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UCM Course Reviews

University of Central Missouri

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 3515Painting II Figure00000
ART 5412Ceramics Studio00000
AGRI 3140Agric Anlys & Stat00000
ART 2340Mtrls, Methods & Specification00000
AGRI 4430Animal Science: Beef00000
AE 1820Learning Strategies00000
ART 4360Interior Design Thesis II00000
ACST 4501Act Exam Rev-Prob Set 100000
AGRI 4101Agri Capstone Experience00000
ACST 5323Stat Aspect of Exprmntl Design00000
ART 1800Ideas and the Visual Arts00000
ANTH 3820World Archaeology00000
AE 1125Coll Success Strateg -TRIO-SSS00000
ART 3221Art in Theory: Contemp Prac00000
ACST 2310Statistics and Data Analysis00000
ART 3800History of Interiors00000
AGRI 1300Introduction to Plant Science00000
ART 4625Advanced Illustration00000
ACCT 5137Partnership Taxation00000
AT 2620Orthop Assmnt: Upper Extremity00000
ACST 4645Senior Proj in Act Sci & Stats00000
AGRI 4300Soil Fertility & Fertilizers00000
ACCT 5140Fin Accounting & Reporting II00000
ANTH 1810Human Prehistory00000
ACST 5522Life Contingencies II00000
ART 1211Photography I00000
ANTH 4820Anthropology of Gender00000
AE 1030Intro Algebra00000
ART 2300Interior Design Drafting II00000
ACCT 6160Special Topics in Auditing00000
ART 2620Typography00000
AE 1320Speclizd Math Lab MATH 182000000
ART 3412Ceramics II00000
ACCT 5120Seminar in Accounting Theory00000
ART 3640Graphic Design 2A00000
AERO 3010Leading Ppl & Effectv Comm I00000
ART 4211Photography IV00000
ACST 4315Mathematical Statistics00000
ART 4511Painting III00000
AGRI 2315Agronomy II Forages00000
ART 485020th Cent Art & Arch00000
ACCT 4105Auditing00000
AT 1625CPR/1stAid/AED Health Care Pro00000
AGRI 3420Animal Nutrition00000
AT 2631Therapeutic Modalities Lab00000
ACCT 5138Corporate Taxation & Tax Resrc00000
AGRI 4140Agricultural Policy00000
ACST 5315Mathematical Statistics00000
AGRI 4340Agricltural Sprays & Chemicals00000
ACCT 4135Internship in Accounting00000
AGRI 4600Horticultural Plants I Woody00000
ACST 5361SAS Progrmng for Stat Analysis00000
ANTH 2830Hoax & Myth in Anthropology00000
ACCT 5150Advanced Auditing00000
ANTH 3850Globalization and Culture00000
ACST 5910SP: Probability & Stats00000
ART 1010Special Projects in Art00000
ANTH 4860Museum Science00000
ACST 6950Master's Thesis00000
ART 1325Foundation II00000
ACCT 5160Data Analytics for Accountants00000
ART 1835Global Arts and Culture00000
AE 1102Writing Essentials -TRIO-SSS00000
ART 2320Bldg Systems & Sustainability00000
ACCT 5100Adv Managerial Accounting00000
ART 2412Ceramics I00000
AE 1240LSAT Test Preparation00000
ART 3210Life Drawing00000
ACST 1300Basic Statistics00000
ART 3330Interior Design Studio III00000
AE 1450Valu Diff:Dscvrng Common Grnd00000
ART 3510Watercolor00000
ACCT 3103Intermed Finan Acctg III00000
ART 3630Graphic Design 1B00000
AERO 1020Heritage & Values USAF II00000
ART 3680History of Graphic Design00000
ACST 4312Probability Models00000
ART 3911Art Ed Foundations & Literacy00000
AERO 4020Ntl Sec Afrs/Prep Actv Duty II00000
ART 4320Prof Practice for Int Des II00000
ACCT 5136Estates And Trusts00000
ART 4424Advanced Topics Ceramics00000
AGRI 1600Lab00000
ART 4600Graphic Design Internship00000
ACST 4322Time Series Models & Analysis00000
ART 4640Advanced Topics Graphic Design00000
AGRI 2425Intro Animal Production00000
ART 4920Mthds Tchg Art III St Tch Sem00000
ACCT 2102Princ Mgrl Acct00000
ART 5710Printmaking Studio00000
AGRI 3320Field Crop Management00000
AT 1650Rspndg to Emg for Prof Rescuer00000
ACST 4511Review for Actuarial Exam FM/200000
AGRI 3640Hort Propagation Mat00000
ACCT 2000Accountancy Majors Practicum00000
ACCT 2930Introduction to Income Tax00000
ACCT 4200Governmental Accounting00000
ACCT 5155Fraud Examination00000
ACST 6910ST: Multivariate Stat II00000
ANTH 4880Human Evolution00000