UCI Course Reviews

University of California, Irvine

EDUC 179WAdv Wrtg For Ed Sci53441
EARTHSS 3Oceanography53441
ICSCI 32APythn Pgmg Libr/Acc53551
PSCI 104SThe Social Animal43451
COMPSCI 161Des&Analys Of Algor52441
ANTHRO 190Senior Thesis00000
ANESTH 605BSicu Elective00000
ANTHRO 245APolitical Anthro00000
ARABIC 1CFundamentals00000
ANATOMY 201Gross Anatomy00000
ANTHRO 10CProbability & Stats00000
ART 1CArt In Context00000
ANTHRO 149Cognitv Archaeology00000
ANATOMY 500BAnatomy/Embryology00000
ANTHRO 215AEthnographic Mthds00000
AFAM 159Prisons And Pub Ed00000
ANTHRO 253ADesn Aes&Soc Life00000
ANTHRO H190BHonors Field Resrch00000
ARABIC 199Independent Study00000
AFAM 118Blk Food: Hist, Wri00000
ART 12CIntelligences Arts00000
ANATOMY 203BMicroscopic Anatomy00000
ANTHRO 48Archaeoaliens00000
ANTHRO 121DX-Cult Stds Gender00000
AFAM 134BCarib History II00000
ANATOMY 206CMicroanatomy Tut00000
ANTHRO 125FHum & Othr Animals00000
ANTHRO 139Encounters & Ident00000
ANATOMY 230Topics Stem Cells00000
ANTHRO 164PPost-Soviet Eurasia00000
AFAM 155Black Indigenous00000
ANTHRO 202AProseminar In Anthr00000
ANATOMY 600LSurgical Anatomy00000
ANTHRO 230FEthnography00000
AFAM 111BContemp Afam Art00000
ANTHRO 248CGlobalizing Theory00000
ANESTH 699QResearch/Anesth00000
ANTHRO 289Race Religion&Caste00000
AFAM 199Independent Study00000
ARABIC 2BIntermed Arabic00000
ANTHRO 2AIntr Sociocult Anth00000
ARMN 1BElementary Armenian00000
ACENG 24Esl Intl Ta Wrkshp00000
ART 9CThematic Investigtn00000
ANTHRO 30AGlob Iss Anth Persp00000
ART 30ABasic Painting I00000
AFAM 128Wayward Womanhood00000
ANTHRO 100BAnthro Careers00000
ANATOMY 206BNeuroanatomy00000
ANTHRO 125BEcological Anthro00000
ACENG 139WAdv Acadmic Writing00000
ANTHRO 125AEconomic Anthro00000
ANATOMY 210ASystems Neurosci00000
ANTHRO 128BRace Gender&Science00000
ANTHRO 128ASci, Tech, Contrvsy00000
AFAM 137African Diaspora00000
ANATOMY 210BSystems Neurosci00000
ANTHRO 132APsych Anthropology00000
ANTHRO 136KWoman & The Body00000
ANATOMY 227BCurr Topic Neurosci00000
ANTHRO 147Egyptomania00000
AFAM 152African Amer Poltcs00000
ANTHRO 162BIndian North Amer00000
ANATOMY 292AScientific Communcn00000
ANTHRO 169Race/Ethnc Latam00000
AFAM 50Music Of Africa00000
ANTHRO 198Directed Grp Study00000
ANATOMY 503BHistology00000
ANTHRO 202BProseminar In Anthr00000
AFAM 157Critical Race Thry00000
ANTHRO 215BResearch Design00000
ANESTH 605AOperating Room Ele00000
ANTHRO 235ATransnatl Migration00000
ACENG 23AOral Engl Comm I00000
ANTHRO 246ECapital & Empire00000
ANESTH 605DAnesthesiology Elec00000
ANTHRO 250ACult Pol Of Vis Rep00000
AFAM 163Policing Black Live00000
ANTHRO 257ANatures & Envirmnts00000
ANTHRO H191WHonor Senior Thesis00000
ANTHRO 299Independent Study00000
AFAM 113Black Tv & Chill00000
ARABIC 2AIntermed Arabic00000
ANTHRO 2CIntro Archaeology00000
ARABIC 10BLang Mentor Program00000
ANATOMY 200RFirst Year Research00000
ARMN 1CElementary Armenian00000
ANTHRO 10AProbability & Stats00000
ARMN 2BIntermediate00000
ACENG 20BAcademic Writing00000
ART 8Changing Creativity00000
ANTHRO 25AEnviron Injustice00000
ART 11AHistory Contemp Art00000
ANATOMY 203AMicroscopic Anatomy00000
ANTHRO 134NDisease Hlth&Inequl00000
ANATOMY 215Epilepsy/Neur Plast00000
ANTHRO 134AMedical Anthro00000
ANTHRO 136DConflict Resolution00000
ANTHRO 41AGlobal Cultures&Soc00000
ACENG 20CAcademic Writing00000