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UCO Course Reviews

University of Central Oklahoma

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FRCH 1114Elementary French I00000
FRSC 4413Bloodstain Pattern Analysis00000
FMCD 3012Intro to Family Life Education00000
FNRL 1211Orientation To Funeral Service00000
FMCD 5023Theories In Fam & Ch Studies00000
FIN 4273International Finance00000
FRSC 2823Wildlife Forensics00000
ESFR 5013Found of Educational Research00000
FMCD 4413Families and Society00000
ESFR 5433Curriculum Strategies-Gifted00000
FMKT 4621Dress for the Professional00000
FMCD 5713Parent Support & Intervention00000
FIN 3423Real Estate Practice00000
FNRL 3433Introduction To Pathology00000
ENGR 5803Mechatronics & Lab00000
FRCH 4113Advanced French Grammar00000
FIN 4930IS-Fin. Institutions00000
FRSC 4253Forensic Sci Analysis & Lab00000
ENGR 4803LMechatronics Lab00000
FRSC 4553WMD Forensics00000
ESFR 5221Contemporary Class Issus00000
FMCD 4713Parent Support & Intervention00000
ENGR 4882Senior Engineering Design I00000
FMCD 5363Ethics/iss In Fam/Child Study00000
ESFR 5893Capstone Research Experience00000
FMKT 3323Fashion Accessories00000
FMCD 5960Resilience in Fam&Relationship00000
FACS 4950Internship00000
FMKT 5621Dress for the Professional00000
ENGR 5311Digital Signal Processing Lab00000
FNRL 3204Embalming00000
FIN 3553Prop/Liab Ins For The Firm00000
FNRL 4183Natural History of Bereavement00000
ENGR 4323Digital & Analog Communication00000
FRCH 3103Early Fr Culture And Civ00000
FIN 4423Employee Benefit Planning00000
FRCH 5910The French Revolution00000
ENTR 3213Innovation and Creativity00000
FRSC 3423Clandestine Laboratories00000
FLGN 5910Methods Teaching Foreign Langs00000
FRSC 4323LForensic Toxicology Lab00000
ENGR 3803Electrical Power Systems00000
FRSC 4464Digital Forensics & Lab00000
FMCD 3723Infancy/EC Dev/Field Study00000
FRSC 4613LAdv Forensic DNA Analysis Lab00000
ENGR 4852EP Senior Engineering Design I00000
FMCD 4433Policies/Progs for Older Adult00000
ESFR 5403Educational Statistics00000
FMCD 4910Sem: Intro to Child Life00000
ENGR 4123Heat Transfer00000
FMCD 5122Early Intrv w/Infant & Toddler00000
ESFR 5523Designing Instr Sec Students00000
FMCD 5523Family Law and Public Policy00000
ENGR 4950Electrical Engineering Intern.00000
FMCD 5930Infant Mental Health00000
ESFR 5910Sem: Intl Clinical Practices00000
FMKT 2323Global Protocol And Diversity00000
FMKT 1203Basic Clothing Construction00000
FACS 4453Consumer Management00000
FMKT 4343Image Building For Job Success00000
ENGR 5203Refrig & Air Conditioning00000
FMKT 4910Sem: Tech/Visual Com: Fashion00000
FACS 5990Swansea: Women in Multi Roles00000
FMKT 5632Bus/Professional Etiquette00000
ENGR 4263Engineering Optics00000
FNRL 2313Contemporary Funeral Service00000
FIN 3473Real Property Management00000
FNRL 3374Funeral Home Management I00000
ENGR 5443Fluid Dynamics00000
FNRL 3513History Of Funeral Directing00000
FIN 4243Commercial Bank Management00000
FNRL 4910Seminar In Funeral Service00000
ENGR 3613Microprocessors and Lab00000
FRCH 2113Intermediate French I00000
FIN 4383Real Estate Investment00000
FRCH 3243History of French Feminism00000
ENGR 5930Individual Study00000
FRCH 4910Narrative Art in French BD00000
FIN 4523Risk Control for the Firm00000
FRSC 2713Digital Evidence00000
ENGR 4403Adv. Control Sys. Design & Lab00000
FRSC 3223Landmark Cases00000
FLGN 2000Elementary Arabic II00000
FRSC 4153Crime Scene Photography00000
ENTR 4353Venture Launch00000
FRSC 4273Advanced Fingerprint Analysis00000
FMCD 2223Marriage00000
FRSC 4343Forensic Serology & Laboratory00000
ENGR 3363Mechanical Engineering Design00000
FRSC 4463Digital Forensics & Lab00000
FMCD 3243Adolescent Dev/Field Study00000
FRSC 4533Forensic Microscopy & Lab00000
ESFR 5172Educational Sociology00000
FMCD 4122Early Intrv w/Infant & Toddler00000
ENGR 3153Machine Dynamics00000
ENGR 3421Analog Electronics Laboratory00000
ENGR 4183Electromagnetic Fields II00000
ENGR 5103Finite Element Analysis00000
FACS 3633Problems Of Today's Consumer00000
FMKT 2203Basic Clothing Construction00000