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UCLA Course Reviews

University of California, Los Angeles

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTHIS M243Hemispheric and Transnational Approaches to Contemporary Art...00000
ARTHIS 217DByzantine Art, Architecture, and Archaeology: Medieval Sound...00000
ANTHRO 140Study of Social Systems00000
AOSCI 274Seminar: Atmospheric Composition and Processes00000
ANTHRO 295Phenomenological Anthropology00000
ANTHRO 98TAnthropology of Water: Nature, Culture, and Power00000
ARTHIS 27Art and Architecture of Ancient Americas00000
ANNEA M104AHistory of Ancient Mesopotamia and Syria00000
ANTHRO 204Core Seminar: Linguistic Anthropology00000
ANNEA 120BElementary Ancient Egyptian00000
AOSCI 200BIntroduction to Dynamics of Earth System00000
AOSCI M203AIntroduction to Atmospheric Chemistry00000
ANTHRO M255Native American Languages and Discourses of Indigeneity00000
AOSCI 598Research for and Preparation of MS Thesis00000
AMIND 265BFederal Indian Law I00000
ARTHIS C151Selected Topics in Japanese Art: Modern and Contemporary Art...00000
ANTHRO 124TEvolution of Personality00000
ARTHIS 143Selected Topics in Latin American Art: Cuban Art00000
AFAMER 188SBIndividual Studies for USIE Facilitators00000
ARTSED M192Arts Education Undergraduate Practicum: Preparation, Observa...00000
ANNEA M101CAncient Egyptian Temple and City of Thebes00000
ANTHRO 247RModernization and Taiwan Indigenous Societies00000
AFAMER 598Research for and Preparation of MA Thesis00000
AOSCI C170Introduction to Solar System Plasmas00000
ANNEA 221BDemotic00000
AOSCI 135Ocean Change in the Anthropocene00000
AOSCI C227Advanced Dynamic and Synoptic Meteorology00000
ANTHRO M128TAmazon in Anthropocene00000
AOSCI 230BAtmospheric Chemistry II00000
AMIND 122SLCWorking in Tribal Communities: Service Learning00000
AOSCI 296HAdvanced Topics in Atmospheric Sciences: Recent Advances in...00000
ANTHRO 2Archaeology: Introduction00000
ARABIC M107Islam in West00000
AFAMER 1Introduction to Black Studies00000
ARTHIS C248AArt and Material Culture, Neolithic to 210 BC00000
ANTHRO 114PAncient Civilizations of Mesoamerica00000
ARTHIS C145BContemporary Arts of Africa00000
ANNEA M201Archaeological Research Design00000
ARTHIS 119BEastern Islamic Art00000
ANTHRO 133Anthropology of Food00000
ARTHIS 197AIndividual Studies in Art History00000
AFAMER M159PConstructing Race00000
ARTHIS 272BRestoration, Preservation, and Conservation: Principles, Pra...00000
ANTHRO 153Language and Identity00000
ARTSED 101Selected Topics in Arts Education: Creative Aging: Strategie...00000
AFAMER 201ASurvey of Black Studies Research: Themes, Issues, and Concep...00000
ANTHRO 234Mind, Medicine, and Culture00000
ANNEA 15WWomen and Power in Ancient World00000
ANTHRO 254Discourse Laboratory00000
AFAMER M12AAfrican American Musical Heritage00000
ANTHRO 597Preparation for PhD Qualifying Examination00000
ANNEA 175Conceptions of Race in Ancient Egypt00000
AOSCI M7Perils of Space: Introduction to Space Weather00000
AMIND C222XPWorking in Tribal Communities: Community-Engaged Learning00000
AOSCI M105Introduction to Chemical Oceanography00000
ANNEA 261Practical Field Archaeology00000
AOSCI 107Biological Oceanography00000
AOSCI 2LAir Pollution Laboratory00000
ANTHRO M201AGraduate Core Seminar: Archaeology00000
AOSCI 186Operational Meteorology00000
AMIND M10Introduction to American Indian Studies00000
AOSCI 211Planetary Wave Dynamics and Teleconnections in Atmosphere/Oc...00000
ANTHRO M116RArchaeological Landscapes of China00000
AOSCI 245Aerosol-Climate Interactions00000
AFAMER M12BAfrican American Musical Heritage00000
AOSCI 296FAdvanced Topics in Atmospheric Sciences: Hierarchical Modeli...00000
ANTHRO M144PConstructing Race00000
AOSCI 296JAdvanced Topics in Atmospheric Sciences: Experimental Mesosc...00000
AMIND 238BTribal Legal Development Clinic00000
APPLING 596Directed Individual Study00000
ANTHRO 89HCHonors Contracts00000
ARABIC 1AElementary Standard Arabic00000
AFAMER M103AAfrican American Theater History: Slavery to Mid-1800s00000
ARTHIS C229BDada, 1915 to 192300000
ANTHRO 112RCities Past and Present00000
ARTHIS M112AMycenaean Art and Archaeology00000
ANNEA CM163Archaeology of Iran00000
ARTHIS CM141Colonial Latin American Art00000
ANTHRO 118RReligion and Urbanism00000
ARTHIS 21Medieval Art00000
AFAMER 112ASunken Place: Racism, Survival, and Black Horror Aesthetic00000
ARTHIS 88SPost-War Art in Los Angeles, 1957-6600000
ANTHRO 126PPaleopathology00000
ARTHIS 127AEuropean Art of 17th and 18th Centuries00000
ANNEA C223BCoptic00000
ARTHIS 188SBIndividual Studies for USIE Facilitators00000
ANTHRO 135RMultimedia Ethnography00000
ARTHIS 201Topics in Historiography of Art History: Seminar 100000
AEROST 140CNational Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty00000
ARTHIS 232Contemporary Art: Managing Change: Challenges in Conserving...00000
ANTHRO 144RAnthros and Indians: Racism, Colonialism, and Development of...00000
ARTHIS 596Directed Individual Study or Research00000
ANNEA M60Achaemenid Civilization and Empire of Alexander00000
ANTHRO 159Selected Topics in Linguistic Anthropology: Language and Cul...00000
AEROST 20CTeam and Leadership Fundamentals00000
AFAMER M18Leadership and Student-Initiated Retention00000
AFAMER CM213Narratives of Justice: Disrupting School-to-Prison Pipeline-...00000
AMIND M161Comparative American Indian Societies00000
ANNEA 597Examination Preparation00000
AOSCI 99Student Research Program00000