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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THE 2000Theatre Survey 55551
THE 2090LTheatre Participation 00000
THE 2925LTheatre Participation00000
THE 3250Sex, Drugs, & the Rock and Roll Musical 00000
THE 3311Theatre History and Dramatic Literature I 00000
THE 3333Shakespeare Skills 00000
THE 3549Topics in Theatre Studies 00000
THE 4212Global Theatre 00000
THE 4245Musical Theatre History II 00000
THE 4543Theatre for Social Change 00000
THE 4954Theatre Exit Critique 00000
THE 2020Survey of Theatre for Majors 00000
THE 2081CIntroduction to UCF Theatre 00000
THE 3006Greece to Grease: Development of Theatre 00000
THE 3082Theatre Careers 00000
THE 3240Evolution of Musical Theatre 00000
THE 3272Shakespeare to RuPaul: Drag in Entertainment 00000
THE 3313Theatre History and Dramatic Literature III 00000
THE 4085Health and Wellness for the Performing Artist 00000
THE 4230Cultural Diversity in Theater 00000
THE 4284Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor I 00000
THE 4423Women in Theatre 00000
THE 2000HHonors Theatre Survey 00000
THE 2050Theatre Studies in Creative Drama 00000
THE 2305Script Analysis for Theatre 00000
THE 3006HHonors From Greece to Grease 00000
THE 3171That�s Entertainment!: Theatre Experience in Theme Parks, Vegas, and Broadway 00000
THE 3254Queer Theatre 00000
THE 3312Theatre History and Dramatic Literature II 00000
THE 3383Taboo Theatre: Sex & Violence on Stage 00000
THE 4093LTheatre Participation-Management II 00000
THE 4244Musical Theatre History I 00000
THE 4285Period Costume, Architecture, and Decor II 00000
THE 4543HHonors Theatre for Social Change 00000