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UConn Avery Point Course Reviews

University of Connecticut - Avery Point

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 1401QGeneral Physics with Calculus I00000
ARE 3434Environmental and Resource Policy00000
ENGL 3652Maritime Literature to 180000000
MATH 1071QCalculus for Business and Economics00000
HDFS 2200Human Development: Adulthood and Aging00000
ECON 2467Economics of the Oceans00000
SOCI 2503Prejudice and Discrimination00000
MARN 3505Remote Sensing of Marine Geography00000
GEOG 2300Introduction to Physical Geography00000
MARN 4891Internship in Marine Sciences00000
MAST 2467Economics of the Oceans00000
MARN 4210QExperimental Design in Marine Ecology00000
CE 3110Mechanics of Materials00000
MUSI 1001Music Appreciation00000
MARN 1003Introduction to Oceanography with Laboratory00000
POLS 3999Independent Study00000
ENGL 1011Seminar in Writing through Literature00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ENGL 3265WAmerican Studies Methods00000
CHEM 2444Organic Chemistry00000
MARN 4018Ecology of Fishes00000
GRAD 6950Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
ENGL 4600WAdvanced Study: Seminars in Literature00000
MARN 3899Independent Study00000
AMST 1201Introduction to American Studies00000
MAST 1200Introduction to Maritime Culture00000
MARN 5033Marine and Atmospheric Processes of Global Change00000
ARE 3437Marine Fisheries Economics and Policy00000
MAST 3991Supervised Internship in Maritime Studies00000
HIST 4994WSenior Seminar00000
ME 2233Thermodynamic Principles00000
CSE 1010Introduction to Computing for Engineers00000
NURS 4554Theory and Nursing Practice for Adult Acute Care00000
ENGL 2203WAmerican Literature Since 188000000
POLS 2622State and Local Government00000
EEB 2100EGlobal Change Ecology00000
PSYC 3201Animal Behavior00000
MARN 3001Foundations of Marine Sciences00000
UNIV 1820First Year Seminar00000
ENGL 2600Introduction to Literary Studies00000
ANTH 2000WSocial Anthropology00000
EDCI 5055TCPCG Seminar II: Teacher as Professional00000
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
EPSY 5142Individualized Positive Behavior Support00000
CSE 2300WDigital Logic Design00000
ENGL 3503Shakespeare I00000
GEOG 3600Global Dynamics of the Shipping Industry00000
MARN 4066River Influences on the Marine Environment00000
GSCI 1051Earth's Dynamic Environment (Lecture)00000
EDCI 5830Curriculum Laboratory00000
HDFS 3421Low Income Families00000
PSYC 2100WQPrinciples of Research in Psychology00000
MARN 4060Physical Oceanography00000
HIST 2100The Historian's Craft00000
MARN 4996Independent Research00000
AMST 3542New England Environmental History00000
MARN 6031Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry00000
MARN 5064Air-Sea Interaction00000
ANTH 3029The Caribbean00000
MAST 2101Introduction to Maritime Studies00000
HIST 3544Atlantic Voyages00000
MAST 3544Atlantic Voyages00000
BADM 2710Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
MATH 1020QProblem Solving00000
EEB 3899Independent Study00000
MATH 2210QApplied Linear Algebra00000
CHEM 2443Organic Chemistry00000
ME 5150Analytical and Applied Kinematics00000
KINS 1160Courses in Lifetime Sports Program00000
NURS 4300Clinical Science: Pharmacology and Pathophysiology00000
ECON 1201Principles of Microeconomics00000
PHIL 1106Non-western and Comparative Philosophy00000
ECON 2201Intermediate Microeconomic Theory00000
POLS 1402Introduction to International Relations00000
EDCI 5825Enhancing Classroom Curriculum with Computers and Electronic...00000
POLS 3827Politics of Crime and Justice00000
MARN 2060Introduction to Coastal Meteorology00000
PSYC 2301The Study of Personality00000
EEB 2245Evolutionary Biology00000
SOCI 1001Introduction to Sociology00000
ENGL 2408WModern Drama00000
SPAN 1003Intermediate Spanish I00000
ENGL 2276WAmerican Utopias and Dystopias00000
WGSS 2263Women, Gender, and Violence00000
MARN 3014Marine Biology00000
AMST 3502Colonial America:Native Americans, Slaves, and Settlers, 149...00000
ENGL 3319Topics in Postcolonial Studies00000
ANTH 3042Contemporary Mexico00000
CHEM 2445Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ART 1030Drawing I00000
ENGR 1000Orientation to Engineering00000
CHEG 2103Introduction to Chemical Engineering00000
MARN 4001Measurement and Analysis in Coastal Ecosystems00000
EVST 3412Global Environmental Politics00000
BIOL 1108Principles of Biology II00000
DRAM 1101Introduction to the Theatre00000
EEB 2202Evolution and Human Diversity00000
HIST 3504The American Revolution00000
ANTH 1006Introduction to Anthropology00000
MARN 5812Seminar in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation00000