UChicago Course Reviews

University of Chicago

GEOS 23205Introductory Glaciology55551
HUMA 16000Media Aesthetics: Image, Text, Sound I55551
ANTH 24830Oil, Power, Modernity: The Anthropology of Energy00000
ANTH 21355Remembering: An Anthropological Approach00000
ANTH 32202Anthropology of Caste00000
ANTH 24309Reproductive Worlds00000
ANCC 45000Evidence or Inference: How do we read the medical literature...00000
ANTH 25945Settler Colonialism: From the US to Palestine00000
AMER 24190Imagining Chicago's Common Buildings00000
ANTH 22151Anthropology of Media00000
AMER 27310African American History, 1865-201600000
ANTH 22735The Collective Self and Its Others in Contemporary Political...00000
ANTH 23816Farms as Factories: Industrial Ideals in 'Modern' Agricultur...00000
AMER 47708Feeling Brown, Feeling Down00000
ANTH 24360XCAP: The Experimental Capstone - The Art of Healing: Medica...00000
AMER 17805America in the Twentieth Century00000
ANTH 25322Food Politics in a Global World00000
ANTH 21107Anthropological Theory00000
ANTH 27455Language and Foreignness00000
ADMN 30200GAI Teaching Appointment in Humanities Division00000
ANTH 34201Develop Social Cultural Thry-2a00000
AMER 25401Cities in Protest00000
ANTH 22540Games: Theory, Practice, and Experience00000
AKKD 10502Introduction to Babylonian II00000
ANTH 22830Indigenous Media and the Politics of Representation00000
AMER 28991The Prophet Q00000
ANTH 23077Indigenous Politics in Latin America00000
ANTH 23809Visualization and Biology: Science, Culture, and Representat...00000
AMER 4016121st Century Ethnic American Literature00000
ANTH 24001Colonizations I00000
AKKD 44000Old Akkadian00000
ANTH 24317Solitude00000
ANCC 34000Readings: Anesthesia/Critical Care00000
ANTH 24720Trust after Betrayal: Society-Building in the Aftermath of A...00000
ADMN 20100Teaching in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division00000
ANTH 25270Humanitarianism: Anthropological Perspectives00000
ANCM 43520Pity: What's the good of it00000
ANTH 25720Ethnographic Writing: Practices of Research and Representati...00000
AMER 21410American Religion Since 186500000
ANTH 26760Archaeology of Bronze Age China00000
ANTH 21303Making the Natural World: Foundations of Human Ecology00000
ANTH 29601Populism and Its Discontents00000
AASR 30100Anthropology of Christianity00000
ANTH 33335Racial France00000
ANTH 21612Writing Central Asia00000
ANTH 34720Trust after Betrayal: Society-Building in the Aftermath of A...00000
ADMN 30600GAI Teaching Appointment in Divinity School00000
ANTH 22478Anthropology of Business and Corporation00000
AMER 27021The Rise and Demise of Polish Chicago: Reading Polonia's Mat...00000
ANTH 22712Socialisms in Asia00000
AASR 33000Problems in the Anthropology of Religion I00000
ANTH 22750Theoretical Approaches to Political Anthropology: Sovereignt...00000
AMER 28004The Carceral State in Modern America00000
ANTH 23003Greater Latin America00000
AKKD 20603Intermediate Akkadian: Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions00000
ANTH 23097Poverty and Urban Development: the Right to Housing in Latin...00000
AMER 31410American Religion Since 186500000
ANTH 23103Intro to Latin American Civ-300000
ANTH 23612Lethal Landscapes, Toxic Worlds: Geographies of Race, Risk,...00000
AMER 37006Not Just the Facts: Telling About the American South00000
ANTH 23812Social Theory for a Green New Deal00000
AKKD 30702Advanced Akkadian: Neo-Babylonian Letters00000
ANTH 23912The Spirit of the Nation: Comparisons between India and Chin...00000
AMER 45600African American Religion in the 20th Century: History and H...00000
ANTH 24101Introduction to the Civilizations of South Asia I00000
AASR 52200Problems in the History of Religions00000
ANTH 24316Thinking Psychoanalytically: From the Sciences to the Arts00000
ANCC 32700Clinical Clerkship: Anesthesia and Critical Care00000
ANTH 24330Medical Anthropology00000
AMER 17606American Revolutions00000
ANTH 24702Un/Making Citizenship: The Politics of the Intimate00000
ANCC 41000Sub-Internship in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care00000
ANTH 24730Religious Violence00000
AANL 20550Hittite Official Correspondence00000
ANTH 25150Anthropology of Israel00000
ANCM 30502Middle Egyptian Texts I00000
ANTH 25305Anthropology of Food and Cuisine00000
AMER 18804America in the Nineteenth Century00000
ANTH 25423The Rise and Demise of Polish Chicago: Reading Polonia's Mat...00000
ANCM 49700Reading Course: ANCM00000
ANTH 25905Introduction to the Musical Folklore of Central Asia00000
ADMN 20400GAI Teaching Appointment in SSCD00000
ANTH 26755Intro to the Archaeology of Afghanistan00000
ANTH 21265The Celts: Ancient, Modern, and Postmodern00000
ANTH 26910Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology00000
AMER 22418The Scopes Trial in Historical Context00000
ANTH 28110Human Origins: Milestones in Human Evolution and the Fossil...00000
ANTH 21346Archaeologies of Religion: Belief, Ritual and Tradition00000
ANTH 29910Bachelor's Essay Seminar00000
AANL 20125Advanced Readings in Hittite00000
ANTH 32305Introduction to Science Studies00000
ANTH 21420Ethnographic Methods00000
ANTH 34000Intro To Chicago Anthropology00000
AMER 25215The American Presidency00000
ANTH 23415Land and Rights00000
ANTH 22131The Science, History, Policy, and Future of Water00000
AANL 10101Elementary Hittite I00000
AANL 20302Luwian-2: Second Millennium Texts00000
AASR 43310Feminism and Islamic Studies00000
AKKD 30350Nuzi: Documents from a Late Bronze Age Town00000