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UCLA Course Reviews

University of California, Los Angeles

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTHRO 116SSelected Topics in Archaeology of Southeast Asia00000
ANTHRO 154PMultilingualism: Communities and Histories in Contact00000
ANNEA M50BOrigins of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam00000
ANTHRO 1Human Evolution00000
ANNEA 150BSurvey of Ancient Near Eastern Literatures in English: Egypt00000
AMIND 238BTribal Legal Development Clinic00000
ANTHRO 135RMultimedia Ethnography00000
AFAMER 188SBIndividual Studies for USIE Facilitators00000
ANNEA C267AArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to...00000
AFAMER 598Research for and Preparation of MA Thesis00000
ANTHRO M237Psychological Anthropology: Seminar 100000
ANNEA 261Practical Field Archaeology00000
AMIND C122XPWorking in Tribal Communities: Community-Engaged Learning00000
ANTHRO 100History of Anthropology00000
AFAMER 88SDepictions, Ideals, and Perspectives of African-American Fam...00000
ANTHRO 124PHuman Behavioral Ecology00000
ANNEA C223ACoptic00000
ANTHRO 142QEthnic and Religious Minorities00000
AFAMER M12AAfrican American Musical Heritage00000
ANTHRO 188SAIndividual Studies for USIE Facilitators00000
AFAMER 201ASurvey of Black Studies Research: Themes, Issues, and Concep...00000
ANNEA 98TWHow Smell Shapes our Worlds: Decolonizing Senses in Ancient...00000
AFAMER CM213Narratives of Justice: Disrupting School-to-Prison Pipeline-...00000
ANNEA 211AEgyptian Texts of Greco-Roman Period00000
AFRCST 597Preparation for MA Comprehensive Examination00000
ANTHRO M201CArchaeological Research Design00000
ANNEA 597Examination Preparation00000
AMIND M200AAdvanced Historiography: American Indian Peoples00000
ANTHRO C117Selected Laboratory Topics in Archaeology: Experimental Arch...00000
AFAMER M120Race, Inequality, and Public Policy00000
ANTHRO 89HCHonors Contracts00000
AMIND 199Directed Research or Senior Project in American Indian Studi...00000
ANTHRO 113PArchaeology of North America00000
AFAMER M200BPolitical Economy of Race00000
ANTHRO 119Selected Topics in Archaeology: Public Spaces, Past and Pres...00000
AMIND 596Directed Individual Studies00000
ANTHRO 129Selected Topics in Biological Anthropology: Forensic Anthrop...00000
AFAMER 112BAboard Mothership: Introduction to Afrofuturism00000
ANTHRO 139Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Medical Anthropolo...00000
ANNEA M201Archaeological Research Design00000
ANTHRO 149Selected Topics in Social Anthropology: Lecture 100000
AFAMER M194BCulture, Gender, and Human Development Research Group Semina...00000
ANTHRO 163QSocieties of Central Asia00000
ANNEA C277Variable Topics in Ancient Near East: Egyptian Religious Tex...00000
ANTHRO 191HABeginning Seminar00000
AFAMER M167Worker Center Movement: Next Wave Organizing for Justice for...00000
ANNEA 14WMedicine, Magic, and Science in Ancient Times00000
AFAMER 375Teaching Apprentice Practicum00000
ANNEA 120CElementary Ancient Egyptian00000
AFAMER M150DRecent African American Urban History: Funk Music and Politi...00000
ANNEA 175Conceptions of Race in Ancient Egypt00000
AFRCST 201AAfrica and Disciplines00000
ANNEA 221ADemotic00000
AFAMER M194ALanguage, Literacy, and Human Development Research Group Sem...00000
ANNEA 264Egyptian Museum Collections00000
AMIND C222XPWorking in Tribal Communities: Community-Engaged Learning00000
ANTHRO C244MMultispecies Anthropology00000
ANTHRO M67WMaking and Studying Modern Middle East00000
AMIND M187ASpecial Topics in American Indian and Gender Studies: Lectur...00000
ANTHRO M116RArchaeological Landscapes of China00000
AFAMER M7CElementary Yoruba00000
ANTHRO M255Native American Languages and Discourses of Indigeneity00000
AMIND M118Student-Initiated Retention and Outreach Issues in Higher Ed...00000
ANTHRO M284AQualitative Research Methodology00000
AFAMER C191Variable Topics Research Seminars: Afro-American Studies: Sa...00000
ANTHRO 4Culture and Communication00000
AMIND 19Universal Basic Incomes, Poverty, and Children's Outcomes00000
ANTHRO 98TAWorlds of Well-Being: Anthropological Perspectives on Health...00000
AFAMER 1Introduction to Black Studies00000
ANTHRO 112RCities Past and Present00000
AMIND 201Introduction to Interdisciplinary Methods in American Indian...00000
ANTHRO 116PArchaeology of South Asia00000
AFAMER M7BElementary Yoruba00000
ANTHRO 118QConquest and Colonialism00000
AMIND 265BFederal Indian Law I00000
ANTHRO 124TEvolution of Personality00000
AFAMER 105BIssues in Pan-African Biography and Autobiography00000
ANTHRO 126PPaleopathology00000
ANNEA M130Ancient Egyptian Religion00000
ANTHRO 133Anthropology of Food00000
AFAMER M154CBlack Experience in Latin America and Caribbean I00000
ANTHRO 136BIntroduction to Psychological Anthropology: Current Topics a...00000
ANNEA CM101AArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to...00000
ANTHRO 141Careers in Anthropology00000
AFAMER 188ASpecial Courses in African American Studies: Race and U.S. M...00000
ANTHRO 144RAnthros and Indians: Racism, Colonialism, and Development of...00000
ANNEA C267BArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom to Greco-...00000
ANTHRO 152QLanguage and Social Organization through Life Cycle00000
AEROST 20ATeam and Leadership Fundamentals00000
ANTHRO 155Native American Languages and Their Speakers00000
ANNEA CM101BArt and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, New Kingdom to Greco-...00000
ANTHRO 169Selected Topics in Regional Cultures: Anthropology of Burma/...00000
AFAMER 198Honors Research in Afro-American Studies00000
ANNEA M110BIranian Civilization: History of Arsacid (Parthian) Empire00000
AEROST 1AHeritage and Values00000
AEROST 130CAir Force Leadership Studies00000
AFAMER CM113BLegislative Theater for Race and Gender Justice00000
AFAMER M104CAfrican American Literature of 1960s and 1970s00000
AMIND M265AFederal Indian Law I00000
ANTHRO M150Language in Culture00000