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UCI Course Reviews

University of California, Irvine

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMPSCI 161Des&Analys Of Algor52441
EARTHSS 3Oceanography53441
PSCI 104SThe Social Animal43451
ICSCI 32APythn Pgmg Libr/Acc53551
EDUC 179WAdv Wrtg For Ed Sci53441
ASIANAM 291Directed Reading00000
ART 12AElectronic Culture00000
BIOCHEM 292AScientific Communcn00000
BIOSCI M119Adv Top Immunology00000
ANTHRO 128BRace Gender&Science00000
ART 138Public Art00000
BIOSCI N122Scientific Argument00000
ASIANAM 137Asianam Labor00000
ARABIC 2CIntermed Arabic00000
BATS 209BIntro Med Stats II00000
ANTHRO 10AProbability & Stats00000
BIOSCI E145Color And Vision00000
ART 100Collab Projects00000
BIOSCI M123Intro Comp Biology00000
ANATOMY 202BHuman Neuroscience00000
BIOSCI E179LField Freshwtr Ecol00000
ANTHRO 136GColonialism/Gender00000
ART 198Honors Exhibition00000
ART 261Thesis Writing Sem00000
ANATOMY 227BCurr Topic Neurosci00000
ANTHRO 163APeoples Of Pacific00000
ARTHIS 42EPersia Egypt Msptma00000
ARTS 199Independent Study00000
ANTHRO 256BSecurity00000
ASIANAM 166Asianam&Race Reltns00000
ANESTH 699QResearch/Anesth00000
BANA 277Cust & Social Anlyt00000
ARMN 2AIntermediate00000
BIOCHEM 202ACancer Development00000
AFAM 157Critical Race Thry00000
BIOSCI D114Dev&Cell Majors Sem00000
ART 50BInteract & Expernce00000
BIOSCI H90Idiom/Practice Sci00000
ANTHRO 45ASci, Culture, Power00000
BIOSCI E140LEvol & Environ Lab00000
ART 123BMedia Violence&Fear00000
BIOSCI M121LAdv Immunology Lab00000
AFAM 112BCaring For Blk Life00000
BIOSCI E155Phy Extreme Environ00000
ART 152FSeminar Production00000
BIOSCI N165Brain Disorders00000
ANATOMY 210ASystems Neurosci00000
ART 236Directed Group Stud00000
ANTHRO 147Egyptomania00000
ART 399University Teaching00000
AFAM 125Afam Women In Art00000
ARTHIS 55Disneyland00000
ANTHRO 190Senior Thesis00000
ARTHIS 114Byzantine Art00000
ARTHIS 134DCubism To Surrealsm00000
ANATOMY 500AHistology00000
ANTHRO 202CProseminar In Anthr00000
ARTHIS 145AModern Architecture00000
ARTHIS 298Art And Fire00000
ANTHRO 249AHumanism &Posthuman00000
ASIANAM 55Asam & The Media00000
ANESTH 605EPain Management00000
ASIANAM 151FSouth Asam Studies00000
ANTHRO 299Independent Study00000
ASIANAM 200DIntro Asam Research00000
AFAM 152African Amer Poltcs00000
BANA 212Data & Prgm Anlytcs00000
ARABIC 199Independent Study00000
BANA 295Big Data Mgmt Systm00000
ANTHRO H190AHonors Res Design00000
BATS 255Hlth Politics & Pol00000
ART 8Changing Creativity00000
BIOCHEM 225Epigenetics00000
AFAM 40BAfrican American II00000
BIOSCI M114Adv Biochemistry00000
ART 30BBasic Painting II00000
BIOSCI M137Microbial Genetics00000
ANTHRO 25AEnviron Injustice00000
BIOSCI N160Language And Brain00000
ART 71BIntro To Photo II00000
BIOSCI N158Neurobio Lrn/Memory00000
AFAM 199Independent Study00000
BIOSCI D104Developmntl Biology00000
ART 109Perf & The Camera00000
BIOSCI D132Intro Precision Med00000
ANTHRO 121DX-Cult Stds Gender00000
BIOSCI D135Cell Bio Disease00000
ART 130AProj New Technology00000
BIOSCI N182Vision00000
ACENG 23AOral Engl Comm I00000
BIOSCI E160Biology Of Birds00000
ART 150Advanced Painting00000
BIOSCI N152Developmental Neuro00000
ANTHRO 134NDisease Hlth&Inequl00000
ARTHIS 155DSouth Asian Photo00000
ANTHRO 215CGrant & Prop Writng00000
ARTHIS 164AModern Afam Art00000
ARTHIS 164EAfam & Photography00000
ART 190BSr Projects: Photo00000
ACENG 20AAcademic Writing00000