBA 5863Managing Brand Value00000
COMM 1000The Process of Communication00000
ENGL 1010Seminar in Academic Writing00000
ACCT 5571Taxation of Business Entities00000
ENGL 2200Literature and Culture of North America before 180000000
COMM 3100Persuasion00000
ENGL 2407The Short Story00000
ANTH 1500Great Discoveries in Archaeology00000
ENGL 3215Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African American Literat...00000
CORG 5355Block Placement in Community Organization00000
ENGR 1166Foundations of Engineering00000
ENGL 3711Creative Writing for Child and Young Adult Readers00000
CSWK 5354Field Education in Social Casework IV00000
EPSY 5142Individualized Positive Behavior Support00000
ANTH 3403Women and Religion00000
FED 5301Field Education Seminar I00000
ECE 2000Electrical and Computer Engineering Principles00000
FED 5351Field Education Foundation I00000
ACCT 5895Independent Study in Accounting00000
FNCE 4306Financial Services00000
EDCI 5008Philosophical Analysis in Education00000
FNCE 5332Financial Risk Management II - Fixed Income Markets00000
BADM 3103Business Information Systems00000
FNCE 5409Advanced Valuation and Portfolio Management00000
EDCI 5715Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition00000
FNCE 5533Real Estate Capital Markets00000
ACCT 5545Business Law, Business Ethics, and Public Accounting00000
FNCE 5894Seminar00000
EDLR 5304Curriculum Laboratory00000
GEOG 1700World Regional Geography00000
BADM 5183Communicating for Impact B00000
GEOG 2400EIntroduction to Sustainable Cities00000
EDLR 5409Organizational Leadership: Improving Educational Organizatio...00000
GRAD 5999Thesis Preparation00000
AFRA 3033Race and Policy00000
GRWK 5342Group Work Practice in Therapeutic Settings.00000
EDLR 6302School District Policy, Politics, and Governance00000
HBEL 5300Substance Abuse I: Intro to Alcohol and Other Drugs00000
BASC 5300Human Oppression: The African-American and Puerto Rican Pers...00000
HBEL 5370The LGBTQ Experience: Sexual and Gender Diversities00000
EEB 2245Evolutionary Biology00000
HCHE 1056Taken at MCC00000
ACCT 5260Federal Income Taxation00000
HDFS 2001Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Sciences00000
EMBA 5231Fundamentals of Financial Management00000
HDFS 3141Developmental Approaches to Intergroup Relations and Victimi...00000
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
EMBA 5651Managing Information Technology00000
ACCT 5122Financial Reporting I00000
ACCT 5533Contemporary Managerial Accounting Issues00000
ACCT 5582Research for Accounting Professionals00000
ANTH 2501Introduction to Archaeology00000
CSWK 5302Casework Practice Approaches: Differential Applications00000
ENGL 6000Independent Study00000